Seller registration on the ONDC network: How to register and Sell or Buy?

How to register and sell products on the ONDC network

If you have been following Gofrugal and the Indian media, one term that keeps bombarding every medium is ONDC.What is the ONDC network? Why use the ONDC network? How to join the ONDC network? For a moment, you may have even thought that the ONDC network is a revolution of sorts. Well, it might as well be. Welcome to the next ecommerce revolution of India!

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What is the ONDC network? 

The ONDC network, or Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol, is an innovative initiative aimed at reshaping India’s digital commerce ecosystem and making it more democratic. The ONDC network operates on open protocols and fosters collaboration among online marketplaces, sellers, buyers, and logistic providers. Its core goals include boosting transparency in online transactions, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in ecommerce, democratizing opportunities, and offering accessible digital commerce infrastructure to all Indians.For sellers, ONDC offers a streamlined approach to reach the vast Indian ecommerce market without the complexity of integrating with multiple platforms. Joining the ONDC network means tapping into a broader buyer audience, running a profitable business, embracing omnichannel strategies, and acquiring customers at a lower cost when compared to other acquisition methods. In essence, the ONDC network is the ultimate solution for unlocking your online store’s potential in India’s ecommerce landscape.

Why use the ONDC network? 

With the ONDC network, you can easily extend your consumer base while keeping customer acquisition costs low. Instead of depending exclusively on pricing and platform advancement, this network allows you to build direct connections with customers, prioritizing product quality and great service. You can also gain decision-making autonomy by establishing your own service policies, commission rates, and customer support procedures to cater precisely to your customer’s desires without interference from others. Say goodbye to algorithm-driven decisions and, instead, allow your customers to make decisions based on the higher quality of your offers and service. With the ONDC network, you retain ownership of your data, cultivating a larger and more engaged consumer base. This groundbreaking network is designed to revolutionize the landscape of constantly evolving ecommerce industry, fostering a fair and equitable environment for buyers, sellers, and logistics partners alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of the ONDC network India registration and join the forefront of the digital commerce revolution.

Why partner with Gofrugal for ONDC network registration?

Partnering with Gofrugal for ONDC network registration offers compelling benefits. Gofrugal’s mission is to onboard sellers from over 500 cities and towns in India, enabling them to commence online selling swiftly. Currently operational in more than 50 cities, Gofrugal has successfully onboarded 130+ sellers and accomplished over 2,100 pilot orders with flawless deliveries. Moreover, sellers joining the ONDC network through Gofrugal consistently receive a minimum of 5 to 10 daily orders, ensuring a steady flow of business.

How to register on the ONDC network

There are three different registration options to follow:

  • How to register as a seller on the ONDC network.
  • How to register as a buyer on the ONDC network.
  • How to sell products on the ONDC network.

The following sections will discuss the different registration processes in a step-by-step manner.

 How to register as a seller on the ONDC network 

Seller registration on the ONDC network is as simple as online shopping. Since the ONDC network is all about the seller, the registration process is very simple. These are the prerequisites needed for seller registration:

  • Onboarding to a robust seller platform
  • GSTIN of your business
  • Contact details of authorized business personnel
  • Bank account details (to complete payouts from the buyer app)
  • Onboarding agreement

Here’s a simple five-step process to listing and selling on the ONDC network:

Step 1: Start by joining the ONDC network through a seller network like Gofrugal. You’ll need to share some basic information, like your PAN card, GSTIN, FSSAI (for food businesses and supermarkets), and your bank account details (a canceled check).

Step 2: Upload pictures and write clear descriptions of the products you want to sell. This makes your products look appealing and informative.

Step 3: Your products are now available for people to see on the ONDC network. When someone wants to buy something from you, you’ll receive a confirmation message for the order.

Step 4: You have two options for delivering the products. You can either work with the ONDC network’s delivery partners for efficient delivery or use your own delivery person from your store.

Step 5: Once the product is delivered successfully, the payment for your sale will be credited to your bank account. This usually happens within a specific period after the delivery, as mentioned in the agreement.

To get help with onboarding to the ONDC network, reach out to a leading seller platform like Gofrugal, the first ERP to have integrated with the ONDC protocol. We will handle everything from assisting you with the initial registration to ensuring prompt payment settlements, and efficiently addressing any concerns or issues that may arise in your journey as a seller on the ONDC network.

What really happens during the seller registration process on the ONDC network? 

As of August 2023, this is what happens when a seller registers on the ONDC network. Once you share your GSTIN, it will be linked with a unique key generated for you. This happens after the verification by ONDC. Then, we create a merchant account for you with your shop’s name, catalog, and bank account to receive payments and take you to the buyer apps.

By doing this, you have established your unique identity on the widest ecommerce network possible. Along with getting your network key generated with your GST, you also establish your long-lasting bond with the ONDC network throughthe onboarding agreement.

On the ONDC network, there are various fees involved and they can vary depending on your role or involvement as a buyer app, seller app, logistics provider, reconciliation service provider, or any other participant within the network. 

The specific fee rates are not fixed and can change based on the agreements and fee structures in place at the time of onboarding. It is advisable to review the commission structure, terms, and agreements carefully with the respective network participants when you onboard. In this way, you can make an informed decision about the referral commission that aligns with your specific role and requirements within the network.To get started enjoying all the benefits as a seller on the ONDC network, partner with a robust and reliable seller platform.

 How to select a robust, reliable, and secure seller platform 

Before you select your seller platform, ensure the seller platform that you select checks off all the boxes mentioned below:

Before you select your seller platform, ensure the seller platform you select checks off all the boxes mentioned below.

One-time seamless cataloging 

What is the most important thing we see when we enter a store early in the business day? The staff cleaning the floor, rearranging the racks, and ensuring everything is in its right place. That’s when consumers feel they have entered the right store to shop. Then what about your online store? How do you maintain your online store? Simple: digital cataloging! With seamless cataloging, your online store’s image and reputation are kept intact. Get your digital cataloging done perfectly for all channels, including online and offline sales, and get the most from your catalog across all channels.

Inventory and price management 

The seller platform should help you with everything related to inventory and pricing. They should be equipped to maintain inventory to serve all channels of shopping. A robust seller platform will be able to do this without discrepancies while also providing channel-wise pricing and offers easily.

One-stop solutions 

The seller platform you choose should be a complete one-stop solution that manages everything from sales, inventory, purchase, GST accounting, and omnichannel needs for your business.

Delivery and logistic partner integrated 

The ONDC network offers logistics for deliveries. You can also reach out to a seller platform that gets you ready to deliver to your customers within a three to four kilometer radius while an external logistics provider can help for a largerradius. You can choose your mode of delivery to guarantee the best possible last-mile delivery to your customers.

Omnichannel transformation 

Any established business does everything they can to make as many sales as possible whether that’s selling online or offline. You should consider aligning your business with a reliable seller platform that empowers you to receive orders from any channel, help consumers pay through any channel, deliver products through any channel.

As you can see in these steps, the seller registration process to join the ONDC network is very simple. Gofrugal can onboard you to the ONDC network as an early-bird seller. Take this opportunity to widen your customer base. Try our ERP with a 15-day free trial and be one of the first on the ONDC network from your locality.

 How to register as a buyer on the ONDC network 

The ONDC network stays true to its vision when it comes to buyer registration, so anybody can shop without downloading a specific app. Consumers can continue to use regular apps and enjoy shopping with any seller whom they love the most, especially in the neighborhood locality powered via the ONDC network.The ONDC network being live in more than 200+ cities lets consumers order online as they usually do. They simply need to make one Paytm Wallet transaction and consumers are eligible to register. Consumers can now be whitelisted to be apart of this ecommerce revolution.

How to sell products on the ONDC network 

Once you register with a robust seller platform like Gofrugal, you’ll be a part of the network and can start selling on the ONDC network within a day or two. To try that for yourself, register now!

Check out these sellers who have joined the ONDC network and are delivering orders successfully daily!

How to sell Products on ONDC?

For some time now, it has been the major ecommerce platforms defining the marketplace’s boundaries, policies, and functioning. As a retailer, it’s time you break those boundaries and reach your consumers who are longing to shop from you. Join the ONDC network today and get your ticket to join India’s biggest open ecommerce network!

How the ONDC network helps sellers like you

  1. Wide exposure with minimal effort

You can instantly make your products available across numerous buyer apps connected to the network by registering on a single seller platform, providing wide exposure with minimal effort.

  1. Rating ownership

The ONDC network grants you with the ownership of ratings throughout transitions to different platforms, ensuring continuity and control over your ratings.

  1. Equitable playing field

The ONDC network ensures a level playing field for sellers like you, preventing preferential treatment of private labels and fostering fair competition.

  1. Customized terms

Sellers on the ONDC network have the autonomy to define your own terms, allowing for greater flexibility and customization in your business operations.

  1. Cost-effective selling

The cost of selling on the ONDC network is notably lower than traditional alternatives, enabling you to maximize their profits and benefit from cost efficiency.

  1. Improved visibility

Joining the ONDC network can potentially improve the visibility of your online store, allowing you to reach a wider audience and enhance your store’s market presence.

  1. Interoperability

The ONDC network aims to create a standard set of APIs that can be used by different online marketplaces and sellers, improving interoperability and enabling seamless connection and data sharing.

  1. Access to new markets

The ONDC network can open up new markets for online stores, enabling you to reach consumers in remote areas and smaller towns and cities, thereby expanding your customer base.

  1. Improved customer experience

The ONDC network can help improve the customer experience by reducing friction in the buying process, leading to faster and more reliable delivery, improved product discovery, and better customer support.

  1. Cost efficiency

The ONDC network offers cost efficiency for sellers, reducing the overall cost of selling compared to traditional alternatives, which can maximize your profits.

These benefits make joining the ONDC network a compelling choice for sellers aiming to prosper in the digital commerce landscape.

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