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ServQuick FAQ's

1. What is ServQuick Cloud POS?

ServQuick is a Point Of Sales App for Quick Service Restaurant business. ServQuick is hosted in a cloud server and can be accessed via multiple devices. ServQuick suits for Pay & Eat eateries like Cafes, Fast Foods and more. Easy to setup, hassle free billing with intuitive design and your transactional data gets synchronized with Cloud Data Server real-time, giving you the control to manage your business from anywhere, anytime

2. How do I get started with ServQuick Cloud POS?

You can sign up right now. You can choose to use ServQuick from your PC or Mac or Windows 8.1 tablet or from an iPad. Download the App from ​AppStore if you want to experience ServQuick on an iPad. You also have the choice to Play with Demo data or create the Master Data of your business and ring the sale!

3. Can I use ServQuick Cloud POS in the absence of Internet?

Yes definitely if you are using the iPad App, you can continue billing and the data gets synced once the internet connection is up. Though you would require internet to continue billing if you are using the Webapp

4. What should be my hardware specification to run with ServQuick?

Any PC / Mac with basic configuration with any of these internet browsers -- Safari or Firefox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. In case of iPad App, you require iOS 7 or above

5. I'm in love with ServQuick, but have few queries to clarify. Whom do I reach to?

6. How do i import the menu from my existing POS App into Servquick Cloud POS?

Now that you have the menu ready, all you have to do is get them in a .csv file available at Item > Import and set your menu in no time and start selling

7. Do I need someone who will setup the POS in my store?

Ahh!! Should say that ServQuick was built with this question in mind. ServQuick Cloud POS is built it in a way that it needs ZERO assistance to set things up. Though we are always available at your help through email, chat and voice support

8. How is the pricing set for ServQuick?

Pricing for ServQuick Cloud POS is worked as subscription model which starts with a free 14 day trial. You can go ahead paying for your desired period or sign up with our ​free 14 day trial

9. What does the Subscription fee cover?

The Subscription fee covers continuous product updates, 24x7 support to clarify your queries round the clock throughout the year via email, chat and voice support

10. What is the license model of ServQuick?

The license model comes in 2 ways,

1. Register - The license will be mapped to a device and can be accessed only from that particular machine by multiple users (in that device alone)
2. User - Can be accessed from anywhere, invariable of the device used(only one user)

11. I have more than one store. Will ServQuick work for me?

Certainly! ServQuick Cloud POS is highly scalable and designed to expand as you grow. Be it a single store or a multiple stores, ServQuick is the smart choice to grow with

12. My business runs round the clock, how long will it take to setup my menu on ServQuick and get it running?

Well! When your data is handy, you can get it imported right away in couple of minutes. Once your menu is set, you are all ready to ring your sale

13. I have few suggestion and feedback, who do I write to?

We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at or reach us via Live chat or voice support

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