Reduce 90% of POS Hardware Investment

Why spend ₹60,000 on a billing computer when you can bill with a ₹6,000 tablet ?

Setup a Express Checkout Sales Counter

Manage peak hours and festive seasons efficiently by billing anywhere inside your store


Add Top selling items as favorites, Increase the billing speed by 2 times and delight your customers in style


Save Electricity and Hardware maintenance by 10x, Occupy very less space with zero retail space investment!


Monitor cashflow with high accuracy using Session management. Even a single penny of yours won’t be missed!


Increase walk-in customer count by 2x. Personalize customer shopping experience and ensure 100% satisfaction

Made for Successful retailers with New Age Features

Retail billing app features - Offline Support
Bill Anywhere with Offline Support
Perfect Solution for KIOSK stalls, VAN sales and giving a great In-Store experience to your customers. Occupies less space in your store with no internet dependency
Retail billing app features - VAT & GST Support
VAT & GST Support
The perfect billing device, no matter what you bill. Be it VAT or GST items, Accurate Tax structure and Ease in Filing
Multiple Location & Live Stock Management
Multiple Location & Live Stock Management
Maintain multiple locations inside your store and do location-wise billing. Live stock enables efficient current stock tracking and achieves 'Pick and Sell' concept. Take intelligent decisions on Purchase order and maintain optimal inventory
Retail tablet billing system features - session management
Session Management
Brilliant Cash-hand over system allows you to monitor cash flows counter-wise. Sessions allow users to Log in and Log out with manager's control. We don't want a single penny of yours to be missed
Touch tablet billing system features - multi-currency and multiple tenders
Multi-Currency and Multiple Tenders
World-class product supporting multiple currencies with multiple payment options. Cash, Cards, Credit, Third Party, Combine two payment options and save a SPLIT bill. Express tender, Exact tender is an added advantage for a quick billing
Touch tablet billing software features - compact peripheral devices
Compact Peripheral Devices
Delight your customers, ON-THE-GO with Bluetooth scanners and printers. POS print option is also available to maintain consistent design. Setup a billing counter with almost no space occupancy inside the store
Tablet billing software happy customers - Beautiful books, Chennai India

A handy app for Quick business. Found it to be a very good tool when dealing with heavy transactions. The design is apt and user friendly.


- Manager, Beautiful Books Chennai India

Tablet billing software happy customers - Beautiful books, Chennai India

Who Needs SellQuick Tablet Billing Software?

Accessories Supported

  • Android Specifications
  • Version : Android 4.4 & above
  • Screen Size : More than 7 Inch screen
  • RAM : 2 GB RAM recommended
  • iOS Specification
  • Models : All iPad models
  • Version : iOS 9.0 and above
  • TM-T88V - 3 inch Ethernet printer with Cash drawer
  • TM-P20 - 2inch Bluetooth printer
  • Essae PR-85 - 3inch Ethernet and USB printer with Cash Drawer
  • NGX BTP320 - 3 inch Bluetooth Printer
  • BP 201 - 2 inch Bluetooth Printer
  • RP80 US 3 inch USB Printer
  • RP80 USE 3 inch USB Printer
  • TCR070 Android multi-functional POS terminal 2inch printer
  • TVS RP3150 STAR - 3 inch Ethernet Printer
  • PTP - II 2 inch Bluetooth printer
  • PTP-III 3 inch Bluetooth printer
  • Blueprints text - 2 inch Bluetooth Printer
*Any 2 or 3 inch Bluetooth printer supported
SDK Barcode Scanners Socket Mobile CHS 7CI Scanner
miniRighto Bluetooth Scanner
ESYPOS - EBS 13WL (Via OTG Bluetooth Dongle)
ALL Bluetooth and OTG barcode scanners
  1. All Okay, Now What exactly is SellQuick ?
    Let me keep it simple. SellQuick is a add-on tablet billing app for GoFrugal POS. Instead of billing with computers, GoFrugal provides you the ease of billing with tablet with a better performance. The entire Sales module will be replicated in SellQuick so that retailers can bill with many tills/counters and at the same time reduce their hardware investment by 90%. (optional) GoFrugal understands that an easy intuitive mobile POS is required for Retail businesses for faster checkouts, easy ordering with improved efficiency and productivity. SellQuick can replace a billing counter or can be used as a queue buster during peak hours eliminating a major source of customer frustration of waiting so long in queue for smaller checkouts. As SellQuick occupies less space as you need only an iPad or Android Tab to make a sale, you don't have to think about any space constraints. Power shut down or loss of internet connectivity? No worries, you can continue doing your sales offline in SellQuick
  2. Are all the features of Sales available in Retail Tablet Billing Software?
    Yes ! Major features of Sales module is already available in product. There are few more feature releases so that Customers have a ONE-STOP destination for Sales. The released and future releases can be tracked here.
  3. Should I be using GoFrugal POS to use SellQuick?
    If you are an existing GoFrugal User, SellQuick is READY for you. If not, we suggest you to switch to GoFrugal POS and then use SellQuick as an add on. Still if you are really happy with your existing POS and want to use SellQuick, mail us at for Intergration discussions. But before that, think twice. Are you Happy with the existing POS ? Maybe you should hear what our customers say about us .
  4. How can I print the bills made in SellQuick?
    There are many possibilities. Either you can print from the POS printer or directly from a bluetooth printer. There are lots of bluetooth printers available in the market - Cashino, Star, Epson, NGX etc. SellQuick also supports WiFi & USB printing. Checkout our suggested printers here
  5. Does Gofrugal SellQuick Support barcode scanning?
    Yes ! We Support Barcode scanning. You can use Bluetooth barcode scanners for scanning barcode into SellQuick. Checkout our suggested scanners here
  6. I have a large number of Item SKUs, will SellQuick perform better?
    Ofcourse ! We have tested this with 3.78 lakh item SKUs. Even if you have more than 4 lakh items, You should definitely give it a try.
  7. I am an existing Gofrugal customer and use Matrix item combinations. Will SellQuick work for me ?
    Oops ! SellQuick doesn't support Matrix Items as of now. We are figuring out a better way for faster and compact billing for matrix combinations.
  8. What are the minimum configurations for the tablet?
    Totally depends on the usage and amount of data. If you are going to bill over 50,000 items, then you must have a tablet of 4GB RAM. For less than 1000 items, it is good to go with 2GB RAM. For Android, version should be 4.4 and above and for iOS. it must be iOS 9.0 and above. We always suggest to go with latest OS version and minimum of 4GB RAM.
  9. I am not able to find SellQuick in PlayStore/iStore.
    Maybe you are searching it in a mobile device which is incompatible with SellQuick. Search in your tablet which has minimum 7 inch screen, you will find it there. You can also schedule a download from PlayStore using your computer - Android iOS
  10. What is meant by session management?
    Session management is a feature helpful for the store managers who want to watch or manage the cash flows in the billing counters. A billing counter is also referred as a Till. In a store, there may be 'N' number of tills. Each till may be used by more than one person for billing. The user does the billing, collects the payment in his till. When a second user steps in, the previous user needs to hand-over the cash in his till to the manager.
  11. What is Tablet Offline Billing ?
    Internet connection is not required for billing. Even when the tablet is not connected to the network, you will be able to continue billing. The information will be synced to the server when the connectivity is resumed. This allows you to take the tablet and bill anywhere.
  12. What will be the billing number series for tablet ?
    Each counter will have separate billing sequence.
  13. GoFrugal already has SellSmart, how does SellQuick differ from that ? ?
    The goal of the products are entirely different. SellSmart was developed for salesman who work in field,take orders and make bills on the go, whereas SellQuick can replicate the whole sales module of POS and give your customers a personalized shopping experience. The performance of SellQuick is far superior when compared since it is native application. Check out the Comparison between SellSmart and SellQuick.
    To keep it simple, SellQuick is a best in-store till with an added advantage of mobility whereas SellSmart is developed for taking orders and mobility is the primary advantage.
  14. What tenders does it support ?
    Cash, Credit & Debit Card, Wallets, Due Bill, Coupon Tender, Credit Sales in addition with Split tender (combine two or more tenders for a single bill), Exact Tender, Express Tender, Third party payment integration, Payment Grouping.
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