Solution Highlights

Weighing scale integrated with pos
Weighing Scale integrated POS

Rate calculation & billing becomes fast & accurate when weighing scale is integrated with POS. So, items just need to be placed on the weighing scale & information about the weight is passed on to the POS. The corresponding rates get reflected in the billing screen in a flash.

Arrive average cost price quickly
Arrive at Precise Price

When price fluctuations happen on a daily basis, some products don't carry a fixed MRP. In such cases, ascertaining correct average landing cost is of paramount importance. Our POS helps to increase/decrease the selling price as well as maintain the margin percentage intact.

Weight embedded bar-codes
Weight embedded Barcodes

Generate barcode stickers with weight embedded in it by using weighing scale which comes with an inbuilt barcode printer. Barcodes mapped to individual items are also being mapped with their weights. This makes billing process fast & accurate where you just scan items.

Wastage analysis and management
Wastage Analysis & Management

Monitoring wastage is very crucial. Inbuilt wastage analysis in the system gives you a clear visibility of loss incurred for every unit of wastage. This results in helping you proactively take the right decision to circumvent from incurring future losses.

Speedy product searches for fast billing
Automated Replenishment & Re-order

Optimum inventory can be maintained by using the reorder feature to the full potential. You can do this by defining the min & max stock levels. An alert will be raised when stocks go below min level or is over-stocked. This leads to lower inventory carrying & storage costs.

Automated replenishment and reorder
Simplified Day Closing Process

Thorough control over cashiers help prevent the funds being swindled. Achieve this with ease by using session management, till management & cash hand over features in your POS. Any discrepancy in cash hand over like excess/shortage of cash will be spotted immediately.

Fix/change selling prices faster
Speedy Product Search

Speedy product search is made possible with item code/name look up in the list of values or by scanning an item's barcode. You can find products even faster with our user-friendly touch screen interfaces.

Multiple type of customer payments
Fix/Change Selling Prices Faster

Selling price changing on a daily basis can be immediately brought to effect at the counters by using the change selling feature in the system. Any immediate price changes will reflect instantly leading to uniform pricing & maintaining margin.

Counter monitoring and auditing
Multi-type Customer Payments

This solution handles multi-type customer payments such as cash, card, coupons, etc. A POS integrated with card payment collection device makes billing fast & easy. Advance receipts against sales order or making a credit sale for selective customer is also possible.

Simplified day closing process
Counter Monitoring & Auditing

Store administrator can control & audit billing counters by monitoring all transactions from the server. They have complete visibility on number of users/counters active, sales done, current cash balance, bills cancelled & returns made in a period.

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