How supermarket ERP helps chain businesses

Run your business
from anywhere

Monitor and review the operations at your store from anywhere with dedicated mobile applications. Get instant business alerts and grant approvals in real time. Access up-to-date business data and reports from anywhere with cloud solutions that sync data frequently.

Enjoy seamless
migration of data

Easily onboard retailers using any billing solution or ERP with a simple and quick data import process. Enjoy the seamless migration of data across the outlets as is, ensure quick master data readiness, and kick-start the operations on the same day.

Manage businesses
of any size

A robust ERP helps businesses operate with any number of outlets and warehouses, with any size range, at any location. Enjoy hassle-free expansion of your business horizontally and vertically, with the least deployment time and minimal efforts.

Grow with an
omnichannel presence

Beat the competition and grow your business by expanding your online presence. Sell across various e-commerce platforms, list your business in marketplace, and join revolutionary initiatives like the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) to increase brand visibility and sales without marketing.

integrated accounting

Enjoy streamlined accounting without repetitive documentation and manual errors during data entry. You can generate bills, ledgers, and vouchers; file taxes and returns; create e-invoices; track balances, receivables, and payables; generate IRNs; and more with a single integrated supermarket ERP software.

material transfers

Make precise allocations of stock based on the respective outlet's requirements and ensure efficient repacking of private-labeled items at the warehouse. Enjoy accurate transfer of items from the warehouse to outlets and between outlets, with efficient tracking of inward and outward stock.

Features of supermarket ERP for chain supermarkets

  • Master data
  • Purchase
  • Price
  • Loyalty
  • Offers
  • Administration

Centralized master data management

All of the master data related to items, item categories, suppliers, customers, manufacturers, transporters, contacts, and more can be handled centrally at one place for easy and uniform maintenance of data across all outlets.

Financial accounting for whole business can be handled at the head office through a centralized and integrated accounting solution to generate vouchers, file taxes, process GST returns, create e-invoices and e-way bills, and more.

Centralized master data management with powerful supermarket ERP

Centralized purchase management

Stock requirements from all outlets can be raised to the head office as indents, and a single, centralized purchase order can be sent to the supplier. The receipt of goods happens in the warehouse centrally.

Maintaining FMCG items and repacking of bulk items can be done in the warehouse based on the overall demand from all outlets. Stock distribution can be initiated from the warehouse to all outlets based on the individual store's requirements.

Centralized purchase management with omnichannel supermarket ERP

Centralized price management

The selling price can be set for specific customers and controlled for individual items, item groups, and categories. Such changes in selling price can be configured across selective outlets, areas, or across the chain with price levels.

You can create purchase formulas to set different prices for the same item or for specific items. The selling price and MRP can be marked up from cost price, or the cost price can be marked down from the selling price in terms of amount or percentage.

Centralized price management with efficient supermarket ERPC

Centralized loyalty management

Loyalty programs and cards can be centrally created and mapped to the outlets. Upgrading or downgrading loyalty cards, making them active or inactive, and accumulating and redeeming loyalty points can be controlled with centralized loyalty management.

Redeeming loyalty points can also be done through mobile OTP, which provides assurance to customers that the redemption is successful.

Centralized loyalty management with supermarket ERP

Centralized offers, gift vouchers, and coupons

Centralized offers can be created and configured on bill value, specific item, item groups, or categories with different conditions such as specific outlets, few customers, specified days/hours, and more.

Gift vouchers and discount coupons can be created and issued centrally. Controlling the redemption based on various conditions at multiple outlets can be handled with centralized customer relationship management.

Centralized offers, gift vouchers and coupons with supermarket ERP

Centralized administration

Centralized user management helps to create and manage users and restrict access based on user/role-based access. It's a simple and easy outlet setup, with the freedom to customize the configuration centrally and map them to required outlets as required.

Customizable key settings and layout management allows you to create shortcuts for keys and customize table column size, change the order, and show/hide them as needed. Regular patch updates for product enhancements and feature developments empower you to be ready for any market changes before retailers with other ERPs.

Supermarket ERP for chain supermarkets for centralized administration

A few of our multi-outlet chain customers

Why retail chains need supermarket ERP software

  • Poor inventory control
  • Inefficient last-mile delivery
  • Difficult data management
  • Changing consumer behavior
  • Losing track of the supply chain
  • Isolated operations and processes

Poor inventory control

Maintaining negative inventory, performing irregular stock audits, and tracking unrecorded transactions and unnoticed thefts are a few reasons for mismatches between system stock and physical stock.

These inefficient inventory management practices can result in stock-outs in stores, impacting cash flow and creating slowdowns in inventory turnover. These inventory challenges are tough to avoid unless there is immediate visibility and tracking of stock.

Inefficient last-mile delivery

Delayed delivery, inaccurate delivery of items, and delivery to incorrect customers are common delivery management challenges. Tampering of items and damage due to packaging or transit also pose big problems in delivery management.

Lack of real-time delivery tracking and communication lead to most of these issues. Such poor delivery management practices result in breaches of trust, poor customer relationships, high churn rates, and fewer repeat orders.

Difficult data management

Managing a large volume of master data, including items, suppliers, customers, inventory, and more, uniformly across all of the outlets, as well as maintaining accurate and real-time transactional data of each outlet, is the biggest challenge in supermarkets.

Ineffective data management results in inaccurate data-driven business decisions, poor business control, high pilferage, and loss of revenue.

Changing consumer behavior

Customers expect super-fast checkouts, convenient ordering, flexible pickup, and multiple payment choices. These instant cravings and evolving needs of customers are difficult to meet with primitive ERP solutions.

Long queues for billing and a lack of flexibility in the shopping journey will make your customers turn to your competitors that provide various choices, resulting in dips in sales, dents in cash flow, and high churn rates.

Losing track of the supply chain

Monitoring supplier performance, analyzing purchases and allocations, and understanding sales patterns are important to do before making purchase decisions.

Failure to study supplier service levels and predict sales trends leads to incorrect purchase decisions. Inaccurate purchases and allocations lead to poor inventory and investment distribution across outlets.

Isolated operations and processes

Use of multiple programs or software, especially in multi-chain supermarkets, is an ineffective practice that will lead to many problems. Losing track of data, duplicates or mismatches in the data, human errors, and lack of transparency are a few of the problems that could be encountered.

Such challenges cause a duplication of efforts and loss of staff productivity due to more time spent in data analysis, review, and reconciliation. Lack of unified software can provide the opportunity for data misappropriation and data loss.

How to overcome the challenges faced in a chain supermarket business

  • Implement comprehensive ERP

  • Streamline your master data

  • Secure and protect your data

  • Adopt omnichannel solutions

  • Deploy necessary accessories

Implement comprehensive ERP

Comprehensive supermarket ERP with integrated mobile applications and the latest technologies empower you to handle all business operations, such as online orders, delivery, inventory management, and more, all while you're on the go. A unified solution for all business processes avoids duplication, reduces time and effort, and improves productivity.

Streamline your master data

Keep timely and accurate recordings of business transactions like sales, purchases, returns, damages, wastage, expiry, and more. Centralize the master data of items, item categories, customers, suppliers, and payments to ensure uniform reflection of data across all outlets.

Secure and protect your data

Enable restricted access to staff based on user or role-based access to menus and applications. Secure the data with complex password combinations, approval mechanisms, instant alerts, and audit trail logs. Authenticate the logins with multi-factor authentication and prevent data corruption with periodic cloud backup.

Adopt omnichannel solutions

Provide hybrid shopping options for customers to shop from your store, such as physical in-store shopping with super-fast billing, online ordering, self-checkout aisles, WhatsApp ordering, and more. Provide support for various delivery modes, like self-pickup, home delivery, and curbside pickup, with flexible payment options.

Deploy necessary accessories

Like implementing efficient software, invest in necessary hardware, such as a computer setup with good configuration, supported barcode scanners, thermal printers, POS devices, cash drawers, integrated digital weighing scales, and more to ensure that business operations run smoothly.

Why should a chain supermarket choose Gofrugal's supermarket ERP?

Centralized business control

Have centralized control of all master data; transactions such as sales, purchases, inventory, loyalty, offers, coupons, and more; and other key operations like insightful reports, price management, stock transfers, and allocations.

Safety, security, and reliability

An ERP should offer an encrypted database, periodic cloud backup, OTP-based data restoration protects from potential threats, and data corruption. MFA, strong password requirements, user/role-based access, and audit trail logs provide enhanced security.

Wide range of integrations

Integrate with any e-commerce players, loyalty programs, and CRM solution providers of your choice to boost sales, reward customers, and build strong relationships. Process secure and seamless payments with connected banking and integrate with multiple payment gateways and devices.

Instant business alerts anywhere

Send transactional and promotional messages instantly from any store through SMS or WhatsApp. Receive alerts about business transactions, review up-to-the-minute statuses, and make approvals from anywhere with the WhatsNow mobile app.

Automated purchases and transfers

Raise purchase orders autonomously, forecast seasonal and festival demand, optimize inventory levels, avoid stock-outs, and more, with an AI-based reordering solution. Make quick and easy stock transfers and stock allocations with auto indent.

An array of insightful reports

Access 150+ graphical business reports from anywhere. Personalize the dashboard with filters, pivots, and customizable fields. Bookmark favorite reports, export reports in required formats, and schedule them as emails to relevant stakeholders.

Supermarket ERP software for chain supermarkets

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