Make instant and accurate purchase inwards with GoSure GRN

Ensure the quantity and quality of the products received are right and cut down inventory costs with this concrete proof that prevents faulty goods from being accounted anytime and from anywhere. You can now enjoy purchase automation that ensures the inwards are made on-time without any delays, dependencies and difficulties, with real time inventory consolidation!

Top 3 reasons why GoSure GRN serves as the best comprehensive procurement solution

Get an automated purchase system

for the stocks to reach the racks faster smoother with auto purchase order reconciliation for uninterrupted sales

Gain complete visibility

and make an error-free and efficient supply chain across the procurement process from purchase orders to returns

Generate and approve invoices

with 50% lesser staff, with the least skillset from anywhere with 100% accuracy and without any delays

How GoSure GRN helps businesses maximize sales with instant anytime, anywhere, and accurate purchase inwards?

Faster, the products reach the racks for uninterrupted sales and customer service

Lesser staff to complete the purchase inwards without any delay and dependency

Accurate inwards at the arrival location of goods with 3-way auto PO reconciliation (PO vs GIN vs GRN)

*Data represented is based on market research conducted by Gofrugal on a set of 100 customers among Indian Retail businesses

Stop dealing with papers, physical routing for reviews, and the burdensome dawdles across purchases. Join our digital fam!

Gain visibility and control your procurement operations completely to maximize sales with the minimum staff and least skills!

01. Customer-centric - Purchase orders

Get end-to-end control over all your purchase operations with GoSure GRN. Save massive amount of time as you can create purchase orders directly from GRN by validating based on previous purchases, map the invoices with the respective purchase orders and also identify the mismatches automatically to reconcile instantly with better clarity. Avoid your suppliers from pushing you the products rather purchase based on customer needs and have an optimized inventory when you can know the difference between ordered and received products.

02. Instant and accurate inwards - GIN

Never disappoint customers by making them wait long due to un-punctual or un-ended dependency delays. Ensure that your inventory reaches the rack faster than usual and on-time with a 3-way purchase inward and reconciliation system with GoSure GRN. The staff can make GINs and inward the goods with guaranteed accuracy from the receiving end, map the purchase orders and send for approval. Streamlined supplier-wise goods inward are possible when the GINs can be verified with auto PO reconciliation from anywhere and the process.

03. Controlled purchases - Purchase history

Make the best decisions and procure the right items in the right quantity from the right supplier by knowing the previous purchase history of items and have the freedom to choose the supplier who offers the best deal for you. Also, know the amount you have to pay to a supplier and plan the settlements ahead of time based on the previous purchases by knowing the transactions, invoice details, the pending amount payable, and the amount paid previously. These functionalities help you procure from a supplier who offers a better margin for your products.

04. Independent goods receiving - Parcel entry

Parcel entry acts as an abridge between the buyer, seller, and the transporter, which saves time and adds transparency to the process even during non-working hours. Skip unwanted tensions, and also receive the goods safely even on the stroke of midnight from multiple suppliers when it is not required to run the store endless and round the clock to procure the goods. All the specifics related to the transporter, supplier and invoice details can be saved at the receiving end without the dependency of a person to make a GRN using the mobile.

05. Optimized inventory - Purchase returns

Eliminate undesired difficulties in the long run with easy purchase returns that will decrease both the assets and liabilities based on the returns made. When the goods are damaged, when there is a quantity mismatch, or when the item shipped is wrong, a purchase return can be made right away. This helps to maintain an optimized inventory and allows for preventing overstocking of goods with instant purchase returns, and helps you stay ahead of stock wastage. The purchase adjustments can be made easily based on the previous purchase returns made against a supplier.

Cut down the challenges that crop up with GoSure GRN and enjoy a peaceful procurement every day!

Try GoSure GRN for a smooth customer-vendor relationship and enjoy superstar sales

Overview of GoSure GRN


What is a Goods Received Note (GRN)?

A Goods Received Note helps act as a source of acknowledgment against the orders placed to the supplier and the ones received at the arrival location. GRN during goods arrival ensures that there are no errors and the products received are right in quality and quantity so that we can save the costs that arise down the line due to discrepancy.


Why do you need a Goods Received Note (GRN)?

An app like GoSure GRN will help you automate operations and ensure efficiency and accuracy across the procurement process. Challenges in the manual procurement process like the dependency of a supervisor on goods inward can be eliminated at any time, anywhere purchase inwards with auto purchase order reconciliation. GoSure GRN allows you to take control over all the procurement operations from purchase orders to purchase inwards, returns and replenishment.


How to process and make an inward using GoSure GRN?

A Goods Received Note can be made with the help of a 3-way Purchase order reconciliation process using the GoSure GRN app. All the purchase operations, from raising a Purchase order, making a GIN from mobile, and approving the inwards from anywhere, ensure that the products reach the racks on time. Once a GIN is made at the goods arrival location, the inventory manager can approve an inward from anywhere by validating with the help of the previous purchase history of the items. This helps in making insightful and impactful business decisions before an inward is made.

What are the uses of GoSure GRN?

GoSure GRN helps in streamlining the procurement process and makes sure that purchase entries are error-free and exact. With GoSure GRN, businesses can,

Make purchase orders instantly based on customer needs by analyzing the previous purchase history

Receive goods anytime with Parcel entry support that increases transparency between the supplier, transporter, and the store

Scan to receive goods accurately and make GINs from the location of the goods' arrival

Slowdown the turnaround times by removing the dependency of approving inwards from the store premises

Raise purchase returns based on the quality and quantity analysis and maintain an optimized inventory so that we can save the costs from waste / damage in the future

How does Gofrugal's Purchase management app GoSure GRN help your business growth?

GoSure GRN serves as the all-in-one purchase management software and a one-stop solution to streamline the procurement operations with high accuracy and efficiency. GRN app helps in having uninterrupted sales as there are no dependency or delays in approving the purchase inwards from the store. Even the less skilled staff can make inwards accurately, and the purchase managers can easily reconcile the discrepancies and make instant decisions before approving an inward with ease. Also, faulty inventory can be disputed so that we can prevent losses and difficulties in the later stage.