Restaurant POS software with billing, inventory and KOT management

Manage your operations with the best restaurant POS software - complete with order management, smart restaurant billing software, inventory and recipe management, kitchen display system, and much more!

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Key Features of Gofrugal's Restaurant POS software

Kitchen Display System

Process multiple orders on a single screen in a paperless, hassle-free way with kitchen display system integration

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KOT management

Hassle-free management and billing of every single kitchen order ticket (KOT) of your restaurant with the ServJoy mobile app

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Recipe management

Recipe management feature helps maintain consistent taste round the year & menu customization prevails as a flavor enhancer!

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Table Management

Manage tables smoothly and keep track of vacancies, steward assignments and table-wise orders for a delightful experience

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Inventory Management

Monitor your ingredient inventory, perform simple stock audits, and control wastage costs with our inventory management system

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CRM & Loyalty

Offers, discounts, and happy hours are tailored to each guest, encouraging them to become regular customers!

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Online ordering and delivery

Manage multiple online orders on one screen through an integrated platform for all food aggregators

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Smart Reports

Generate real-time dashboards using our restaurant POS software with more than 350+ MIS reports for smart decision making

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What is restaurant billing software?

A solution exclusively designed to simplify restaurant billing operations, used for processing transactions, generating bills, printing receipts, accepting cashless payments through multiple gateways, and splitting or combining bills. The main purpose of restaurant billing software is to improve efficiency, streamline all processes and keep track of every sale made, and help the user make informed decisions.

Simplify billing operations

Why do restaurants need a restaurant POS software?

Manage recipes and menu items

Improve employee experience by improving automation

Process orders faster by generating kitchen order tickets (KOTs)

Delight customers with discounts and loyalty rewards

Monitor inventory and cut down wastage costs

Generate actionable insights through real-time reports

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Cloud restaurant POS software for your business


Get customer feedback to
deliver a delight experience

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Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Gain complete control of your chain of restaurants with Gofrugal's Restaurant management software

Auditing made easier with integrated Accounts module
Maintain same prices of items at all your restaurants from HO
Maintain same taste across your outlets with Recipe and Kit Manager
Manage purchases from HO to outlets with Centralized Purchase Control
Plan and stock your inventories based on best sellers with Centralized Inventory Management
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
POS Software for multi restaurant hotel

The best Restaurants and Bars prefer to grow with Gofrugal's Restaurant billing software!

Exclusively designed for your Restaurant business needs

Know your menu item quantities and their respective inventory stocks which will be handy during taking bulk orders

Get a comprehensive view of table layout and their relative status from order, reorder, due bill to bill

Choose the mode of dining with respect to each order for different service charges and packing charges in either case

Instantly send the orders to the kitchen while the KOTs are made. Update recipe status from the kitchen and track from the restaurant with Kitchen Display system

Easy and intuitive touch billing solution with item images for a quicker checkout

Map ingredients to the items, track consumption and stock your inventory pre-planned for new orders

Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
E commerce integration for restaurants

Integrate Gofrugal RESTAURANT POS Software with online orders from your website

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

With smart billing management, order management, recipe & menu management, inventory management - Gofrugal offers you a complete Restaurant POS software to manage your business in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Download your free trial today and ask for a live demo.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best restaurant POS software?

Functionality: A good restaurant POS software should have the necessary features, including tools needed to run the restaurant efficiently, a billing system for restaurant, KDS and KOT management, etc.

Usability: The workers should find the restaurant billing software convenient and simple to use, which will enhance their working environment.

Integration: The restaurant software should be able to integrate all the add-on features and requirements of the individual restaurant.

Monitoring: A complete restaurant management software should help in foreseeing the inventory and the real time sales, purchases, and other reports.

24/7 Support: The quality of the products available on the market is significantly influenced by both the products themselves and the support offered for those products. Gofrugal offers live chat and the mygofrugal mobile app for customer service around-the-clock!

What is KOT software?

KOT software is used to manage Kitchen Order Tickets. While taking the orders from the guests, the steward enters the orders and the customer's comments on the order in the Kitchen Order Tracking software. Orders entered into the KOT software are printed as kitchen order tickets in the respective kitchens, and the captain can prepare the order as per the customization comments given by the guests, including the portion details, packaging information, etc. Once the KOT is ready for serving, the same is informed back to the client-facing team and the food is served accordingly.

What are the advantages of Restaurant Billing software and KOT software?

Restaurant Billing software and KOT software work in tandem to improve the order processing speed and efficiency of restaurants. These modules help restaurants in the following ways:

- Process cashless payments through multiple gateways

- Combine or split bills based on menu items, number of guests or by percentage share

- Edit kitchen order tickets (KOTs) by adding or deleting menu items

- Serve customers with favorite menu items based on their preferential order

- Keep track of each KOT and sale bill generated

Why is Gofrugal the best Restaurant POS software?

Gofrugal's Restaurant POS software allows you to automate your restaurant operations and grow your business with minimal training and staff. Gofrugal's restaurant billing software has built-in modules to manage every element of your business, including booking tables for guests, planning and keeping track of your ingredient inventories, and coming up with alluring discounts for both current and future customers, KOT billing software and restaurant invoice software are both parts of Gofrugal's restaurant POS software. Other digital solutions offered by Gofrugal include OrderEasy for online ordering, GoDeliver for delivery management, WhatsNow for comprehensive business support, and myPulse for customer feedback management.

What are the unique features of Gofrugal's restaurant POS software?

Aside from making daily restaurant operations easier through automation in billing, sales, inventory, CRM & loyalty, and menu management, here are some of the unique features of Gofrugal's restaurant billing software:

- Integrated online ordering platform with real-time item availability status updates

- Intuitive recipe management feature which helps maintain consistency in taste round the year

- Smart Reporting which provide a detailed, drill-down view of restaurant performance - anywhere, anytime

- Central kitchen management with hassle-free management of own and franchise outlets

- Intelligent order-taking app ServJoy helps stewards deliver a delightful experience

How to download free Restaurant Billing software from Gofrugal?

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