What is the ONDC network? Why choose the ONDC network over other ecommerce platforms?

What is ONDC?

In a rapidly evolving landscape, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way we shop, propelling the ecommerce industry to new heights with an enormous surge in online shopping. However, as we navigate the post-pandemic world, market dynamics have brought in the era of Q-commerce as the new normal. Q-commerce, or quick commerce, is a form of ecommerce that puts an emphasis on quick deliveries (typically within an hour of ordering).This shift has had a profound impact, particularly on independent businesses, leading to a substantial decline in offline commerce.

What if there was a way for every business, regardless of its size or stature, to join a dynamic commerce network, one that has a buyer audience larger than any existing ecommerce platform? The answer is the ONDC! The ONDC network, a neutral, democratic, and revolutionary force, often compared to the transformative impact of UPI (Unified Payments Interface), is poised to shape the future of Indian ecommerce.

Let’s dive in and unravel the ONDC network!

Table of contents:

  • What is the ONDC network?
  • What is the purpose of the ONDC network?
  • How does the the ONDC network work?
  • Why choose the ONDC network when owning an ecommerce platform?
  • Benefits of the the ONDC network
  • How to register on the ONDC network as a seller
  • How to use the ONDC network to order food and groceries
  • Start an online business on the ONDC network with Gofrugal

What is the ONDC network?

How does ONDC work?

The ONDC network is a digital ecommerce junction, complete with associated logistics and service partners, that connects buyers and sellers. It was initiated by the Government of India to provide an unparalleled monetary frame, audience scale, and autonomy in the ecommerce sector.

Buyers can shop for groceries and food from a sea of sellers on everyday apps like Paytm, Pincode by PhonePe, and the like. Sellers get the biggest possible buyer audience without having to invest in digital marketing or worrying about logistics management. Robust cross-sectional transaction programming will lay the foundations for the seamless integration of buyers, retailers, and logistics. Starting with the retail, wholesale, mobility, and restaurant sectors, today, the ONDC network will soon host the tourism, hospitality, and travel sectors.

The ONDC network is a game-changer, unbinding traditional ecommerce platforms and fostering an interconnection between platforms of buyers, sellers, and other network participants. With over 30 players currently on board and more joining daily, the ONDC network’s democratic essence ensures long-term sustainability through meticulous policy management.What truly distinguishes the ONDC network is its unwavering commitment to consumer data privacy, as their CEO Thampy Koshy emphasizes minimal data storage for delivery and statutory purposes. The ONDC network isn’t just a network of sellers and buyers; it’s a revolutionary shift in the ecommerce landscape.

What is the purpose of the ONDC network?

The driving force behind the ONDC network’s inception was to address the challenges faced by independent small businesses when dealing with ecommerce giants, burdened by their policies and high commission charges. The ONDC network transcends these obstacles by offering a cost-effective solution, charging only a nominal fee that’s a fraction (7 to 10 times less) of the typical online-selling commission rates, which often range from 23% to 28% of the cart value. Furthermore, the ONDC network extends its reach to consumers through partnerships with popular consumer apps like Paytm, Pincode, Craftsvilla, and many others, aiming to significantly boost ecommerce penetration among businesses of all sizes.

You may feel content with the ecommerce platform you have been using, yet, the ONDC network is a way of doing ecommerce that must be considered.

How does the ONDC network work?

The ONDC network is designed to enhance the interoperability of ecommerce platforms. Sellers within the ONDC network can expand their market reach by listing their products on the network through Gofrugal’s seller app.From a technical standpoint, by registering with a single seller app, you gain the ability to showcase your products on multiple buyer apps, significantly increasing your store’s visibility. The ONDC network ensures that as long as a buyer is a participant on the ONDC network, they can freely engage with a diverse range of platforms without encountering restrictions or limitations. This allows buyers to access sellers across various platforms, discover products, and place orders with ease, fostering a seamless and more interconnected ecommerce ecosystem.

Benefits of the ONDC network over traditional ecommerce platforms

While registering on the ONDC network, you get to sell on apps that consumers are already using, with fair and equal norms. Independent businesses can realize their dreams of creating a large online presence by digitizing their ecommerce with minimal investment.

The ONDC network is expected to raise the pincode coverage of the Indian ecommerce sector from 20,000 pincodes to 100,000 pincodes. Thus, retailers in the online space will spike from 25 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs. With this, India’s ecommerce consumer base is expected to go from 9 Crores to over 30 Crores. Don’t let your competitors steal your customer base because of your online absence.

Let’s explore the compelling reasons behind the adoption of the ONDC network within the realm of owning an ecommerce platform.

Reaching consumers

Sellers are not bound to a single app or platform; they can connect with buyers through any app they prefer to use, butstay compliant with the ONDC protocol. This flexibility breaks down barriers that often confine businesses to the limitations of a specific platform, allowing them to tap into a wider and more diverse audience. In contrast, traditional ecommerce platforms typically tie sellers to a single app or website, limiting their reach to the customer base of that particular platform.

Transparency in data

Sellers within the ONDC ecosystem enjoy clear visibility into customer data, transaction details, and commission charges. This transparency ensures sellers are well-informed about their business operations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. In contrast, traditional ecommerce platforms often provide limited access to customer and order transaction details, leaving sellers with less control and understanding of the fees associated with their sales.


Sellers on this platform have the freedom to collect and settle payments based on their policies. This flexibility empowers sellers to tailor their payment processes to suit their unique business needs, ultimately fostering a more customer-centric approach. In contrast, traditional ecommerce platforms typically centralize payment collection and dictate payout cycles, limiting sellers’ control over this crucial aspect of their business.

Delivery management

The ONDC grants sellers the autonomy to choose their preferred delivery methods. This flexibility enables sellers to optimize their delivery processes, choose the most cost-effective shipping choices by deciding whether to use their own store’s delivery or a delivery partner in the network to fulfill the deliveries, and cater to specific customer preferences. In contrast, traditional ecommerce platforms often impose predefined delivery options and associated charges, restricting sellers’ choices and potentially increasing operational costs.


ONDC network involves a regulatory body for online dispute resolution (ODR), where sellers take primary responsibility for customer service. This approach puts sellers in the driver’s seat when it comes to resolving customer issues, allowing more efficient and personalized support. In contrast, traditional ecommerce platforms typically retain more control over the support structure and the resolution of service requests, leaving sellers with less influence in these critical matters.

With the array of remarkable benefits offered by the ONDC network, if you haven’t already established your online presence, now is the perfect moment to step onto the digital podium and exceed customer expectations. Let’s keep them clapping!Want to join the ONDC network and start selling? Look no further; we’ve got you covered! Register with us today, and we’ll be your guide to success.

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How to sell on ONDC

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The ONDC network, the twenty-first-century market catalyst, is expected to drive the gross merchandise value of India from 4.5 Lakh Crore to 7.5 Lakh Crore. The ONDC network is set to reach the nation’s consumers in all its versatility. Getahead of fellow businesses and amass profit by going digital with Gofrugal while the platform is still young. Gain online visibility with this hyper-local, ecommerce-empowering initiative and become the go-to online store in your area.Gofrugal has been onboarding businesses to the ONDC network right from the pilot phase and is pioneering it.

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