“Green Season’s loyalty secret”

A unique loyalty that creates customer who creates customers

Mr.Sanjay & Mr.Sourabh the two most young aspiring entrepreneurs in Maharashtra.  Started “Green season” in 2013 with lots of dreams. After initial struggle for 6 months, they decided to get feed back from customers and buy a reliable software that can help them in all ways

loyalty management software

Customer loyalty management software

Loyalty management software helped them change the business strategy and do in a exclusive ad different way to catch the attraction of customers

  • Regular SMS to customers on new arrival, recipes, benefits of specific vegetables and about offer schemes.
  • Whatsapp personalized messages for example: customer who is a regular potato buyer “Hello Potato man, why not try the fresh carrot today” , also takes order via Whatsapp.
  • Have few recipes ready in the shop. When a customer picks up a vegetable they showcase the recipe prepared with that vegetable and help customers learn a new recipe. This type of promotion helps them gain good brand name and word of mouth from customers. Minimum 90+ new customers visits every month
  • Conducts campaign in near by apartments that apparently spreads their brand well across their region.
  • Gives 50+ types of offers to the customers
  • Has 700 employees data base. Tracks high valued customers and gives them special offers. Member ship card and customers can redeem it based on the points earned.
  • After the effective loyalty program they walk in customers foot fall increased by 30%

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