Know your secondary sales.
Release locked-up working capital.

A clear secondary sales provides you with an accurate channel inventory position. This helps you get market insights on what is getting sold, where & by how much, plan quickly on stock distribution, reduce channel dumping, and thus, release that precious 'extra' working capital locked-up in inventory.

Find out how ?

Distribution Management Software Supported

Streamline your business performance with right technology

Pharma & Healthcare

Reduce time taken for item picking by mapping items to specific rack or shelf

FMCG & Packaged Foods

Track inventory in batches and lots & control damage returns and replacement


Control pricing specific to a particular region, or area customer group, batch, MRP etc

  • order taking collection mobile app
  • distribution management software solution
  • wholesale distribution solution
  • Get realtime stock update

Reduce your cost of confirming an order!

... because you spend every time your sales rep calls you to confirm on the stock availability, before taking an order. Multiply it with the no. of orders taken on a daily basis, then with the no. of orders missed. With EarnSmart, you can get the updated list of moving & non-moving stock with a single tap.

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