What is supermarket ERP software?

Supermarket ERP software is a one-stop solution that helps businesses grow by managing all business operations in a retail business. Everything from procurement, inventory management, billing, and financial accounting to tax filing, e-invoicing, loyalty programs, customer relationship, insightful reports, and more can be done with ERP software.

This comprehensive solution consolidates all retail operations into a single platform, automates key business processes, provides real-time insights, and facilitates informed decision-making.

Why do supermarkets and grocery stores need an ERP system?

ERP for supermarket and grocery stores

Supermarkets should be prepared to manage a variety of item categories, ensure quick billing, monitor multiple suppliers, control inventory across locations, cater to diverse customer groups and choices, adapt to the constantly evolving trends, and more. Handling all these manually could be time-consuming, tedious, and prone to error.

Implementing a holistic ERP systems for grocery stores and supermarket, can reduce human errors and be a central source of data collected from various departments. It can then store data and make it available at the right time. It can simplify business processes by streamlining operations, optimizing inventory levels, reducing planning time, improving productivity, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

ERP for supermarket and grocery stores

Key features of supermarket ERP software

Freedom to set multiple prices based on rules

Control price of items based on the quantity sold. Increase or decrease the price in terms of amount or percentage, based on different conditions (MRP or selling price or margin).

Setting price rules in ERP system for grocery stores and supermarkets

Raise quick reorders based on stock level

Set initial minimum and maximum stock levels for each item, then the system can recommend quantities and items to purchase from suitable suppliers at the right time, for the best rate.

Raising quick reorders based on stock level with supermarket and grocery ERP

Attract new walk-ins and retain loyal customers

Build a strong customer base by welcoming new customers with offers and discounts, and retain the existing customers by providing loyalty points, gift vouchers, and other retention programs.

Providing Offers, loyalty programs, gift vouchers, discount coupons in supermarket ERP

Faster decision-making with graphical reports

Track transactions and performance with an array of reports that provide meaningful insights. Inferring data from smart graphical reports can help make quick, easy, and powerful data-driven decisions.

Faster data-driven decision making with smart graphical reports in supermarket ERP

Easily manage accounts, cash flow, and taxes

Manage bills; create ledgers and vouchers; track balances, receivables, payables, and financial statements; generate e-invoices; file taxes; generate IRN; and more under one roof with integrated accounting.

Easy tax filing, e-invoicing, e-way bill generation, ledger and voucher creation with integrated accounting

Simplified bulk and repack planning

Enjoy simplified production planning and execution of bulk items based on a store's demand. Maintain multiple variants of child items for each bulk item, manage the individual stock, and track inventory levels easily.

Simplified production planning for bulk and repack products with grocery ERP system

Hassle-free stock transfer to stores

Transfer items from warehouses to stores easily and accurately with automatic stock allocation based on each store's requirements. Raise auto-indents for repack items once they are ready and transfer them out easily based on demand in each store.

Enjoy hassle-free stock transfers and stock allocations with supermarket ERP

Quick and easy sales of non-packed items

Bill for the exact amount based on the precise quantity of items picked by customers even with frequent changes in quantity. Generate unique barcodes for items picked from the racks to bill accurately for the quantity sold.

Generate unique barcodes and bill precisely with supermarket ERP software

Ensure protection from supplier margins

Identify the changes in the margin given by suppliers from agreed levels and address them immediately before making an entry. Protect your business from margin leakage and ensure your profits remain intact.

Protect your margins from leakage with gatekeeper margins in supermarket ERP

Monitor daily revenue easily

Capture collection details in terms of cash and coupons collected or withdrawn during the day using session management. Get complete details of the bills made for an entire day to track the revenue.

Monitor cash flow and collection for the day with grocery ERP system

Benefits of ERP for supermarkets

Avoid long queues with express checkouts

Ease the crowd at checkout with multiple counters across the store connected to a central ERP in the supermarket. Ensure uninterrupted billing and enhance the customer experience with express self-checkout counters.

Manage inventory accurately and efficiently

Manage the stock in different locations easily from one place with minimal staff, and maximum accuracy. Audit and correct stock regularly in the least amount of time through perpetual stock audits for better inventory control.

Make business decisions on the go

Run your business even when you're away from your store by using cloud solutions to access data and make business decisions on the go. Raise purchase orders, control inventory, get business insights, make approvals, and more through mobile apps.

Uniform gross margin return on investment

Sell multiple batches of items with different MRP at the same time with unique barcodes for packing items. Ensure you make a profit by selling items with the same gross margin based on investment.

Build strong customer relationships

Send instant communications and promotional messages through SMS or WhatsApp to customers and suppliers. Provide personalized offers and discounts and attract new customers with an integrated CRM.

Track wastage and damage easily

Take account of wasted items and damaged items to process the returns or debit notes to suppliers. Handle multiple batches of items and manage batch expirations efficiently to ensure easy purchase returns.

Accurate tracking and picking of items

Generate barcodes for items with relevant details using an integrated barcode generator software. Manage multiple EAN codes for the same item. Ensure accurate billing, tracking, and picking for items in the least time using unique barcodes or EAN codes.

Avoid pilferage and data misuse

Make data available only for relevant staff using security controls and authentication mechanisms. Avoid thefts and save profits with integrated cash drawers that can smartly restrict billing until cash is received and deposited in the drawer.

How to overcome the challenges faced by Supermarket and Grocery Industry with ERP solutions

Holistic supermarket ERP for all retail business needs

Implement a comprehensive ERP solution

Having a holistic ERP is the cure for the main problems in a supermarket or grocery store. Handle sales, purchases, inventory, accounting and tax filing, and more using a unified supermarket ERP software.

Supermarket ERP software with mobile applications, cloud solutions and smart technologies

Use mobile apps and smart digital solutions

Adapt the latest smart technologies, cloud solutions, and mobile applications for every possible operation to manage your business easily and efficiently from anywhere and anytime.

Omnichannel supermarket ERP with online ordering and ecommerce integrations

Take your business online

Let customers place orders with your store at their convenience using your own online ordering app. Integrate with ecommerce partners like Shopify, Unicommerce, WooCommerce, and the like to serve customers coming through various channels.

Improved customer shopping experience with supermarket ERP software

Ensure good user experiences with quick service

Provide phygital shopping experiences to customers so they can shop the way they prefer. Reduce time, human dependency, and efforts involved in serving customers with the ability to bill and place orders from their mobile or in the store.

Attract and retain customers with loyalty programs, offers, discounts and gift vouchers

Retain customers with offers and coupons

Attract new customers and expand your customer strength by providing special offers or discounts. Provide loyalty points or vouchers to loyal customers to encourage them to buy from you again.

Protect your business data from data loss, corruptions and potential threats

Secure your data with cloud backup

Protect your business data from data corruption and data loss due to ransomware, virus attacks, hardware failures, or operating system crashes. Automatically back up your data to the cloud in regular intervals, and recover or restore it in case there are unanticipated failures.

How secure is the data stored in supermarket ERP software?

  • Supermarket and grocery ERP software has an encrypted local database that protects against potential threats, cyberattacks, ransomware, and other types of virus attacks.
  • The periodic cloud backup of business data provides another layer of protection, while OTP-based authentication for cloud data restoration provides an enhanced level of security.
  • Avoid unauthorized access to business data with user or
    role-based restrictions, complex password combinations, multi-factor authentication, and user-based device mapping for mobile applications.
  • Eliminate pilferage, and protect your margins with approval mechanisms, restricting bill edits, and setting up instant mobile alerts for key changes in the transactions.
  • Track every transaction done on the grocery ERP through multiple reports, and monitor the actions of staff through audit trail logs.
Robust and secure supermarket ERP

Why should a supermarket choose Gofrugal's ERP software?

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Omnichannel experience

Ensure flexibility for customers to order online, in-store, or use self-checkout based on their choice with multiple payment methods. Provide a hybrid shopping experience and enable them to pick up items from the store, choose curbside pick-up, or opt for home delivery.

Wide range of integrations

Choose the relevant solution needed for your business from 80+ integrations, and seamlessly integrate with Gofrugal's supermarket ERP. Integrate with ecommerce platforms, CRMs, payment gateways, payment devices, and POS peripherals of your choice.

Delivery management and delivery tracking

Manage home deliveries, update delivery statuses, track routes, reschedule deliveries, and more with efficient delivery management. Enable customers to track every status through a dedicated mobile app for delivery.

ONDC protocol compliant pioneering ERP

Sell your products online through multiple buyer apps and increase your brand visibility to a large audience with zero marketing. Fix your own terms and margins, and handle home deliveries through logistics partners integrated with the ONDC network.

Futuristic AI-based solutions

Experience the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with automated reorders to suppliers, smart bulk and repack planning, seasonal and festival demand sensing, optimum inventory levels, and more with our AI/ML-based reordering solution.

Easy expansion and deployment

Enjoy a quick and easy vertical deployment of our solutions as your business grows, and manage all your retail business operations from a single place with a centralized headquarter solution.

Trusted by popular brands

We are trusted by 3,000+ supermarkets across the globe including Grace, Fresh Today, Kovai Pazhamudir Nilayam, Latha Super Bazaar, Fresh2Day, 24 Mantra, HM Supermarket, Honey Money Top, and more.

Industry recognition

We're recognized by and received awards from industry experts like Capterra, G2, GetApp, Software Suggest, Techimply, and Software Advice.

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