How Rajasthan’s Radhe Radhe transformed ordering process in less than 2 weeks with GOFRUGAL OrderEasy?

The Story

Name of the business          :           Rajasthan’s Radhe Radhe (RRR)

Established                            :           45 years ago

Business type                        :           Sweets Shop, Bakery and confectioneries

Location                                  :          Darbhanga, Bihar

The Context

While working in family’s sweet business and trying to grow it online, young Himanshu Kumar Sharma had a spicy problem. During the first lockdown the store was operating manually, where it received 60 to 70 orders a day, through calls, SMSs, and WhatsApp. A 6-person team including Himanshu himself was handling these orders.

The lockdown was hurting. His order-processing was even more!

The Challenge

Needless to say, this phone-based order processing system was a total nightmare. Human errors happened. Miscommunication resulted. Too many calls were taxing the staff and taking up their time. Receiving 70 orders a day, through phone and manually writing them in a register, making bill entries in POS, calling customers multiple times in stock out situations or change in orders, calling them again to scheduling deliveries were the least bit efficient to everyone concerned.

It took RRR almost 15 minutes to process a single order. They needed multiple staff to serve one order. One to take the order, one to make entries, one to call, two to pick the items and 2 more to process them. The staff worked long hours. Even minimum orders were served with maximum confusion. Tension was a daily occurrence. Goof-ups were dime a dozen. Customer experience suffered. They started shifting from RRR.Too many calls were spoiling Himanshu’s broth!

The Solution

Himanshu realized he had to offer his own online shopping platform to customers. That’s when he stumbled upon Gofrugal’s OrderEasy, to automate his order flow. Post Gofrugal sales team’s perfect demo and impressive sales pitch he knew he had found the perfect tool that fitted his plans and retrofitted his problems.

Gofrugal ensured the entire setting up process of OrderEasy – from configuration to training – was completed in less than two weeks. Himanshu promoted the app among his loyal customers first, by calling, texting and using social media platform and successfully migrating them to the online platform.While he continues to receive his usual 30 to 40 orders daily through usual sources, he receives 80 to 100 orders thanks to OrderEasy. The automated system has helped process them with 100% accuracy. Order-processing time has reduced to 2 minutes per order. There’s just one person per task and is less taxing on their time and efforts!

The Results

Himanshu has been able to reduce his staff strength from 6 to 3. His order-processing time has been reduced by 50%. Communication errors are non-existent. He has been able to double his average daily sales. Prior to OrderEasy, his daily sales were Rs.8,000. With OrderEasy its Rs. 20,000. He makes Rs.8,000 from his usual other sources. He has also been blessed with a bundle of other benefits.

  • All orders are automated
  • No stock enquiries on calls
  • Organized and streamlined home delivery system due to delivery slot feature
  • More spare time to promote his store and app
  • Increased average order value
  • Increased brand recognition

The Plans

Himanshu is now a happy man. His success with OrderEasy has made his dream big.

  • Adopt even more new features to better the existing process
  • Provide best and hassle-free online service to customers
  • Increase brand recognition further
  • Migrate all online orders through their OrderEasy app
  • Move away from other ecommerce sites since they have unfair processing charges
  • Give even better customer experience

Himanshu doesn’t feel he has won at the end. On the contrary, he feels it’s just the beginning – of a long and successful story with OrderEasy!