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Gofrugal's Supermarket software is designed to manage all the supermarket activities like supermarket billing, accounting, inventory from a single POS system.

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Benefits of Gofrugal's Supermarket POS software

Optimum inventory

Purchase the right stock at the right time based on customer needs to avoid stock-out and overstocking

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Integrated CRM

Build everlasting customer relationships through customized campaigns with CRM and Loyalty integration

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Strategic sales

Set and notify offers and discounts to engage customers effectively and make them shop more

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Mobile billing

Achieve faster checkout with mobile billing from anywhere during peak hours and festive season

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Purchase management

Take agile purchase decisions and procure right by making instant purchase orders to returns from anywhere

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Flexible payment modes

Integrated multiple payment modes providing wider options to customers, and ensuring swift checkout

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Get omnichannel ready

Take orders online and perform home deliveries seamlessly by installing your own store apps

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Insightful reports

Get visibility to store data 24x7 from reports and take the right decisions instantly, and forecast precisely

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"With Gofrugal's ERP, my inventory is always up-to-date, and reordering with the right suppliers happens automatically. I've never lost customers due to out-of-stock after implementing Gofrugal."

Arjun, Owner,
Thayagam Shopping Mall-Thiruvizhandur
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Touch billing for retail groceries Touch billing for retail groceries Touch billing app for retail supermarket

Delight customers with express checkout using supermarket billing software on mobile

An efficient and productive queue buster

Get complete control of your Supermarket chain stores with multi-location supermarket pos system

Single point security
Price Management from Head office
Centralized Master Data Management
Centralized Financial Control
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Multiple business models or Multi-business model
POS Software for Retail Chain Supermarket

Best managed supermarkets prefer to grow with GOFRUGAL Supermarket software, Find out why ?

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cloud-based supermarket POS software

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Supermarket software lets you increase sales with efficient management of inventory, re-order, expiry, returns, and wastages. Integrations to e-commerce, digital payments, loyalty, and accounting ensure complete automation. Give express checkout experience with GoBill, the mobile billing app, get complete inventory control with GoSure, the stock auditing app, and make timely decisions on the move with WhatsNow, decision-making app. Get repeated footfalls with promotions and loyalty management. Achieve error-free data from well-integrated financial accounting with GST e-filing. Try free Supermarket billing software with 30 days trial
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Overview of Supermarket POS system

  • What is Supermarket software?
    Supermarket software is an application to help you manage and automate all your business operations like sales, purchase, stock, expiry, offers, loyalty programs, accounting, and letting you expand your business by taking timely decisions with complete reports on your business operations. The Supermarket billing software lets you perform quick billing offering faster checkouts to your customers, and lets you record your customer's data to study their purchases. It also helps you make the right purchase with an increased margin and helps you have the right inventory without missing out a sale. Managing expiry and serving your customers omnichannel to give a better customer experience are also done with the Supermarket software. It also enables you to run offers and loyalty programs to be the favorite store of your customers and helps you manage the complete expenses of your store.
  • Why do supermarkets need Supermarket billing software?
    From a small supermarket to a larger supermarket, Supermarket billing software is important to increase your sales and manage your store operations with ease and a Supermarket POS serves to help you grow. A Supermarket software lets you understand the need of your customers from their purchase history and stock up the right inventory cutting down your unwanted investment. Supermarket POS software is important to manage batches and expiry of the products.
  • What are the benefits of Supermarket POS software?

    - Allows you to acquire more customers and deliver the best customer experience with integrated CRM

    - Helps your customers spend more with offer suggestions and discounts

    - Increases the retention of your customers by customized loyalty programs

    - Helps you avoid stock-outs and maintain the right inventory

    - Automates purchase management with automatic purchase orders to your suppliers

    - Replaces the manual ordering process with intelligence-supported reordering

    - Provides complete control over your inventory and helps you with expiry and wastage management

    - Allows you to track the outstanding of your customers and suppliers

    - Enables you to gain complete visibility of your business operation from reports

  • Why is Gofrugal the best Supermarket POS system?
    Gofrugal is the best Supermarket POS system because it lets you automate the complete business operations and helps grow your business with minimal staff and the least skill. Above all Gofrugal Supermarket POS system comes with an integrated free accounting solution to manage your complete expenses and receivables. Gofrugal Supermarket pos software also provides multiple digital solutions for agile business operations in all modules like OrderEasy for online ordering, GoDeliver for delivery management, GoSure for complete inventory control, Whatsnow for complete business assistance, GoBill for express checkouts to bill from anywhere, and myPulse for customer feedback management. Gofrugal Supermarket billing software offers integrated solutions for loyalty, accounting, and e-commerce. With your own online ordering app and delivery management app, you can take your existing store online in just 5 days.
  • What are the key features of Supermarket pos software?

    - Purchase accurately with lighter inventory without letting out a sale

    - Faster checkouts to your customers and bill from anywhere in your store

    - Make your presence omnichannel to provide a wider choice to your customers

    - Receive payments through multiple options

    - Separate session management to track the cash handover of your employees

    - Protect your margins by configuring the ROI expected

    - Run offers and provide discounts to be the favorite store of your customer

    - Make important decisions with the reports and expand your business

  • How to download free Supermarket billing software from Gofrugal?
    Gofrugal offers a free trial of Supermarket billing software which you can download and experience in a matter of few minutes. You can even upload your current supermarket business master data in the supermarket billing software and practice all the transactions with the help of self-serviceable resources. Click here to download Supermarket billing software