Freedom to choose your additional ERP client

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1.What are the compatible barcode scanner and printer devices?
Supported bluetooth printers are:
Bluetooth scanners:
Pegasus PS1110
2.What are the business type and GOFRUGAL products that SellSmart/GoBill supports?
SellSmart/GoBill supports all verticals except Pharmacy. Currently they are available with GOFRUGAL RetailEasy only
3.I am not using GOFRUGAL POS, can I use SellSmart/GoBill?
Yes. They can be integrated with any of your current POS with proper support from POS vendor
4.How to configure SellSmart/GoBill to GOFRUGAL POS?
It can be done in 3 simple steps. Click here to know more.
5.Can I take print out from my current POS printers?
Yes. You can also take bill print from your POS printers using "Print from POS" option in app settings and need to map the respective printer from POS
6.What are the pre-requisites for SellSmart/GoBill?
SellSmart:Android mobile or tablet - OS version 4.1 & above
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - iOS version 6.0 & above
GOFRUGAL RetailEasy version- RC97
GoBill:Only for android tablet - OS version 4.4 & above iOS tablet - iOS version 9.0 & above Minimum screen size - 7 inch GOFRUGAL RetailEasy version- RC97.8
7.What happens if my mobile device gets formatted or billing app is uninstalled?
No worries.If there are any device changes just reinstall the app, configure server URL and start using
8. Should I do port forwarding to use billing apps?
If you are billing inside the store, internal Wi-fi is enough to do billing. If you are going to bill/take order away from store port forwarding is required. Click here to know more about port forwarding
9. What is the investment I have to make to purchase additional client ?
A retailer have to invest 8000/device for additional billing client. The ALR charges is 2000/year.
10. What happens if internet is gone or network is not available ?
No worries.You can bill/take orders offline and sync with the server when the connection is back
11. What are the item types that are supported with SellSmart/GoBill?
Currently, SellSmart/GoBill supports only Standard items billing. GOFRUGAL desktop client supports standard, matrix and serialized items.