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Stock Management Software – Secrets Of “New Kavitha Medicals” Success

Mr.Ramanathan started this medicals 18 years back. It is one of the leading pharmacies in Triplicane. He is running the pharmacy with the help of 5 employees. Initially for first 7 years he did not use any stock management software to manage his business.

As days progressed he had challenge in managing expiry drugs & identifying non moving stocks. As a result stock in inventory kept increasing day by day. After manually auditing for 2 days, he came to know nearly 30 % of stock in his shelf were of no use (expired and non moving items) which he was totally unaware off  a longtime. He unable focus on sales and spent considerable time in administrative works. That is when he decided to automate his business

Stock Management Software

Stock Management Software

Because he had no previous experience using a stock management software, he wanted to implement a well renounced software in his shop. That is when he came to know about GOFRUGAL through his well wisher. He inquired and got positive feed backs from pharmacy owner who were using GOFRUGAL pharmacy software. Shared his requirements and got a complete demo that addressed all his queries. After experiencing the benefits he can get out from the software, he had no second thought in purchasing it. After the payment, implementation happened in less than a day at his place.

“ After GOFRUGAL’s Retail software came into my business, I can feel the difference. Things are happening quickly and more important accurately.  All the 5 employees in shop learned the software easily and started using it effectively.  Constant update in software from 2005 – till date, shows the concern GOFRUGAL has towards their customers and help retailers like me to be aligned with all latest market needs via software. This is why GOFRUGAL is unique from others. Now e are billing 30 % faster than before with GOFRUGAL software says Mr.Ramanathan