Procurement software that adapts to your businesses needs

Experience better margin tracking, which leads to profits and the best cash flow. Exercise improved inventory control, resulting in fewer stockouts and increasing customer satisfaction. Gain complete visibility to reduce manual errors and enhance operational efficiency.

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How procurement software helps your business

All-in-one platform for efficient procurement

Manage all procurement activities in one place. From vendor selection to purchase order creation and inventory management, manage the entire procurement process in one place.

Create strong and long-lasting vendor relationships

Monitor vendor performance, handle vendor relationships, and negotiate for advantageous terms and prices. Experience improved supplier relationships and guaranteed on-time delivery of goods and services.

Optimize inventory levels

Get real-time visibility into stock levels, demand forecasts, and inventory replenishment to optimize inventory levels. Minimize excess stock and carrying expenses; maintain accurate inventory on hand to satisfy client demand.

Help with complete cost control

Spot areas for cost savings, examine expenditure trends, uphold procurement guidelines, and reduce expenses. Experience complete cost control, maximize savings, and enjoy decreased spending.

Redefine cash flow with better mechanisms

Automate critical workflows such as purchase requisitions, approvals, and invoice processing to shift focus from administrative tasks to strategic initiatives.

Provide insights into procurement performance

Advanced analytics and reporting capabilities enable businesses to gain insights into procurement performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Key features of Gofrugal's procurement management system

  • Purchase
  • Reorder
  • Supplier
  • Margin
  • Maximum Control
  • Centerlized Management
  • AI-Driven
  • PO reconciliation

End-to-end purchase management

Decide on purchases based on customer needs, not supplier pressure. Create automatic or manual purchase orders, receive them as goods inward against a PO, and convert them to purchase invoices. Initiate purchase returns with auto credit notes and pay suppliers directly from the software through linked banking.

procurement software that helps with end to end purchase management

Automated purchase requisitions and orders

Reduce inventory costs and avoid stock issues with an automatic reordering system. Set reorder formulas based on minimum and maximum stock, sales and purchase history, purchase unit factor, sales order frequency, and more. Let your retail purchase order software handle reorder decisions.

procurement software that helps with automated purchase requisitions and orders

Supplier management

Make informed decisions even when unavailable by setting up supplier-specific VAT/GST purchase formulas and validating PO/RN requirements. With procurement software, create items from the purchase invoice page, import Excel data, and streamline purchasing with supplier-specific invoice templates.

Make informed decisions about suppliers using Gofrugal procurement software

Margin protection

Accurately track expenses, calculate margins, and determine GMROI. Set supplier-specific purchase formulas to monitor costs and examine product-specific ROI from the purchase screen. Establish gatekeeper margins to ensure profitable pricing and adjust prices instantly based on product, category, and supplier.

Track expenses, calculate margins, and determine GMROI using Gofrugal POS

Maximum control

Maintain control over pricing and purchasing with minimal staff. Eliminate obligations such as PO expiration tracking, purchase return adjustments, and retrospective invoice entry. Gain control over selling prices and product mismatches with an approval system.

Maintain control over pricing and purchasing with minimal staff using procurement softwar

Centralized management

Manage local outlet purchases and central office procurement with centralized software. Streamline processes with auto-indent, centralized orders and contracts, and automated payment management. Restock warehouse inventory based on demand-driven supply transfers.

Get complete control with centralized management with procurement software

AI-driven decision making

"The Eye," our procurement management software, employs AI and ML to automate purchasing decisions. Forecast and restock considering supplier lead times, seasonality, and production. Address supply chain inconsistencies and adopt a Sell -> Buy -> Stock approach.

Automate purchase decisions using Gofrugal procurement software

Three-way PO reconciliation

With an online retail procurement system, complete goods-in processes remotely. Import products via mobile barcode scanner, enter quantities manually, add items, print barcodes, and conduct three-way PO reconciliation by comparing purchase orders, goods inward notes, and goods received notes.

Online retail procurement system to complete goods-in processes remotely

What are the challenges faced in procurement?

  • Supplier-influenced decisions
  • Procuring beyond your budget
  • Impulsive buying behaviour
  • Human errors in procurement
  • Not abiding to processes and KPIs

Supplier-influenced decisions


Plan and procure based on insightful reports based on customer buying patterns, enabling proactive decision-making and not based on supplier influence.

Procurement software that helps with making right purchase decisions

Procuring beyond your budget


Adopt a centralized purchase and bill approval mechanism to eliminate errors, reduce time, and maximize accuracy in material inwards, invoicing, and payment processing.

Centralized mechanism for better management with procurement software

Impulsive buying behaviour


Do regular stock audits, monitor inventory levels, and stay up to date on stock distribution across outlets with centralized control to manage inventory and plan procurement.

Regular stock audit to monitor inventory levels using Gofrugal procurement management system

Human errors in procurement


Invest in an AI-based reordering solution that helps with procurement and stock management based on the real-time analysis of customer buying patterns, supplier histories, and inventory behavior patterns.

AI-based reordering solution that helps with procurement and stock management

Not abiding to processes and KPIs


Rely on a procurement solution that enables a structured mechanism to prevent breaches of KPIs, such as gatekeeper margins, and set up an approval mechanism for accepting requests beyond the process.

Procurement solution that enables a structured mechanism

Brands that minimized inventory and maximized sales with Gofrugal's purchase management system

Get real-time visibility into stock levels, demand forecasts, and inventory replenishment to optimize inventory levels. Minimize excess stock and carrying expenses; maintain accurate inventory on hand to satisfy client demand.

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Mr. Chandrakanth Ravariya

With Gofrugal's procurement management software, my inventory is always up to date, and reordering with the right suppliers happens automatically. I've never lost customers due to out-of-stock inventory after implementing Gofrugal.

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Mr. Arjun, Owner

Overview of procurement management software

What is procurement software?

Procurement software helps with procurement management, including the processes, strategies, and activities involved in acquiring goods, services, or work from external sources to fulfill organizational needs. It's a systematic approach that involves planning, sourcing, purchasing, and managing resources efficiently and effectively to achieve business objectives. Learn more

Purchasing software vs. procurement software

Consider these fundamental differences between procurement and purchasing processes.

  • Scope: Procurement is all about strategic planning, supplier selection, and contract management, whereas purchasing focuses on transactional activities such as ordering and payment processing.
  • Objective: Procurement aims to optimize costs, mitigate risks, and foster innovation, while purchasing is primarily concerned with fulfilling immediate operational needs at the lowest possible cost.
  • Timeline: Procurement involves long-term strategic planning and relationship building, while purchasing operates within shorter timeframes, focusing on timely acquisition and delivery of goods and services.

Why you need to automate procurement?

A structured procurement strategy not only challenges the status quo but also identifies innovative approaches that drive cost savings and process efficiencies. Leveraging process automation tools to implement and monitor this strategy yields significant long-term benefits. These tools streamline complex procurement processes, minimizing risks and errors proactively.

Software that helps automate procurement management offers organizations a comprehensive solution to deploy their procurement strategy model, enhancing operational management from process automation to role-based user dashboards.

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Who uses procurement software?

Any aspiring business that wishes to achieve cost efficiency and quality assurance, gain a competitive advantage with innovation, stick to compliance and ethics, reduce risk, and increase certainty and quality in their procurement process should invest in procurement software. Learn more

What should you look for in procurement management software?

While evaluating a procurement management software, check if it has the following features:

  • End-to-end purchase management, automated purchase requisitions and orders, supplier/vendor management, margin protection, maximum control, centralized management, AI-driven decision-making, three-way PO reconciliation
  • A complete procurement management plan for you to access
  • Affordable pricing models and different editions that help with upgrading the plans as you scale your business
  • Adaptability to grow as market competition increases and the size of the business grows

But the best way to evaluate procurement software is to experience a free trial or personalized demo to get to know the platform better

Common procurement management challenges

Here are the common challenges in procurement management:

  • Not performing deep research
  • Procuring beyond your budget
  • Impulsive buying behavior
  • Human errors in procurement
  • Not abiding to processes and KPIs
  • Poor, nontransparent communication

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