First step to be GST ready with Gofrugal RPOS7


Let's start with some good news !

Within 10 daysfrom now, you can expect GST related product updates for your RPOS7. You will be getting updates on masters for items, customer, supplier, HSN code and more

For you to quickly transition to GST, it is important and mandatory that you are having the latest version of RPOS7 installed in your server and client computers. We are concerned that you are at least 15 versions older to the latest version RC99.4. Do not worry, we have a plan with simple guidelines that you can follow and get to the latest version

The patch update process has been made simple and easy for quick update and has been done by thousands of billing employees and cashiers in a retail business by themselves, so you can confidently update it yourself by following the simple guidelines. Help from support team for patch update will incur charges

Due to high demand for service expected in the last 2 weeks of June, request you to update to latest version before 15th June.Support team will be in the best position to respond to your queries on patch update and help you before 15th June, please help us reaching us well ahead of the GST transition period and stay ahead in your business

"And, just in case you have not read an important notice on GST from Gofrugal CEO, read it here

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