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Inventory management software is a system that helps you have good inventory control, improve your planning, ensure accurate order fulfillment to your customers and run your business successfully with increased turnovers.

Key Features of Inventory Management System


Inventory Masters- Setup your stocks and rise your sales with ease:

  • Easily map the items with their categories, selling price, purchase price, MRP, and EAN code during the item creation itself and load the items by scanning the EAN code during billing/purchase to save your time
  • Sell the same item at different prices based on the different combinations in your store by using matrix extension
  • Attract your customers and boost your sales by introducing interesting combo packages with Kit/Assembly items. You can also undo the kits prepared, unpack them and sell them loose whenever necessary
  • Create messages to be displayed when the items are loaded in the sales and purchase transactions and help your employee understand the guidelines easily without any dependencies
  • Set your sequence and track all the transactions effectively with custom transaction numbers in sales, purchase, transfer in/out operations using transaction prefix master

Material Issue/Receipt/Repack - Manage the stocks of raw materials and finished products:

  • Organize the conversion of the raw materials to finished goods knowing the movement of materials and their transactions from end to end with dynamic stock adjustments
  • Issue the raw materials to your suppliers and receive them back as finished products, set your final prices after creating your product, calculate the making charges, and customize your selling prices
  • Purchase the items in bulk and sell them with high-profit margins by repacking them in small quantities using the conversion quantities and rates

Barcodes/EAN codes - Track your inventory with accuracy at a quicker pace:

  • Recognize the item in a single scan and speed up the billing process by generating/printing barcodes for items individually or based on the transactions
  • Have multiple EAN codes for the same item, sell them at different prices based on the combinations/value. Spend no time searching for the item, just scan and get the right combination loaded with the specified selling rate
  • Never let your customers wait at the billing counters. With weighing scale configuration, bill the countable and weighable items in a click by scanning the weighing scale barcodes. Save your time, and never be worried about the calculations of the rate for weighable items. As the rates get calculated automatically based on the weight for quick and efficient billing.


Change selling - Manage daily price changes quickly and effectively:

  • Save time by automating the calculation of the new price, based on the price change methods (discount from MRP/regular price, Markup from cost/regular price, Offset from cost/regular price) through which the selling price gets loaded during purchase inwards
  • Export the item list with the existing selling prices, change the prices, and import the high volume of items in a single shot
  • Protect your profits with timely notifications whenever the price change reaches below the margin/MRP/landing costs
  • Never worry about the daily price fluctuations of items when you change the selling prices from wherever you are using the WhatsNow app

Mark up/down - Automate the selling price calculations:

  • Calculate the selling prices from the purchase price or MRP by setting the increase/decrease values in amount/percentage
  • Customize the selling prices by configuring a markup value for the purchase price and a markdown value for the MRP based on the item, category, distributor, and manufacturer
  • Preset the markup/down and get the selling prices generated automatically during the purchase

Item transaction history - Know the complete flow of all the transactions:

  • Trouble-free tracking of all the transactions of items guaranteed with our inventory software by using customized filters like location, date, product type, category, distributor, and current stock
  • Easy to analyse and make the right business decisions when all types of transaction histories including opening stock, purchase, delivery challan are available on a single screen

Price level - customize prices depending on your customer bucket:

  • Sell the same item with different and personalized price levels for retail and wholesale customers
  • Create up to 25 different price levels having a base, and categorize them to be applied automatically during billing based on the seasons (seasonal, wholesale, and semi-wholesale)
  • Configure the price levels for specific items, categories, distributors, and manufacturers and set a validity period for the price level to be active
  • Map the items with price level formulas and apply more than one price level for an item

Date-wise pricing - Manage seasonal and stock clearance sales with date oriented prices:

  • Set prices by defining the margin and the period, where the prices will be changed and return to the default prices at the end of the specified period
  • Always be your customers favourite shopping destination by giving discounts during festive/seasonal sales period


Opening stock entry - Instant and simple item inwards:

  • Inward the stocks already available in your store using the opening stock entry feature
  • Have a good store management system with one-shot inwards to help you with high-speed entries using the import option
  • If you have missed creating any item, you can quickly create new items from the same page by entering the details of the item, rack, box and shelf

GoSure - mobile stock take app for a complete inventory control:

  • Do stock counting accurately with real-time inventory data, possibly without any hindrance even during billing hours
  • Focused stock counting based on supplier-wise/item-wise/category-wise inventory with livestock count visibility and instant reports for
    one-click reconciliation of items
  • Organize your stock take process daily through system generated automated tasks
  • Stock count the matrix/serialized/standard items in a click by scanning. You can do simultaneous expiry and damaged stock counting to save time
  • Identifying and updating the missing/pending items in inventory and set your stocks right with the supporting stock management system

Physical Inventory and Stock update - identify and set the discrepancies right for a healthy inventory:

  • Check the stocks regularly, detach the difference and make sure the system stock matches with the physical stock
  • Optimize your employee's time by stock counting standard/serialized/matrix items quickly and accurately using barcode scanners
  • Perform regular audits to your physical inventory, pull out the damage, and the wasted items from the display, and guarantee a great shopping experience to your customers
  • Resell the damaged items by setting considerably lower/desired rates on making scrap entries
  • Do a zero stock update and remove the items that are physically unavailable. Understand your inventory and the reasons for the physical and system stock discrepancy, prevent theft/missing and protect your investment

Stock ledger and Product flow - Take rapid business decisions to keep your stocks always available for customers:

  • Understand your inventory's opening stock, closing stock, in stock and out stock effortlessly in a single screen using customized filters
  • Sense the stock availability, item-wise transactions, and make reorders easily using stock ledger
  • Check the overall/item-wise/category wise stock in and stock-out values using product flow

Overview of Inventory management software

  • What is inventory management?
    Inventory management is the process of maintaining the flow of goods from item creation, pricing, stock update, material management, and sales to ensure that the right stock is available at the right time. Having a successful inventory system is to manage the stocks effectively and meet the demands of customers without carrying excess supply or running out of stock thereby contributing to higher business revenue.
  • Why do we need inventory management software?
    A good inventory management software helps you run your business successfully, serve your customers, increase your sales and the growth of your business, by automating the key inventory operations thereby preventing the risk of manual errors amidst the continuously fluctuating stock levels and help you meet the demands.
  • What are the benefits of using inventory management software?
    Efficient inventory management is essential to any business. With the help of inventory management software, we can know-how,

    - To match the customer demand and the supply

    - To prevent loss of revenue with having the right stock in your store

    - To have good visibility over the stocks and fulfill the customer orders without fail

    - To empower sales force with the product availability and increase the revenue

    - To reduce the time and cost involved in stock audits, by automating the process and having complete inventory control

    - To identify and eliminate all the inefficiencies in the inventory with the help of real-time data

  • Why is Gofrugal the best inventory management software?
    Gofrugal inventory management software helps you streamline the inventory operations with high accuracy, minimal skills, and the least manpower. It has complete inventory control with GoSure - a mobile stock take app using which you can perform daily stock take with real-time monitoring and live reconciliation during business hours and set your inventory right.
  • How to download Gofrugal inventory management software?
    You can download and experience the free inventory management software with a 30-day trial using this link
  • How to use Gofrugal inventory management software?
    You can use the free inventory management software by referring to the self-help resources