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Package Premium ALR List Price Phone support(in Hrs) Customer Success Call*
Total Calls Service Time per call(Minimum) Call frequency
Package Premium ALR List Price Phone support(in Hrs) Customer Success Call*
Total Calls Service Time per call(Minimum) Call frequency
*What will be covered in Customer Success calls?
  • Customer Success call will be a consultative call, check the product usage of the customer & suggest the features that give more control, higher automation and increased profit
  • Knowing the customer pain points, challenges and any unmet need from the software
  • Product updates will be discussed with the customer. New features and enhancements that are relevant to the customer business
  • Discussion on exceptional audit report
Standard & Premium ALR Comparison
Services Offered Standard ALR Premium ALR
Edition : ALL Starter Standard Professional ERP

Phone and Remote Support

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Standard ALR Terms & Conditions
  1. ALR prices will be applicable from product's current list price
  2. The Assurance period is one year from the date of expiry of previous support subscription. (Eg: Expiry date : 31st May 2012 then ALR should be renewed on or before 30 May 2012 and Next Renewal date will be 30th May 2013)
  3. ALR fee specified assures that GOFRUGAL will be delivering support maintenance served remotely over phone, e-Mail and remote desktop tools. If you don't have broadband connection your business premises, you should pay additional 50% on ALR Charges
  4. Minimum service billing is for 1 day
  5. DE product Upgradation charges are excluding ALR plan
  6. GOFRUGAL HO sends a receipt for the payment within 3 days via mail (ASA / Upgradation charges must reach GOFRUGAL so that GOFRUGAL CRM system is updated with the payment history). Please do not make cash payments to any person and feel free to contact or Karthick Babu (Sr.Manager - Finance & Accounts) @, in case you did not receive receipt within 5 days
  7. Any clarifications in commercials, please contact Annuity team in 044 66 200 200
  8. Minimum period of purchase for standard and premium support is 1 year
  9. Standard to premium support upgrade available.(Charges Applicable)

Premium ALR Terms & Conditions
  1. The customer success call only focuses on helping the customers on identifying the areas of improvement in managing the business with GOFRUGAL. It does not include training or implementation of any feature / module. For implementation & training commercial charges will be applicable as per GOFRUGAL's standard price list. Click here to know the detailed price list of Implementation & training
  2. Any new requirements/needs identified during the customer success call will be taken as per our enhancement policy. Refer our enhancement policy here
  3. Any new add-on / custom license requirement raised during the consultation will be chargeable as per the GOFRUGAL Pricing Policy
  4. GOFRUGAL consultant visit to premises is scheduled for 3 hours only. Visit schedule will be decided based on mutual agreement between GOFRUGAL & customer
  5. For HQ customers, the consultant visit will only be scheduled to the Corporate location / Head Office
  6. For visits to customers in non-field service areas, customer has to bear the Travel, Lodging & Boarding cost
  7. Voice support package included in the Premium ALR only 3 contact numbers can be added
  8. Once voice support hours is exhausted by the customer, need to purchase Phone Support Package (Click here to purchase Phone Support Package)
  9. The minutes consumed in Voice Support will be sent as a push notification through myGofrugal, if any dispute in the timing debited customer can raise it through myGoFrugal app
  10. For any product related issues, voice support timing will not be debited
Note:- Only default print profiles are FREE and profiles can be downloaded from print profile library. Charges apply for customization of the print profile.