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Restaurant trends to watch out for in 2020

The Indian restaurant industry is growing steadily over the years and is valued at Rs. 3.70,000 crores, with a year-on-year growth of about 10% and a CAGR growth of 8.4%. This growth comes along with the growing competition. Indeed, the Indian restaurant space is highly competitive and it is crucial that restaurants embrace the latest trends and technologies in restaurants to stay ahead of the competition and expand their businesses.

Some of the best restaurants that have grown steadily over the years are those that pick up on the latest trends in the industry and follow the same at their restaurants. By adopting the latest trends, restaurants could offer something new and exciting to customers and keep them coming back for more. 

We’ve produced a list of the top five restaurant trends that we see emerging this year. 

1. Handheld devices are replacing manual order taking in restaurants

Handheld device
Hand-Held devices simplify the order taking process

Customers are increasingly looking for quick, friendly and top-notch service when they dine in at any restaurant. A handheld device allows stewards to match the expectations of the customers, manage end to end operations and offer delightful service on a consistent basis. An industry report shows that nearly 70% of restaurant operators view Handheld device to be helpful for improving the overall efficiency of their establishment, while 61% of diners agree with the statement. 

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2. Delivery orders are set to increase further in 2020

Demand for delivery orders are on the rise

The demand for delivery orders has been on the rise over the years now. Consumers are showing a growing appetite for having food delivered at the comfort of their doorsteps rather go and dine in at a physical outlet directly. The worldwide food delivery sales are predicted to have an annual increase of over 20%. These delivery orders will be generated from various sources, including take away orders, restaurant delivery orders, and third-party delivery orders from aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato.

 3. Robot Chefs are automating kitchen operations

Robots serving food in restaurants in India is a trending concept and likewise backed by technology robots are now able to prepare food by themselves. These robots are programmed to perform automated cooking with high accuracy, taste quality, and cleanliness helping restaurants serve customers faster without much manual work. 

With many restaurants around the world finding it increasingly difficult to hire good chefs for their restaurants, robot chefs will help restaurants address this challenge. Using robots as chefs will allow you to offer a unique dining experience that will help you attract more customers to your restaurant and will also help to reduce operating costs and improve the overall efficiency in restaurants

4. Mobile food ordering apps are set to become the main source of delivery orders

Restaurant trends 2020 mobile app

By 2020, the National Restaurant Association predicts that 70% of customers will be ordering food outside the restaurant premises. With online ordering platforms charging restaurants like Swiggy and Zomato charging close to one-third of the order value, restaurants are looking in getting their own apps that would help them receive orders directly from customers.

By having an in house mobile app, restaurants now have an opportunity to diversify customer base, run customized offers and campaigns resulting in more orders and revenue. Although a lot of restaurants have been considering taking this route only very few restaurants actually have a functioning app that brings in orders. So it is high time that you beat the competition and get your own app for your brand. 

5. Demand for wellness and healthy food on the rise!

Wellness and healthy food
The demand for healthy food is on the rise!

One thing that all restaurateurs commonly agree with is that the customer’s taste buds keep changing often and it is highly important to catch the trend early and have a menu that is currently on demand and popular. One such trend is offering healthier options as people are increasingly becoming health conscious and healthier food options are also gaining preference over junk.

With these new trends emerging, the restaurant industry will become more trendy and efficient in the coming days. The key here is to identify and implement the next trends early and stay ahead of the competition. The concept could be as simple as using a hand-held device for ordering or perhaps even using robot chefs.