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Creating an Order type

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How do I do it?

1. Select Settings. A Settings screen is displayed. Select Tax under Taxes

Note: The Order types screen can be accessed in ios app like below

2. An Order types screen is displayed. Select Add order type

3. An Add order type screen is displayed
  • The Order type screen has fields Location, Order type, Tax formula, Service tax, Service charge, Packing amount, Status, Add new order type
  • In the location field, select the location for which the order type has to be mapped
  • In the Order type field, enter the name of the order type. You can select an existing order type or select multiple order type for a single location
  • In the Tax formula field, select from the drop down the desired formula
  • In the Service tax field, select from the drop down options
  • In the Service charge field, select from the drop down options
  • The Packing amount field, is set No by default for that particular location. Tap to change the status as Yes
  • The Status field, is Active by default. Click to change the status as Inactive
  • By selecting the Add new order type you can add multiple order type to a single location

  • Note: Based on the Tax formula, Service tax and Service amount the calculation is depicted on the right pane with a sample data

    4. Select Save, to create the new Order type.
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