Specially crafted distribution billing software for FMCG Distributors, superstockists and wholesale traders

FMCG distributon management solution

Process orders faster and seamlessly

Maintain efficient and centralized inventory management to ensures optimum stock is available all the time using our FMCG distributor billing software. Also, have complete track of a product's life cycle from PO to delivery and returns.

Sell on the go with Van Sales

Make your inventory movable by carrying stocks in the van and bill on the go with complete visibility on real-time offers, schemes, and outstanding details using our FMCG distributor software. The best part is you can create cash or credit bills and print anytime from anywhere using a bluetooth printer.

Customized offers and price control

Keep control of margins by giving the right price and offers to the right customers based on their credibility, and purchase quantity using our software for FMCG distributors. Also, strengthen your bond with customers by giving them unique offers and making them feel valued.

End-to-end integrated accounting

Keep your books of accounts clear and compliant with all GST/Tax regulations with the automated tax calculations for each item, right from the inward till it reaches the customer end. And yes, you can generate all GST filing-related reports in a click, automate e-invoicing and e-way billing generation too.

Transform your business with the right digital tools


Take orders, create receipts and bill on the go with a sales force automation app

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An online ordering portal with credit terms and outstanding details to measure and improve service levels.

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Faster billing
Schemes and Offers

Faster billing

Streamline billing processes with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface requiring minimal training and skills

  • Manage batch control, multiple discounts, added charges, and taxes
  • Manage billing history, returns, and outstanding values in the billings screen
Easier billing screen in FMCG billing software


Get detailed reports and monitor all business aspects in a centralized location for comprehensive insights

  • Access sales data by transaction, representative, company, and area
  • Know existing stock batch-wise with the product name, supplier name, closing quantity, stock value, etc.
Insightful reports in software for FMCG distributor


Gain complete visibility of stock and batch from procurement until delivery with detailed tracking at each stage.

  • Keep track of received and issued stock transactions through detailed ledger reports
  • Monitor stock details like purchase rate, quantity, selling price, and taxes in the Stock Inward screen
FMCG inventory management software for complete stock visibility

Schemes and Offers

Manage diverse schemes and offers, and enable employees to communicate the schemes to buyers and boost sales

  • Get auto-suggestions of available schemes and offers during billing based on the order value/quantity
  • Tailor offers to specific items or categories to drive customer engagement
FMCG distribution software's schemes and offers menu


Manage production with a complete Production Package to plan, audit, and achieve production target

  • Flexibly adjust the quantity as per the stock availability and the need
  • Maintain BOM to predict the raw materials needed for each production
FMCG software with production plan and control
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Sales Force App : Sell More, Earn More

Enhance sales rep performance using our FMCG distributor software integrated with the sales force automation app by making your sales representatives access stock, offers, and outstanding bills in real time on the go using their mobile phones

  • Facilitate effective route planning
  • Reduce order turnaround time
  • Print bills on spot and process orders instantly
Sales Rep App for FMCG Distribution Business
FMCG software with online ordering

Faster Order Processing through an online ordering portal with credit terms and outstanding details

Leverage your customers to order online with real time stock availability round the clock from anywhere. Receive orders instantly and fulfill orders accurately and punctually.

  1. Receive orders 24x7
  2. Lowers reverse logistics costs
  3. Flexible for customers to order at their ease

Complete control of your multi-location FMCG distribution chain

Our digital solution grants full control, empowering you to refine operations efficiently, maximize resource utilization, and elevate overall performance to new heights. Below, we present a glimpse of the benefits offered by the Gofrugal multi-location FMCG inventory management software.

  • Manage everything centrally, with real-time tracking of inventory levels, sales trends, and order processing
  • Fulfill your customer orders seamlessly with end-to-end integration from order taking, processing collection, and delivery management
  • Generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into performance, sales, and inventory across your entire distribution chain
  • Insightful reports to identify trends, uncover opportunities for improvement, and make strategic decisions based on accurate data
  • Taking the stress out of managing finances, all from a centralized platform using our integrated software for FMCG distributor
  • The best part is, that you can customize our FMCG distributor software to adapt your specific requirements and workflows, ensuring you to seamlessly scale as you grow
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Experience + Gofrugal Distribution software = Delight

Gofrugal has really helped us grow our sales while at the same time reducing costs in raw materials as well as number of salesman.

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Subash, Proprietor

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Overview of FMCG Distribution Software

What is FMCG software?

FMCG distribution software is an all-in-one solution for FMCG distributors, super stockists, and wholesale traders to automate and simplify their product flow by managing from their bulk purchases to delivering to their customers' hands and also returns. Also, FMCG distribution software helps you maintain a centralized inventory to keep track of all outlets in a single place including detailed information on each product like FSSAI number, MFG. date, and expiry date. It also enables you to make smarter decisions about your business with intelligent business information and reports anytime with FMCG distribution software.

Why do FMCG businesses need distribution software?

FMCG distributor software allows you to run your FMCG distribution in a well-organized way by reducing time and errors happening between each operation by integrating everything into a single software. Also, FMCG software solutions enable you to track each sale/purchase easily and manage returned/damaged items with a complete track and safeguard your investments. With FMCG billing software, you can provide customized offers and even free items based on the purchase value to impress and Improve your business relationships.

Benefits of using an FMCG Billing Software

With the best FMCG software, business owners can enjoy the following benefits,

  • Manage and monitor your multi-location or multiwarehouses' purchase, sales, stocks, payables, and receivables in a single place
  • Generate and view intelligent business insights with all the aspects of your business from anywhere to analyze and optimize your business efficiently
  • Have complete control over your customer's outstanding credit and be confident with the turnover numbers that are yet to come
  • File your GST easily by generating reports with the inbuild accounting solution
  • Make your salesman carry a handy product catalog with a live products list in the mobile application which also tracks and automates salesforce operations
  • Create sales orders in seconds and generate new bills directly from the customer place with the livestock data and with the help of integrated mobile solutions
  • Setup various price levels depending on quantity and make your customers buy huge quantities for a reduced price without affecting your margin

How to choose the right FMCG Software?

Choosing the best FMCG software decreases your stress and brings in more success. So, before choosing an FMCG distribution software make sure it has the following features.

  • Integrated financial accounting solution for tax automation for each transaction and easier generation of GST reports, E-invoices, and E-way bills
  • Mobile solutions for increase in orders and customers with a decrease in time and efforts
  • Ability to manage damaged and returned items with the proper track to avoid missing those items in between transits
  • Offer management to create personalized, location-based, and occasion-based discounts to your customer and maintain them correctly without collapsing or interfering with other discounts

Why choose Gofrugal's FMCG Distribution Software?

Gofrugal's FMCG distributor billing software acts as a personal assistant for your FMCG distribution business and reduces manpower and efforts by automating their operations and making their job simple. This makes Gofugal stay top as the best FMCG software among its competitors. Also, Gofrugal is the best CRM for FMCG as it offers a variety of attracting features to add manage and make your customers stay with you with personalized offers, discounts, save the complete sale track for giving suggestions based on the previous transactions, manage their outstanding credits and various customized reports to analyze customers data and their purchase preferences and fast-moving and slow-moving items. Also, Gofrugal's Earnsmart application empowers your field salesman to plan and optimize their day efficiently and to drive in more sales. And also it helps in reducing the time between order receiving, processing and delivery by feeding live orders instantly to warehouses to Godowns to process instantly as soon as the salesman closes the order and delivers it on time and delights your customers.

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