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Is customer support or service boring ?, Not anymore, with MyGofrugal app get all your support needs via mobile itself. Yes Mobile Support. One consolidated platform be it chat, voice, call, raise/monitor tickets, feedback on the quality of service. Transform your support experienceHow to digitilize your business?
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Service Nirvana

Gofrugal's Assure Care is built on 'Service Nirvana' ? An organized 11-step framework that clearly identifies different levels of support services based on their business such as immediate, short-term and long-term. Further to deliver on it, we have invested on high-end IT infrastructure as well as professionally trained support personnel to our 24x7 support center.
Service Nirvana - Gofrugal service stages
  • Upgrade releases
    Improves productivity by enhancing user experience and optimizing business processes
  • 3rd party integration
    Integrating with 3rd party service such as e-commerce, payment etc.
  • Evolving market needs
    Rolling out new features to address needs driven by changing market conditions
  • Addressing statutory changes
    Timely update with easy to follow instructions to comply with statutory norms
  • Update releases
    Provides relevant updates and offers continuous benefits to customers
  • Listening to Feedback
    Appreciates the business and operational needs of customer, 'as viewed' by the customer
  • Quality Maintenance
    Provides automated patch updates with no side effects and minimal manual work
  • Restoration maintenance update
    Suggests 'smart fix' to stoppage issues as well as provides permanent bug fixes through maintenance update
  • Data Accuracy
    100% data accuracy in reports and zero instances of data mismatch
  • Responsive
    Understands issues and provides satisfactory response
  • Reachable
    Emails and chats are answered
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