Financial Accounting

Simply easy to use without having any financial accounting background

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GoFrugal's solution comes integrated with a comprehensive trade & financial accounting module that handles all the accounting aspects at ease. It provides quantitative information about finances of an organization eliminating the need to have a separate accounting software & double work to be done for posting entries.

Key Features

  • Supports both single & double entry method, all types of voucher entries such as journal, contra, receipt, payment, etc
  • Flexible user-interface for entering opening balance for customers, suppliers & other ledger accounts
  • Easy generation of financial statements like Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Generate Cash & Fund flow, Statutory reports and file VAT without extra effort
  • Complete cheque management, deposit, bounce, represent & post dated cheque tracking, issue management along with cheque printing facility
  • Manage multi-company billing, annual accounting maintenance, receivables, payables, ageing & virtual outstanding maintenance
  • Comprehensive tracking of receipts with reconciliation for all receipt instruments
  • User authentication can be taken into account if late payment is entered
  • Supports trade & statutory accounting
  • Track bill acknowledgements while receiving payments
  • Financial accounting is intuitive to learn & easy to use