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Adding Organizational Information

How do I do it?

1. Select Settings. A Settings screen is displayed. Select Company info under Organization

Note: The Company info screen can be accessed in Webapp like below

Note: The Company info screen can be accessed in ios app like below

2. A Company info screen is displayed
  • The Company info screen has sections Company details and Configurations
  • The Company details section, contains fields Company name, Logo, E-mail, Address, Primary contact, City, State, Country, Postal code, Time zone, Phone, Mobile, Tax id, Company id
  • In the Company name field, enter the company name
  • In the Logo field, upload the company logo by selecting Upload
  • In the E-mail field, enter the e-mail id
  • In the Address field, enter the address of the company
  • In the Primary contact field, enter the contact number of the company
  • In the City field, enter the city in which the company resides
  • In the State field, enter the state in which the company resides
  • In the Country field, select the country in which the company resides.
  • In the Postal code field, enter the relevant postal code of the company
  • In the Time Zone field, select the relevant timezone of your country from the drop down list
  • In the Phone field, enter the contact phone number
  • In the Mobile field, enter the mobile number
  • In the Tax id field, enter the tax id number issued for the company
  • In the Company id field, enter the registered id of the company

  • The Configurations section, contains fields Currency, Date format and Fiscal year start
  • In the Currency field, enter the currency used for sale
  • In the Date format field, select the desired from the four available formats from drop down list
  • In the Fiscal year start field select the month from which the financial year starts

  • 3. Select Update, to save the changes made
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