Stock taking app for easy, accurate and quick stock audit

GoSure StockTake is an efficient and error-free inventory stock take app for perpetual stock counting, with immediate posting of discrepancies and instant stock correction

Stock taking app Stock taking app

Top 3 reasons why GoSure StockTake serves as the best inventory tracking solution


Do stock count without closing the stores

Confidently do stock auditing during business hours without interrupting sales, and stay ahead from losing customers without closing the stores for an audit


Enjoy error-free and hassle-free stock audit

Ensure accurate and quick audit of any item type at any location in your store, with immediate discrepancy posting and instant stock reconciliation


Reduced monitoring and automated stock counting

Carry out stock counting with minimal and least skilled staff using ML-based solution that assigns tasks in their free time, ensuring improved efficiency

stock counting without closing the stores easy stock auditing across different locations smart stock counting

When your stock taking is right, Your business becomes bright!

stock counting


employee cost saving

Stock audit can be done by minimum staff with least skills even without training, thus saving 30% of the employee cost

stock counting


saving on time

StockTake app takes only 10.2 seconds for counting an item, resulting in 50% time saving, and stock count using smart mode saves overall time for audit

stock counting


increase in efficiency

Stock count can be done even in billing hours, with instant mismatch identification, and correction ensuring complete inventory control

stock counting


accurate stock count

Accurate stock taking is guaranteed always, with scanning of barcodes and EAN codes of items with inbuilt barcode scanner in the app

Achieve 100% accuracy in stock audit with least staff, quicker time and minimum skills

stock counting in business hours
Stock counting in business hours with real time inventory tracking

Eliminate the necessity to close the stores for doing stock audit by doing stock count in business hours and tracking the suspected stock mismatch in real time

Count the stocks without interrupting the sales or purchase and track the inventory efficiently.

Monitor the sales return and purchase return done during stock audit, and manage them without any hassle.

Correct these inward/outward stock transaction by assigning recount for these items to stock takers and updating the stock again.

stock counting in business hours stock counting in business hours
stock auditing in multiple locations
Reduced time, efforts, and monitoring for stock audit

Distribute the work among staffs by assigning them a location, and reduce the time and efforts to complete the stock audit

Create virtual locations under Main location in the StockTake web-app and map them to the staffs.

Track the inventory of the any individual item present in multiple locations across the store from a central location.

Assign tasks to employees automatically with smart task assignments on a daily basis, so that stock audit is complete in less time, least efforts and minimal monitoring.

stock auditing in multiple locations stock auditing in multiple locations
stock counting and inventory reconciliation
Instant stock mismatch identification and correction

Perform stock audit of full store with high efficiency and identify the items that have gone missing from your stores, without any hassle.

Complete track and accurate reflection of stock counted items as well as items pending for stock count as separate lists.

Instant stock updation of all the missing items as zero, without the need to update the count for each individual item manually.

Identify the mismatch between system stock and physical stock from Discrepancy report and correct the stock of all these items quickly in few clicks.

stock counting and inventory reconciliation stock counting and inventory reconciliation
automated stock auditing
Automated stock audit with tracking of employee efficiency

Reduced dependency of inventory manager or store owner to be in the store physically to monitor and track the stock audit

Utilize the employee's time to the fullest by assigning stock take tasks in their lean hours to increase employee efficiency and reduce audit time.

Automate the stock audit with Smart mode feature, assign categories for each day of the week and eliminate the necessity of monitoring the employees.

Track the efficiency, and performance of employees in doing the stock audit.

automated stock auditing
automated stock auditing
accurate stock audits
Accurate and quick stock count with barcode scanning

Scan the barcodes of any item type seamlessly and quickly, without confirming the stock count after each item scan

Ensure accurate and quick stock counting of any type of item from any batch by scanning the barcodes using an inbuilt camera scanner in the app.

Pace up the scanning even more faster, by enabling the configuration to stock count only by scanning, and without any need to do manual entry of stock.

Scan even the damage and expired items along with good stock, and save additional time in counting them separately.

accurate stock audits
accurate stock audits
stock counting of matrix items
Audit all item variants and types

Perform efficient stock audit of all item types and item combinations, with minimal efforts and least time

Do stock audit of Standard and Matrix items smoothly with complete track of all possible item combinations.

Generate all the combinations of a matrix item in just a click and audit them effortlessly.

Enable 'Scan only mode' configuration in StockTake web-app, and scan the barcodes of all type of items without interruption.

stock counting of matrix items stock counting of matrix items
Know the stock take process
GoSure StockTake - stock taking app
Be sure of stock and ensure complete inventory control with GoSure StockTake

Try GoSure StockTake for easy, error-free and hassle-free stock audit

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Not using Gofrugal ERP but interested in GoSure StockTake?
Not using Gofrugal ERP but interested in GoSure StockTake?

Don't worry, you too can enjoy the powerful stock taking app for your business

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Customers who count on us for accurate and perpetual stock count

My employees started using GoSure with very minimal training. I'm able to save 50% of stock counting time by performing it during business hours with simpler and easier reconciliation

Ranjitham Supermarket

Ranjith S, Owner

I no longer wait for year end stock counting as I'm able to perform comfortable stock counting every month with minimized discrepancies.

Udhayam Supermarket

Kumarappan, Proprietor

We had discrepancy of around 20% during stock audit with pen and paper method. Even with barcode scanners it was close to 10%. Our discrepancy came down drastically after using StockTake app.

Grace Supermarket

Sundaram S, Consultant - Operations

Overview of stock taking app

What is Stock Taking?

Stock taking or stock counting is the process of physical counting of the stock and condition of the items present in a store as well as verification of the same with the company's electronic records. It is mandatorily done at the end of the financial year as it is a part of the company's annual audit. Some businesses even do stock count monthly, quarterly or half-yearly based on their practice and few successful business follow daily or perpetual stock audit.

Why is stock taking important?

Doing regular stock counting can give you visibility over the inventory you have, thus avoiding overstocking or understocking. It helps to identify the damaged, expired and misplaced items, such that you can take corrective action to rectify them. It brings transparency in your business and helps to identify the instances of theft or damage. In addition, periodic stock taking helps to identify the sales pattern of items and classify them as slow-moving, fast-moving and dead stock and thereby enabling you to make purchase decisions wisely. Overall, it improves the way a business operates on many different levels.

How to do stock count with GoSure StockTake?

In GoSure StockTake, there are 2 roles - Stock Taker and Inventory manager. The Inventory manager uses the web-app and the stock taker uses the mobile app. The manager will assign the stock count tasks to employees from the web-app, which will be notified to the stock taker in their respective mobiles. Once the stock taker, completes counting and submits, the data will be populated in the web-app. The manager can take decision either to update it or assign for recount, and once he confirms finally, it will be updated in the ERP. Also, the manager can automate the task assignment, and just track the result and employee efficiency, which makes the whole process simple and efficient.

What are the benefits of using StockTaking app?

GoSure's StockTake helps in complete inventory control by performing accurate and regular stock audits. With GoSure StockTake businesses can,

  • Perform stock audit without closing the stores
  • Ensure 100% precise and quick stock count
  • Eliminate wastage and damage items regularly, thus saving losses
  • Identify and eliminate the dead stock
  • Make accurate purchase decisions
  • Discover the missing and misplaced items instantly and reconcile them quickly

Why is GoSure StockTake by Gofrugal, the best stocktaking app?

GoSure StockTake from Gofrugal is an one stop solution that allows to manage the stock counting with limited staffs and increased efficiency, with 100% perfect inbuilt barcode scanner. It requires 0% supervision by store owners, since they can assign the task, review the stock count, take decision from anywhere. This app has unique features that allow to stock count in busy business hours, and reconcile the stock instantly. Also, you can identify the missing products and do stock correction in real time with instant sync to the ERP. With all the impactful features to meet the business needs, Gofrugal's StockTake can be a great value addition to any business.