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Restaurant franchise management software allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience across all outlets. From centralized procurement to smart CRM, redefine and manage every aspect of your business easily with Gofrugal.

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Restaurant Franchise Management Software

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What is restaurant franchise management?

Restaurant franchise management is the process of establishing and managing a restaurant brand across multiple franchises or owned outlets while maintaining consistency and your brand's image in every outlet. This involves standardizing the operational procedures, menu offerings, and customer relationships.

A typical restaurant franchise management software helps the franchisor provide a uniform brand experience across all outlets and enables the franchise to coordinate with the franchisor seamlessly.

What is Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Why choose Gofrugal's
franchise management software?

Centralized control
for franchisor

Gain a bird's-eye view of all your franchises from a centralized dashboard. Track performance, monitor real-time data, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Centralized control for franchisor

Consistent quality
across locations

Provide a uniform brand experience by standardizing menus and recipes, promotions, and service quality across all franchise outlets. Maintain your brand image with precision.

Consistent quality across locations

Enhanced customer

Maintain a centralized customer database with order history and contact information. Build stronger customer connections through personalized interactions, offers, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Enhanced customer relationships

Expanded online

Integrate with popular online ordering platforms to expand your reach. Reach a broader audience and boost your brand's visibility in the competitive digital landscape with ONDC network. With Gofrugal's OrderEasy, you can now create your own branded mobile app to collect orders from your customers.

Expanded online presence

Freedom to operate
for franchise

The franchisor can provide franchisees with a level of operational independence predefined while creating the franchise. Franchisees can automatically complete tasks such as raising indent requests for low stock, menu synchronization, and supply chain management for the particular franchise without franchisor dependency. Franchisees can also decide what data to sync with the franchisor based on their business needs.

Freedom to operate for franchise

Efficient inventory
and resource management

Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels across all franchise locations. Track stock movement, generate purchase orders based on inventory levels, and allocate resources based on real-time demand.

Efficient inventory and resource management
Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images
Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images
Restaurant franchice management software images
Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images
Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images
Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images
Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images Restaurant franchice management software images
Cloud Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Grow your business faster by going on the cloud

Cloud Restaurant Franchise Management Software

Make a smart investment for your restaurant chain and gain 100% visibility when you invest in a Cloud ERP that has a lower operating cost, works offline, and on any device! Enjoy accuracy with Gofrugal's secured solution scalable capabilities!

Restaurant Franchise Management System

A one-stop solution that makes your business run smoothly

Restaurant Franchise Management System

Manage your business without reliance on the internet by implementing on-premise ERP. The Gofrugal ERP software helps you streamline and analyze daily operations in order to make more informed decisions

Challenges in
franchise management
and our solutions

Operational inefficiencies

Difficulty managing inventory, stock transfers, and sales orders can lead to increased costs and reduced profitability.


Restaurant franchise management software minimizes inventory wastage by identifying expiry-nearing items and utilizing them based on demand. It optimizes sales order management with effective communication between the franchisor and franchisee.

Lack of centralized control

Coordinating and managing various franchise outlets without a centralized control system can lead to inconsistencies in operations and delays in decision-making.


Establish a centralized control dashboard with our franchise management software to monitor real-time data on location-wise opening and closing stocks, top sellers, purchase and sales order data, discounts made, and total wastage from a single point. This provides the franchisor with comprehensive insights for prompt and informed decision-making.

Inefficient inventory management

Situations like stockouts, understocks, and overstocks adversely affect both profitability and customer satisfaction.


With Gofrugal's restaurant franchise software, you can easily track and manage inventory levels, and ensure each outlet has the right stock at the right time, minimizing stockouts and improving customer satisfaction.

Inconsistent branding

Providing a unified brand experience across all franchise locations is challenging and critical for building brand value and customer trust.


Implement standardized processes and ensure uniformity in recipes, menus, and offers. Provide unified customer service across all outlets with centralized offers and loyalty management, user role management, layout management for billing screens, and centralized customer history management. Reward loyalty without boundaries. Let your customers earn and redeem points across every outlet.

Our customer success stories

Gofrugal is the future-proof POS we needed to meet customer needs with promotional offers and continuous billing. ServQuick powers 30% of our growth, playing a vital role in building our extensive customer base.

Jody's Restaurant, Fiji

Ms. Priscilla Darshani,

Switching from fast food to a restaurant, ServeEasy offered fast billing, smart reports, GST summaries, inventory management, supplier tracking, and streamlined payment processing. The centralized dashboard for food aggregators kept us a top seller.

Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

Mr. Jey Charan,

Gofrugal's inventory system reduced wastage costs by configuring the right quantity of ingredients required to prepare a particular food item. We are also able to manage orders across our various outlets in a simpler and easier way.

Abi Sweets and Pastries, Chennai

Mr. Arivu and Mr. Deepak,

Overview of restaurant franchise management

Benefits of using franchise management software for restaurants

Franchise management software for restaurants provides a range of benefits, including centralized control for a franchisor, consistent quality maintenance across locations, and operational independence for franchisees. Franchise management software also offers efficient inventory and resource management, enhanced customer relationship management, and the expansion of a brand's online presence. It also ensures brand consistency, and empowers both franchisor and franchisees for sustainable growth.

Tips for choosing a franchise management software

When choosing a franchise management software, consider the following tips.

  • Scalability: Ensure the software can accommodate the growth of your business.
  • User-friendly interface: Opt for a solution that is intuitive and user-friendly for all team members.
  • Plug and play integrations: Look for seamless integration with all existing operations and systems.
  • Customization: Choose software that can be customized to the specific needs of your restaurant business.
  • Support and training: Evaluate the level of support and training offered by the software provider to ensure a smooth implementation and ongoing assistance.

How does Gofrugal's software address challenges related to inventory management in restaurant franchises?

Gofrugal's restaurant franchise software streamlines inventory processes by offering tools for optimizing stock levels, reducing wastage, and ensuring efficient resource allocation. The system provides real-time insights into inventory status, allowing franchises to make informed decisions, minimize discrepancies, and enhance overall inventory management.

How does Gofrugal's franchise management software enhance customer relationships?

Gofrugal's software offers features that enable personalized customer interactions, targeted promotions, and consistent experiences across all franchise locations. By centralizing customer data, it allows for a more comprehensive understanding of customer preferences, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What support and training does Gofrugal provide during the implementation of their franchise management software?

Gofrugal is committed to ensuring a smooth implementation process. We provide comprehensive support and training to our clients, including onboarding sessions, user guides, and ongoing assistance. Our dedicated support team is readily available 24/7 to address any inquiries or issues that may arise during the implementation and continued usage of our software.

Is Gofrugal's franchise management software suitable for small-scale restaurant franchises?

Absolutely! Gofrugal's franchise management software is designed to cater to the needs of both small and large-scale restaurant franchises. The scalability of our software ensures that it can adapt to the size and requirements of your business, providing tailored solutions for optimal efficiency and growth.

How do I get started with Gofrugal's restaurant franchise management software?

To get started with Gofrugal, simply reach out to our team through our website or click the link below. Our restaurant business experts will guide you through the process and provide a personalized demonstration.

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