Automate your Data back-up Or automatically your Business packs-up

The business world is facing a new epidemic; a heist of sorts. No, not covid. That’s old news. This one is a virus alright, but of a different kind. It’s hackers prowling the internet and attacking a business, encrypting their files, stealing their data, and threatening to publish it or perish it if they are not paid a handsome ransom.

The business is chained. Operations come to a standstill. Data is lost. Customers get upset. The image takes a hit. Reputation gets strained. All hell breaks loose.

If this sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, allow us to share a story that was played in a large retail store in Gujarat. On a fateful day, the business was attacked. 35 GB of his data was blocked. Key transactions, complete customer outstanding, inventory and data pertaining to supplies, etc were all blocked. Lock, stock, and two-smoking barrels. The retailer was a big supplier to one of India’s largest companies and had supplied stocks worth hundreds of crores to all their branches, just the previous day. He had gone home happy only to wake up the next day to lose all data about that transaction. Few hundred crores just vanished, without a trace. The shock was so big that it took him a few days to comprehend the magnitude of his loss. He didn’t know to whom to complain; where to go for help. He realized he was orphaned; his business doomed!

He took some time to recover and reached Gofrugal for help. Our team sprang into action and started to effect migration to retrieve his data. Despite our unflinching efforts over the next four days, we could only retrieve a part of his data. Transactions worth crores of rupees were lost; gone for good; bad for him. Needless to say, he had sleepless nights. He was forced to shut his store for a week. Closed days added to his loss – of money and reputation. The worst pain of all, the retailer had to endure, was the sobering thought that he could have avoided all of that if only he had done one simple thing – if he had protected himself and his business by buying a simple solution. It would have taken a mere half-hour to retrieve his data, recover from the attack and resume his business. We will come to that in a while.

How widespread is this problem?

Didn’t we say it’s a pandemic? It started as a trickle and has spread its tentacles across businesses – irrespective of size and nature. India is the second worst sufferer of sorts. More than three-fourths of all businesses across major metros have come under attack. 4,000 attacks a day. No business is immune to this virus.

Thankfully, there is a vaccine for this virus. A remedy for rectifying the problem. A fool-proof solution to stop you from falling, save you from data loss and help you from recovering in a jiffy. It’s called GoSecure. Another pioneering app from Gofrugal. It’s a cloud data backup service i.e., backup as a service. GoSecure is a real-time backup that provides automatic data backup and recovery and protects the business from data loss due to virus attacks, hardware failures, and natural calamities. GoSecure is as easy and safe as it is revolutionary. It needs no upfront investment or skills to manage backup. It’s automated and data backup that happens in the background is periodic, incremental, and, importantly, in real-time. It’s secured, reliable, and provides protection against malware ransomware, or even plain negligence. Business continuity is assured as restoration is fast and can be done with one click.

There are tons of happy stories of businessmen recovering from their business unscathed thanks to them using GoSecure.

This happy story can proudly name its hero – Inceptio Foods whose business activity carried out in Thrissur, Kerala involved majorly in a chain of Restaurants.

One day, while the company was, as usual, cooking foods, it came under a vicious hacking attack. Just that the company had protection in the form of GoSecure. Over to the owner of the company himself to narrate his experience. ‘I retrieved my data in 35 to 40 minutes flat after the data crash. I was able to even recover the last bill I made seconds before the attack.

Before GoSecure, I had an expensive hard disk to back all my data every day. Now, that hard disk is used by my kids to play games and store movies. Smart customers who have GoSecure need not invest in hardware.’

‘You may have an anti-virus system but you are still not completely protected. My sincere advice to fellow businessmen is to protect your data and the software storing it on the cloud and securing it with GoSecure. It’s retrievable anywhere and anytime. Believe me, I was under attack yet could recover easily to tell my tale.’

Traditional backup methods don’t guarantee data protection. They are time-consuming and expensive as they involve added costs in the form of servers, hard drives, computers, etc. Also, one needs to hire an IT professional to manage.

GoSecure not only protects you from loss from data thefts but also helps you remain on the right side of the law. Be it GST or VAT, statutory law mandates the generation and maintenance of electronic records and documents for at least three to seven 7 years. GoSecure will be your data locker to backup and restore your important business information so you can remain statutory compliant.

A wise man said, ‘Always try to learn from other people’s mistakes, not your own; it’s much cheaper that way’. More so in business, where you arealways running short of time; where one mistake could spell the difference between success and failure!