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64 different Offers, schemes and claims

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Gofrugal is a perfect solution for small retailers like us. It gives us the power to manage business smartly just like any other large retailers with loyalty management, yet being simple. Gofrugal is the best.

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Green season

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How does Loyalty and Scheme program management gain you new customers and turn them into lifetime buyers?

Recommends others

60% of customers tell their family and friends about the store they are loyal to.

New buyers

52.3% of customers join the loyalty programs in your store and become lifetime shoppers.

More sales

39.4% of customers spend more in your store for a loyalty points or amount with a customer loyalty program.

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Key features of the Loyalty management system and Scheme management system

  • 70+ Offer types

  • Offers on Items and categories

  • Seasonal offers

  • Happy days and hours

  • Create loyalty programs

  • Control over redemption

  • Issue Loyalty cards

  • Manage membership programs

  • Protect your margins

  • 70+ Offer types

  • Offers on Items and categories

  • Seasonal offers

  • Happy days and hours

  • Create loyalty programs

  • Control over redemption

  • Issue Loyalty cards

  • Manage membership programs

  • Protect your margins

70+ Offer types

Encourage your buyers to buy more by creating offers on your wish with more than 70 offer families and nudge them to purchase a product as early as possible. Provide offers and discounts to your customers on their entire bill and provide offers and discounts on specific items also to give them a happy shopping experience and be their favorite store

Offers on Items and categories

Create offers based on items like Buy X and Get Y, as you want to introduce new products to the market. Also configure offers based on categories like getting X free on purchase of Y from a category or Buy 2 items of different categories and get 1 item free to drive sales of the non-selling category.

Seasonal offers

Make huge sales on the festival seasons by configuring the validity or the duration of the offer based on the festival days. Also make exclusive offers to drive sales on off seasons too.

Happy days and hours

Configure offers based on happy days and hours a day for your customers to avail offers on that particular days and hours of the day and get continuous footfall.

Create loyalty programs

Create flexible loyalty programs based on points or amount and decide your equivalent redemption value to the loyalty points or amount earned by your customers on different slabs also based on the margins you make from the products.

Control over redemption

Increase the lifetime of your customers by configuring a minimum purchase amount to earn loyalty points, minimum loyalty points to be earned to redeem in future purchases, and also the minimum recurring months to redeem a customer loyalty program.

Issue Loyalty cards

Create loyalty cards based on your own format to issue to your customers or even sell them as a membership card. Redeem loyalty points during the billing by scanning loyalty cards or even by OTP verification by triggering the OTP automatically from the system itself for secured redemption and faster checkouts.

Manage membership programs

Classify membership cards on different types like gold, silver, bronze and issue it to customers based on the previous purchase history and value. Keep encouraging them to upgrade their membership for additional benefits also Automatically upgrade and downgrade their type based on the purchases constantly.

Protect your margins

Push your customers to attain a target of loyalty points and convert them to a attractive gift but has a lower value to attain more sales and save your capital at the same time. Restrict loyalty points calculation for particular tenders like credit cards, gift, discount voucher redemption and for bills with discounts, offers applied, price levels applied where you already have to spend some money from your pockets owing to delight your customers. Re-credit the loyalty points from your customer's account in case of items being returned to the equivalent value of the points not to lose money.

Bundled CRM tools

Do not miss out on your customers to a competitor in the future by providing loyalty points to your customers based on the mobile number and collecting their information to stay in touch with them regularly by promotional emails, SMS, and updating them on the store happenings.

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What is Scheme Management software?

Scheme management software helps you streamline the complete offers, schemes, and discounts you run in your store to attract many customers to your store. The scheme management system enables you to offer multiple schemes to your customers on multiple products and building your brand by being your customer's favorite store in the locality. The scheme management system also helps you track the performance of your business with multiple schemes and lets you take better decisions on configuring offers to your customers at the right time

What is Customer Loyalty Management System?

The customer loyalty management system helps you manage different types of loyalty programs in your store and encouraging your customers to buy more resulting in increased sales. Loyalty program management software helps you in two ways to keep attracting new customers and also keep retaining your existing customers by not losing them to your competitor. The loyalty program management system in your store is a free marketer to your business which enables you to offer a happy experience to your customers and your customers do the marketing for you in your locality. Loyalty management software importantly helps you identify potential customers and segregate them into different types and offer them based on the types and make them feel unique.

Why do businesses need Customer Loyalty & Scheme management software?

A successful business has to deliver a good customer experience and maintain outstanding customer retention. To that, a loyalty program management software and scheme management software help you deliver the best customer experience to your customers and will help you continuously retain your existing customers and also increase the list of new customers to your store. An important reason a business has to have Loyalty management software and a scheme management system is for you to track the growth of your business and the performance of your customers with these offers. It also helps increase the lifetime of your customers at the same time decreases the lifetime of product availability in your store helping you save investments wisely. A loyalty management system helps you understand the trends based on the performance and expectations of the customers with insightful reports.

Benefits of using Scheme and Loyalty Management system
  • - Lifetime shoppers of your store with high customer retention

  • - Valuable growth in your new customers

  • - Encouraging customers to buy more for increased sales

  • - High cart value resulting in high margins

  • - Improved customer engagement and experience

  • - Increase the off-season sales and profits

  • - Become the favorite store in your locality ahead of your competitors

  • - Deep reports on individual loyalty and schemes to analyze the performance

  • - Capture valuable customer data for future engagements through SMS

  • - Build your brand with loyalty cards to different types of customers

  • - Protect your margins wisely and not lose out on your investments

  • - Identify and drive sales to the slow-moving items and categories

Why is Gofrugal the best Scheme and Customer Loyalty Management Software?

Gofrugal Scheme and Loyalty management software are the best in the market as it helps you manage the loyalty programs, offers, discounts and gifts you wish to offer to your customers along with all the important operations in your business from billing, purchase, inventory management, and accounting. Gofrugal Scheme and Loyalty management system is all in one roof software helping you automate your Loyalty and Scheme management reducing manual errors and efforts. Gofrugal Scheme and Loyalty management software helps you create your gift and discount voucher and issue it to your customers with your codes and validity for them. It also comes with more than 70 offer categories giving you the flexibility to configure offers on items and categories as per your wish. Gofrugal Scheme and Loyalty management software comes with powerful reports in loyalty programs and schemes you run in your store to give you valuable insights to make business decisions.

How to download free Loyalty and Scheme management software from Gofrugal?

You can download and experience the free Loyalty and Scheme management software with a 30-day trial using this link.

What is the cost of Customer Loyalty management software?

Use the link to know about the plans and pricing of the customer Loyalty management software.