Staying informed: Need of the hour for Retailers

Do you know that taking control over the business is one of the biggest challenges faced by retailers?

A recent Gofrugal survey conducted to a set of 300 Indian retailers found that over 63 percent of them struggle to take control of their businesses and maintain a stable work-life balance. The extent to which a retailer influences his business as well as make time for his personal life plays a crucial role in his success and business longevity. But, unfortunately, a huge number of them are losing grip on it.

What is the need for a retailer to go out and what are the challenges he faces?

Apart from the work that a retailer holds in the store, he also has to manage his private life and business-related work outside his shop. However, in most of the Indian retail businesses, the owner is the person who controls every aspect of a business – from nuts and bolts to the much essentials. This makes the owner married to his shop and constantly tied to his operations, leaving him with little or no time to go out.

Even with these challenges, we found that some retailers often leave their store because of their needs and wants, which eventually causes a lot of chaos in their stores such as lack of ownership, in-store fraud, decrease in the work standards, poor inventory control and pilferage.

Top challenges faced by retailers

What do retailers do to overcome those challenges?

3 out of ten retailers wish to name a manager in their absence to reduce their workload and enhance their productivity. But, even with their workload diminishing, they are worried that appointing manager might lead to increased dependency and an absolute lack of awareness of real-time shop happenings. They believe how much ever good a manager may be, there are some crucial decisions, which only an owner can make.

Almost half of the retailers wish to spend most of their time in their shop to avoid challenges at the cost of their private life. Remaining 20 percent of the retailers are not much worried about what comes after which is leading to the serious down growth of their businesses.

It is clear that every retailer is moving in a directionless manner to overcome the challenges, but are failing drastically.

What is their demand for an ideal solution?

In this elaborate study, more than 86 percent of retailers expressed a deep desire for a solution that would let them have control of their business whenever and wherever they may be. A solution that would not only help them focus on their business from anywhere but also help them improve their quality of overall life as well.

And what if there’s such a solution?

And that’s precisely the solution Gofrugal has designed and developed – WhatsNow, an app that helps retailers ‘remote control’ their business from anywhere and anytime. An app that provides instant notifications of shop happenings, sales summary, unlimited access to shop data, the facility for mobile approvals and much more to overcome every retailers’ challenges. An app that helps them focus beyond the four walls of their shop and help them explore newer territories and learn untried things. More importantly, an app that lets them spend quality time with their loved ones.

Perks of being informed for retailers,
Top challenges faced by retailers

Are you a person who has a lot of commitments outside your shop? Are you a person who couldn’t take control of your shop? Are you tied up to your shop most of the time? Are you looking for a simpler solution to get hands-on data in real-time?

Then be one among the WhatsNow users, overcome the challenges faced by retailers like you, and run your business on the go.

Challenges faced by retailers