What is Data Protection? A quick guide to protect Data the Gofrugal way!

Protect your Data with POS system

World explorers like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama, and you and me have one thing in common. We all leave something behind for others to see. While they left behind a land for others to get in, we leave our digital trails – for others to use and misuse – every time we engage digitally!

Welcome to a world where everyone can see everyone else!

More so your business data. The new oil, as Bill Gates so eloquently put it. Interestingly, or ironically, in this 75th year of Indian independence, it’s time you understood what digital freedom means and how it matters to your business.

It behoves on businesses, agnostic of size and style, to encrypt, protect, and backup data habitually. Human errors, data deletion, power surges, hard disk failures, system crashes, improper shutdown, software corruption, natural disasters, and you name it, can make you realize the power of backing up data in a secure and fool-proof manner.

‘Data protection is all about freeing ourselves from digital slavery’, says Kumar Vembu, Founder and CEO of Gofrugal. The goal of data protection is to give power to the data owner. It is the capacity to decide what data should be stored, how it should be used or not used, and to make sure they don’t end up as slaves to their own machines.

Good to protect data. Better to Gofrugal it!

A robust software like Gofrugal helps offer data protection to your business in two ways: GoSecure and POS Security Features.

GoSecure is a real-time Backup as a service (BaaS) that provides automatic data backup and recovery and protects from data loss due to virus attacks, hardware failures, and even natural calamities. GoSecure ensures complete business data storage and easy recovery, which helps in 100% business continuation. It automates cloud data backup with just one click. If anything happens, one click is all it takes to restore your data from the cloud.

It protects data by backing up in highly secured servers, stored in the world’s best data center, and managed by experts 24×7. Moreover, statutory law mandates the maintenance of electronic records and documents for at least 3 to 7 years. GoSecure will also serve as your data locker to backup and restore important business information.

Digital freedom is about automated data back-up, restoration with one click, removing all the human/manual interventions with data handling thus mitigating the risk.

Ordinary back-up is just that – ordinary!

Traditional backup methods are, well, too traditional; very old-fashioned and can’t and won’t save you in these days of digital sophistication. And they don’t guarantee data protection. They are time-consuming and expensive as they involve added costs in the form of servers, hard drives, computers, etc. A Sophos survey found 86% of Indian firms believe cyberattacks are now too complex even for their IT team to handle.

Ordinary backup is highly error-prone while GoSecure provides automatic data backup on the cloud and is error-free. The restoration time with GoSecure is 20 to 30 minutes when compared with ordinary backup that takes more than 2 hours.

Here’s data none can steal from Gofrugal

GoSecure has secured the data of hundreds of Gofrugal customers who sleep well, having saved their data. Here’s proof of the pudding.

  • 2,000+ businesses secured
  • 4TB+ business data secured
  • 30 minutes, the average restoration time
  • 40+ restorations per month
  • 450+ businesses recovered data

Data Protection – Options for Data Security in our POS system

  • Gofrugal can also provide user/role-based access – Customized access prevents unauthorized access to important information with user/role-based access
  • Instant alerts to help avoid employee theft and inventory shrinkage with approval mechanism instant notifications for key operations
  • Audit trail of each operation in POS to track and review any sort of fishy activities
  • Complex password combination to prevent unauthorized access
  • SmartAuth with multi-factor authentication for biometric-based password-less sign-in
  • Encrypted database and backup in local as well as cloud to prevent the data from insider threats or damages, cyberattacks, ransom wares and all other virus attacks
  • GoSecure’s PrivateKey offers advanced security to your data with unique passwords to log in and OTP verification for a password reset. No opportunity for any third-party access. Data protection is more than protecting data, it is about getting empowered to control what to store, how it should be used or not used and makes sure you don’t end up as sidekicks to the machines. And this is possible with GoSecure Private Key.

So, go ahead and secure your data with GoSecure. Blaze new trails. Explore new frontiers. Without anyone encroaching on your data or trespassing on your happiness!

GoSecure for data protection