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Customer Relationship Management software helps you maintain an effective relationship with your customers and helps you deliver the best service and experience.

Key Features of a CRM Software

Know your customers visiting your store well with Free CRM software:

  • Build a good relationship with your customers by knowing their name, mobile number, address, email address, birthday, and anniversaries
  • Have the record of their complete address and landmark to perform home deliveries and send out gifts on special occasions
  • Maintain separate customer ID's of your customers for proper account management, order processing, and tracking
  • Greet them on their birthdays and anniversaries by personalized messages through SMS alerts to be their special store in the city
  • Understand the footfall of your customers, the timing they visit and be geared to serve your best
  • Group your customers based on the previous purchase history to separate categories to make them feel unique in your store with our customer management software
  • Classify the nature of your customer to understand if he/she is a retail customer or a wholesale customer to provide special prices
  • Record the bank details of your customers in the POS to verify the payments being received from your customers
  • Make your GST filling easy with our complete GST filling software by saving the GST details and PAN number of your customers

Do not be worried about your receivables from your customers with Customer Management software:

  • Give the freedom to your customers to take credit from your business and increase the amount of spending of your customer
  • Manage complete accounts of your customers with our free Accounting solution by managing your credit to gain a competitive advantage in your locality
  • Set up the credit days separately for your customers to balance the potential of increased sales with the risk of reduced cash flow
  • Prevent larger debts to your customers to avoid risk to your business by setting the credit limit to be offered
  • View the complete outstanding list of your customers in a single report to make sure the credit you offer doesn't affect your profit margin
  • Send out payment remainders with the payment links through alert SMS to make sure you receive payments at the right time
  • Manage your expenses and receivables without any manual entry in an accounts book in our Free accounting solution seamlessly

Communicate with Instant alert SMS to your customers:

  • Let your customers know what they have ordered through SMS while making a sales order to process an error-free order and avoid returns
  • Cut out the printer cost, maintenance cost, and the cost of the paper by sending out the sales bills directly to your customer's mobile
  • Be the favorite store of your customers by letting them know their expenses digitally by intimating all their purchase value through SMS
  • Increase your brand awareness among your locality by sending out promotional SMS to your audience
  • Boost your sales by constantly intimating your customers about the offers and festival sale, and loyalty programs you run in your store
  • Send out gentle payment remainders of your customer outstandings and not frustrate them at last minute by sending payment links over SMS to ensure a healthy relationship and receive payments on time
  • Keep your customers updated about your entire delivery management cycle from order processing to the dispatch details. Automate your delivery process completely to perform deliveries faster and efficiently by sending out the arrival time and change to be kept in hand or payment links to receive prepaid orders
  • Have a constant engagement with your customers by greeting them from being added as your new customer to wishing on their birth dates, anniversaries, and special occasions

Make the best by offering your customers an extra mile delivery:

  • Receive Sales orders happily even when your running out of stock and deliver them when you have stocked up
  • Receive orders for marriage functions and special occasions and deliver larger orders for larger profits
  • Take your store to your customer's mobile phone with our online ordering app to let your customers order from anywhere at any time and deliver at your customer's doorsteps
  • Be omnichannel to serve your customers by different modes. Receive online orders, process the order, and notify your customer to do a self-pickup without wasting much of your customer's time
  • Make smart deliveries with your delivery platform with minimal labor and skills to deliver the best delivery experience to your customers with a 100% automated solution
  • Save the exact latitude and longitude of your customer's location to guide your delivery boys with faster delivery routes with the help of GoDeliver
  • Manage multiple shipping addresses of your customers to let your customers order from any location and deliver hassle-free
  • Save the transporter details of your customer for outstation deliveries and the LR number of each delivery bill to ensure proper tracking

Make your customer's basket large and valuable

  • Increase your customer's basket size to drive your sales by analyzing what your customer needs with more than 25 free reports in our free CRM software
  • Not your customer's basket value by never leaving a product out of stock with instant notifications when the product goes below the minimum quantity
  • Know what brands are preferred by your customers with individual purchase reports of each customer in our customer management software
  • Stop investing in products that are bought only on seasons and special occasions by analyzing purchase history and pattern of individual products in reports
  • Figure out the slow-moving products with our reports and create combo packs based on the purchase history and combine a non-moving item with a fast-moving item with attractive prices
  • Free up your space in the store and make revenue by applying a discount to the non-moving items from individual reports

Overview of CRM software

  • What is CRM Software?
    CRM Software is to help you record individual data of your customers, deliver more customer satisfaction, increase your sales, staying in touch with your customers, and keeping them updated about your offers and loyalty programs.
  • Why do we need Customer relationship management software?
    Your business needs Customer Relationship Management software to streamline the business process to the customers, build a good relationship with your customers, improve your performance in the market, cut out ineffective expenses and see a larger return on investment.
  • Advantages of CRM software

    - Understand your customer's well in your city and serve them with what they need and like to be their favorite

    - Improve your relationship with your customers so that they talk about you to cut your marketing

    - Deliver the best experience and satisfaction to your customers to retain them regularly

    - Increase your customer's sales and manage your business with minimum investments.

  • Why is Gofrugal the best CRM software?
    GOFRUGAL CRM software helps you overcome the challenge of huge competition in the market and helps you serve the best to your customers and run your business efficiently with minimal skills and staff.
  • How to download Gofrugal CRM software?
    You can download and experience the free CRM software with a 30-day trial using this link
  • How to use Gofrugal CRM software?
    You can use the free retail CRM software and free restaurant CRM software by referring self-help resources