Pack your retail ordering app with powerful features!

Dynamic homepage

Customise your home page with attractive banners, news, Best sellers and Fast moving sections and more.

Multi-language support

Offer the freedom to your customers to shop in their local language

Pick up/Delivery

Provide convenience to your customers by configuring the options based on your service capability

Payment modes

Accept payments from your customers through flexible payment modes

Enjoy exclusive features in your retail ordering app
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Real-time inventory

Provide the same retail offline shopping experience by displaying the stock availability of the products

Geo location tagging

Let your customers mark their delivery address precisely using maps

Pick up/Delivery slots

Allow your customers to choose their preferred timings for Pick up and Delivery

Real-time order updates

Send real-time order status updates through push notifications

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Easy mobile app for your online store. Easier to manage!

A complete portal that enables you to add images effortlessly, set-up inventory, process orders, configure and change app settings from anywhere and at any time.

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Process orders
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Configure your app
Control and configure your online ordering app from anywhere and anytime OrderEasy free til June 30, 2021
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Retailers who made extra orders, easy!

"Within 5 days, we have got our app developed and published in the play store with the help of GOFRUGAL. Now, 75% of our business sales are happening through our online store app with more than 100 orders per day. Our customers are preferring online ordering than visiting store."
ordereasy customers
Jai Jalaram Traders, Adilabad
"Due to the lockdown, we were forced to close down our store. Fortunately, with the help of GOFRUGAL, we have shifted from Whatsapp and phone call method of order taking and moved to their online store app. We saw instant results and were able to get 70+ orders right from the second day of lock-down. Today, we are able to deliver seamlessly to all our customers across town."
ordereasy customers
Mr. Anand
Mani Maligai, Pollachi
"The lockdown announcement scared us a lot. That’s when we sought the help of GOFRUGAL. Thanks to them, we have set-up our own online store app and we now serve more than 1,000 orders every day. And we expect to serve around 5,000 – 10,000 orders in the upcoming days."
ordereasy customers
Ajay Rawat and Vivek Singh
Smart Baniye, a Lucknow-based startup
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