Business Intelligence reports for your business

GoAct's 150+ POS BI Reports bring increased awareness to your business for improved focus on growth. Get real-time insights to buy the right product, right quantity, the right price, right time. Watch why online reports are a necessity for businesses

POS BI Reports to boost customer experience that directly boosts profits

Optimizing stock levels

Say farewell to tracking inventory manually. With advanced POS analytics, ensure nothing goes missing with your stock or restock data.

Get accurate stock updates

Don’t lose customers because of inaccurate product stock updates. With the right POS reports, track your products all the way to order returns.

Gain customer and product insights

Gathering actionable insights from POS business intelligence will aid your forecasting to ensure you meet customers' demands based on market trends.

Create a personalized shopping experience

Customers expect tailor-made, personalized, and seamless experiences. Understand customer behavior patterns from POS data from POS reports.

Top 5 reasons why you need POS BI reports

Get access to business data/reports anywhere anytime any-device

Easy drag and drop features to build personalize dashboards/reports

Create short-cuts for your favorite reports for quick access

Comprehensive filters (date, standard, advanced) to build the reports of your choice.

Export reports in desired format or schedule mails regularly to business partners or employees

Hear out how Reports helped our digitailer!

"I am becoming more and more addictive user of the App with real-time push notifications on credit/discount bills. I am able to use my time effectively with the convenience of anywhere-anytime access of the store performance data. I always used to monitor store data the next business day but with WhatsNow I have real-time info, thanks to Gofrugal for the pleasant surprise

Latta Supermarket

Leading brands trust Gofrugal's POS BI Reports to make quick and smart decisions

How does POS BI Reports help you offer personalized shopping experience to your customers?

61% of store owners were able to identify customers' preferences easily with the POS reports system.

56% of retailers combat fraud in a better way after implementing POS analytics with Business Intelligence.

11% of retailers offer personalized rewards based on customer loyalty reports from POS software.

* Recent data from 'Finances online' on '70 POS Statistics You Must Learn: 2020/2021 Data Analysis & Market Share'

Pack your business with powerful and smart data from POS reports!

  • Master POS Reports

  • Purchase POS Reports

  • Sales POS Reports

  • Customer POS Reports

  • Inventory POS Reports

  • Security Configuration

  • Advanced Filters

  • Automatic Mail Scheduler

  • Customizable Reports

  • Master POS Reports

  • Purchase POS Reports

  • Sales POS Reports

  • Customer POS Reports

  • Inventory POS Reports

  • Control over redemption

  • Advanced Filters

  • Automatic Mail Scheduler

  • Customizable Reports

Get your one-stop solution for data repository

GoAct's Master Reports give you complete data on items, customers, suppliers, tax slabs, branch-wise collections, tender list, message list, category-wise distributor list, etc.

GoAct's Master POS Reports

Access every detail related to business operations with Gofrugal's Customer List, Customer Category List, Suggestive Selling Vs. Items List, Branchwise List, Distributor Category List.

Purchase management to reduce cost and enhance margin

Gofrugal's Purchase POS reports helps you identify and track your best supplier, the high-quality items a supplier offers, suppliers who deliver at the right time, who supports you to offer the best sales margin, etc.

GoAct's Purchase POS Reports

Cut down your inventory wastage and cut down purchase costs using PO Vs. Purchase discrepancy, PO Vs. Inward History, Purchase Detail - Itemwise, Purchase Detail - Categorywise, RN Vs. Purchase History reports.

Know how to improve your sales and enjoy maximum revenue

With GoAct's Sales POS Reports analysis, get your monthly and day-wise sales summary, rare moving stock, and non-moving stock summaries ready to analyze to track your sales to the T.

GoAct's Sales POS Reports

Access Sales Summary - Distributor and Item wise, Sales Efficiency Summary - Date and Counter wise, Category wise margin summary, Sales Summary - Tender wise to improve your store's sales efficiently.

Build a loyal customer base

With GoAct's POS reports, you can understand your customers, what they want, and why they use your products and track their entire purchase journey. Understand your customer's purchase pattern in different aspects.

GoAct's Customer POS Reports

Check out Gofrugal's customer POS reports - Customer wise margin summary, Customer wise Loyalty Summary Report, Discounts Coupons Creation Summary, and stay up to date with your customers.

Enjoy greater cost-savings with Inventory management

Track your slow-moving goods, fast-moving goods, non-purchase stocks, expired stocks, aging stocks, etc., and make timely decisions with your suppliers on what stocks to purchase, when to purchase, and how much you should purchase.

GoAct's Inventory POS Reports

Track your inventory with attention to every detail using Stock and Sales POS report, Stock analysis - age wise, Stock movement analysis, Product Enquiry details, and enjoy efficient inventory management.

Security configuration that allows user-based access

Identify missing information, edit information, and who has access to GoAct's POS Audit reports. Enable user-based data access and restrict access to reports based on the employees' roles.

GoAct's promise of security

Avoid data security breaches for sensitive information and ensure no detail/change escapes your site and you have complete control of your business.

Advanced functions to help you interpret POS reports data easily

Perform day-to-day analysis of your store's performance with Pivot table converter, Formula builder, Graphical chart, Sorting, Grouping, etc.

Advanced functions

Pivot Table converter arranges important statistics and identifies figures quickly to make your data analysis easier. Formula column builder allows you to create your own column in reports by applying an arithmetic calculation between two existing columns and saving it for future reference.

By having your reports in Graphical charts, you can make data visually appealing, and it enhances the usability of the data by quickly making comparative analysis.

You can also sort the data in the desired order to make it easier to understand, analyze or visualize.

By Grouping the columns in a report, you can have data under one head column value for the report's better ordering and dimensional view.

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Send automatic mail updates at your desired frequency

Update your suppliers, stakeholders, and internal decision-makers about the day-to-day performance/critical weekly reviews consistently using the Automatic Mail Scheduler function.

GoAct helps you save reports

Want to save your reports? Not a problem at all. Search them using advanced filters and save those reports using 'Save Filters' or 'Bookmark' options. You can also export them in any desired format such as pdf, CSV, XLS, ODA.

Mark your favorite reports for quick access

Gofrugal's POS reporting software offers you the freedom and flexibility to customize every aspect of reports based on your business's requirements. Add your most viewed reports under 'My favorites' for quick access.

GoAct offers decision-making freedom

Gofrugal's report tool is highly flexible, easy to use, and end-to-end customizable. Our reports help you in decision-making, analyzing the trends, and staying ahead of the competitors.

Get the WhatsNow app for accessing data anywhere, anytime

If you are a business owner who makes decisions, how will you access data without logging into the system? Don't worry! We have the WhatsNow app, which acts as your Personal business assistant. WhatsNow, helps you carry your business anywhere in your pocket at any time. You can access data from your reports within 10 seconds.

You can also get instant business notifications and take complete control of your business with real-time alerts on bill edit, zero stock, and daily business summary.

Get Gofrugal Insights to know your store's insights

Check out Reports and analyses of all your branches in one click. Now, track outlet-wise business with graphical reports. Check % increase/decrease in business in one tap Create periodical events, compare and invest right for next season with BI POS analysis.

What is Point of Sale (POS) Reports?

A POS report, in simple terms, is a collection of data gathered by your retail point of sale (POS) software. The POS analytics system registers and tracks data and activities based on the interactions between your POS business intelligence system and customers. Based on the reports generated, POS analysis can help business owners in

  • Tracking Revenue
  • Analyzing Sales
  • Auditing Employee Performance
  • Inventory Purchases
  • Identifying trends and many more!
What are the Key Features of Retail POS Reporting Software
  • Purchase reports - Choose a POS business intelligence that helps you identify and track who is your best supplier to enjoy maximum profits.
  • Sales reports - Your retail POS analytics management system must give you insights into the popularity and profits of every item in your store.
  • Inventory reports - Get inventory management reports that help businesses to cut down costs and prices perfectly without losing margin.
  • Product reports - Get reports on the best and worst selling items that will help you make better merchandising and pricing decisions in the future.
Why do retail businesses need POS Business Intelligence software?
  • Optimizing stock levels - Say your farewell to tracking inventory manually; it is very tedious and, most importantly, inaccurate.
  • Never lose customers - Inventory counts and checking stock levels are essential tasks, but it can be less tiresome with the correct POS reports.
  • Gain customer and product insights - Gathering insights from your POS business intelligence will aid your forecasting to ensure you meet customers' demands.
  • Know your Big Data - In the 21st-century, every customer expects tailor-made, personalized, and seamless experiences from online channels to smart-store setups.
How does Business Intelligence help Retail Business?
  • Know where customers are coming from: Helps store owners see customers' physical locations and help you identify how they find your products and websites.
  • Identify and track customer spending patterns and behaviors: The best way for retailers is to track spending patterns via purchase history and find ways to retain them.
  • Create personalized shopping experiences: With proper POS Business Intelligence insights, it is easier to provide a personalized experience for your customers.
  • Enhanced visibility into business operations: With Retail business intelligence, you get insights for a complete purchasing experience, from organizing to the final delivery.
  • Learn the needs, wants, and desires of customers: With POS business intelligence, you can develop customer relationships by knowing their preferences.
What are the benefits of using Retail POS Analytics Software?
  • Better Inventory tracking - With a real-time inventory POS report, you can quickly know the products in and out of stock.
  • Become closer to your customers - Once you get the customer details, you can assign them to specific categories for further analysis.
  • No room for errors - There is no room for manual errors with POS reporting software as everything is automated.
  • Understanding Employees Better - You will know who are the best-performing employees and track their performance and transactions.
  • Consistency In Pricing - POS reporting software comes in handy to maintain consistent pricing across these locations.
How to choose the right POS Software with Reporting & Data Analytics?
  • Easy to Use - Your POS reporting software should be easy to use and should not require technical support every time you operate.
  • Scalability - Chose a scalable POS reporting software that you can use to keep expanding as your needs grow.
  • Integration - Make sure your point-of-sale system integrates easily with tools, apps, and software that you're already using and might use in the future.
  • Smart Security - Payment and data security are essential. With cyber-attacks on the rise, POS cyber security is the key to sustainable business.
Why choose Gofrugal's Retail POS analytics software?

Gofrugal's POS reporting software helps you get effortless access to real-time reports anywhere, anytime. You can access GoAct from your favorite browsers - IE, Chrome, Firefox, and your iPad or Android tablet, Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop or smartphone and get real-time answers. You can have answers to all your questions at your fingertips. With better awareness, you can make better decisions and ensure higher profits. Personalize your reports as per needs, filter them based on specific criteria, get related reports recommendations and export them in the desired format.

How to download free POS reporting software from Gofrugal

You can download Gofrugal's POS reporting software by clicking below. Start using our free trial and scale up your business with our retail POS analytics software.