Key features of Gofrugal's restaurant POS system

Inventory Management

Master inventory.Minimize waste

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Batch management

Manage inventory in batches and easily identify products approaching their expiry dates, reducing the risk of spoilage and waste.

Quality control

Monitor the quality and condition of inventory batches, ensuring you serve only the freshest and safest food to your customers.

Daily stock audit of ingredients

Perform daily stock audits of ingredients and raw materials. Keep track of your inventory levels and their cost value to minimize the chances of overstocking or understocking, reducing the risk of theft or errors.

Stock discrepancy resolution

Monitor discrepancies between physical inventory and system inventory with a web-based dashboard and take actions instantly to reduce the risk of pilferage.

Purchase management

End-to-end procurement.

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Vendor management

Maintain a detailed database of your suppliers and vendors, making it simple to track and manage all your purchases.

Purchase orders

Generate, edit, and track purchase orders effortlessly, ensuring you always have the right inventory on hand when you need it.

Automatic reordering

Set up automatic reorder notifications and restock ingredients to eliminate stock outs and maintain optimal inventory levels.

Vendor performance analysis

Monitor your margins with each supplier and gain insights into delivery times, product quality, and pricing consistency. Make informed decisions about your procurement strategies and strengthen your partnerships.

Online order management

Broaden your brand presence. Extend your customer network.

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Automatic item toggling

Automatically toggle menu items on or off based on their availability and thresholds, reducing the chances of accepting orders for items that cannot be fulfilled.

ONDC network

Seamlessly join the ONDC network as a seller, tap into a vast buyer audience, and reap the benefits of expanding your online presence.

Food aggregator

Handle orders from multiple food ordering platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, MagicPin, and Dunzo in a single centralized dashboard and receive real-time notifications for incoming orders. Orders placed online are automatically sent to the kitchen and can be monitored as they progress from the kitchen to delivery or pickup.

Reroute kitchen tickets

Automatically route online orders to their respective kitchen stations where they can be prepared, minimizing confusion and kitchen traffic.

Multiple outlets

Manage all your orders using a centralized order management tool and monitor all your outlets from a single dashboard, making it easier to coordinate and fulfill orders efficiently.

Effortless table management

Faster turnaround time.
Superior dining experiences.

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Table availability

Display real-time table availability, ensuring guests are seated at tables that are actually open.

Customizable billing options

Allow for various billing methods, including split bills, shared bills, or individual bills for each guest, offering payment flexibility.

Order-taking app

Enable waitstaff to take orders directly at the table using a mobile app equipped with a recommendation engine, smart search options, and real-time menu synchronization, providing faster and more accurate order management.

Merge KOTs

Merge kitchen order tickets (KOTs) when necessary, such as when a group of guests at multiple tables place separate orders, simplifying the billing process.

Production Management

Cook with precision.
Optimize kitchen workflows.

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Production plan

Create production plans that align with expected order volumes, optimize kitchen workflows, and reduce wait times. Use real-time information to forecast demand accurately, ensuring you have the right amount of ingredients on hand.

Recipe management

Easily create and store detailed recipes for all your menu items with the right ingredient quantities, maintaining consistent quality.

Cost analysis

Calculate the cost of each dish accurately, factoring in ingredient prices and portion sizes, helping you set competitive prices while maintaining profitability.

Bill of materials (BOM)

Create comprehensive BOMs for menu items, outlining all the ingredients and their quantities required for each dish, and automatically update your inventory levels based on BOM usage, ensuring you never run out of essential ingredients.

Wastage management

Identify, track, and analyze the sources of wastage and take proactive measures to minimize it, reducing costs and improving profitability.

CRM and Loyalty

Understand your customer needs. Build your customer base.

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Customized offers

Tailor offers and promotions based on customer preferences, order history, or specific demographics to increase their relevance and run customer-focused promotions.

Marketing campaigns

Send personalized messages, promotions, and updates directly to customers through an official WhatsApp verified account or via SMS, creating a more direct and interactive channel.

Loyalty and happy hours

Award customers with loyalty points for each visit or purchase, send special birthday and anniversary gift coupons to your customers, and create time-based promotions such as happy hours or happy days to acquire fresh customers while retaining existing ones.

Feedback collection

Listen to your customers and analyze their feedback to identify trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance the overall dining experience, all through your own customer feedback application.

Effortless accounting and GST management

Best accounting software.
Better financial health.

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Automate GST calculations

Generate invoices that automatically calculate GST based on the type of goods or services provided, reducing the risk of errors and double work in accounting data entry.

Centralized accounting

Monitor and manage financial data for all your outlets from a single dashboard, streamlining financial reporting and analysis.

Direct GST e-filing

Generate detailed reports of all sales, purchases, and other expenses that should be filed with the tax authority. Easily collect the report generated by the software and upload it to the GST portal.

Budget creation

Set up detailed budgets for your restaurant, specifying income and expense categories, and establish spending limits for each of them.

Expense automation

Automate recurring payments for utilities, rent, and other regular expenses, reducing the administrative workload.

Voucher creation

Easily create, manage, and track vouchers for various financial transactions, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your accounting records.

Payment integration

Integrate multiple payment methods, including digital payments and card payments, streamlining the payment process for both customers and vendors.

Franchise and chain management

A unified brand experience. Freedom for franchisees.

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Centralized control of masters

Maintain a centralized repository for menus, recipes, offers, users, accounting, and reports that can be accessed and updated by all franchise locations, ensuring uniform offerings with consistent quality across all outlets.

Inter-location stock transfers

Initiate and track stock transfers between franchise locations, ensuring each outlet has the necessary inventory items.

Automatic indent request

Automate the process of generating inventory replenishment requests from franchisees based on predefined reorder formulas and historical data. Define and control the timeframe in which the franchisees can raise a request to the head office, so all outlets are managed effectively and guests receive the best service.

Hierarchical access control

Assign different levels of access and permissions to users based on their roles and responsibilities. Provide individual users with passwords to enhance the security of your restaurant operations, whether it's granting discounts or approving raw materials for production.

Data backup, security, and integrations

Data safeguarded.
Business continuity guaranteed.

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ISO 27001 and VAPT certified

Gofrugal's RMS complies with ISO 27001 standards and undergoes regular vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, ensuring your data remains safe from threats.

Cloud backup

Automatically back up your restaurant's critical data to secure cloud servers, ensuring your information is safe and easily recoverable in case of emergencies.

Third-party integrations

Easily connect with a wide range of third-party systems and services, such as accounting software, payment processors, delivery apps, and more.

Business Intelligence

Smart reports for data-driven decisions.

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Insightful dashboard

Access an interactive dashboard as the central hub for your restaurant's data. Visualize business performance with interactive charts, customize displayed metrics, and manage your restaurant your way.

GSTR reports

Generate GSTR reports, access and analyze up-to-date tax data, and pinpoint areas for potential tax savings and optimization.

Food cost reports

Analyze the cost of individual ingredients in your recipes, evaluate the profitability of menu items based on their ingredient costs, and identify cost-saving opportunities by optimizing ingredient usage and sourcing.

Sales trends

Track sales trends, identify peak periods, analyze individual menu item performance, and tailor your offerings and marketing efforts based on customer preferences.

Real-time stock data

Access real-time inventory data, make informed ingredient reorder decisions, and calculate stock value for accurate financial reporting while minimizing stockout risks.

Audit reports

Monitor and track all financial transactions, maintain comprehensive logs of user activities, and use audit reports to verify compliance with tax regulations.

Mobile monitoring

Get real-time updates on your business performance, access critical data, and make decisions on the go with a mobile app. Stay connected with your business effortlessly.



ServJoy, the restaurant order-taking app, enables waitstaff to efficiently serve more tables, provide an exceptional guest experience, and enhance table services. No need for constant trips to the kitchen, just efficiency and happy customers.

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Offer customers a smooth online ordering experience and become a local favorite. Display your menu with real-time item availability, offer flexible payment options, and deliver delicious dishes straight to their doorstep.

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With WhatsNow, you can improve customer service and propel your business forward. Access real-time sales, purchases, and inventory data on one screen, make smart decisions to improve your menu offerings, and manage your restaurant from anywhere.

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GoBill is the finest restaurant billing app with a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible for everyone. With minimal staff and training, GoBill can efficiently manage all restaurant billing operations. The app also works offline for a seamless checkout experience.

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Let your customers scan the table QR menu, explore the menu, customize their order, and enjoy a hassle-free, contactless dining experience.

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ONDC Network

Reach a wide audience effortlessly. The ONDC Network amplifies your online visibility, connecting you to countless eager customers, all through one streamlined solution. With Gofrugal as your technology partner, you get a unified platform for managing your restaurant's online presence.

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