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Desktop POS for Distribution Management Order & Collection app for Sales Rep Business analytics app Store data @ your finger tips

Distribution Software Supported Wholesale Business

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Designed for Stockists, Super Stockists, Wholesalers, Dealers and Distributors

A complete single or multi-location Distribution Management Software

Order Management

Lower your order processing and delivery costs by getting more orders per salesman with faster and accurate order entry using our Ordering and Collection mobile app

Control Price & Margin

Enjoy higher margin by having multiple price levels and discounts for specific customers, customer groups, product categories and do multi format, as well as multi company invoicing with ease

Credit & Receivables

Control credit limits and days effectively and have complete visibility using quality outstanding / collection reports in our state of the art financial accounting module

Offers & Schemes

Enhance your relationship with your customers and make more profits simultaneously using our diversified Offers and Schemes based on products, categories and customer type, as well as for selective batch or lot.

Inventory Management

Keeping complete track of your stocks, know what you are selling and what you are left with, likewise know what to purchase and when to purchase using Automatic Recorder

Returns Management

Hassle free expired / breakage / damaged goods replacement process by complete tracking and simpler inspection / approvals along with credit note and bill wise amount adjustment

More Features

Designed for Stockists, Super Stockists, Wholesalers, Dealers and Distributors

A complete single or multi-location Distribution Management Software

More Features

Get real time analytics of your chain store performance

Measure and grow your business with outlet wise graphical Sales vs Purchase data, business growth performance period wise

Lower the operational cost & Increase productivity

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Distribution software features and benefits

Lower the operational cost & Increase productivity

  • Process orders and collection faster
  • Manage your credits and receivables
  • Reduce Investment on inventory
  • Lower delivery time and costs
  • control your price and margin
  • Use multiple offers and promotions
  • Better reporting and analysis
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Software Solution for Multi-outlet Wholesale Distribution

Comprehensive software solution for multiple location sales and distribution business to manage their entire down stream supply chains like C&A / C&F, stockists and super-stockists. The loosely coupled web based solution helps you to manage your chain network and take informed decision from anywhere with complete visibility on sales and Stock.
Distribution solution for multiple stores

Don't miss out even on a single order!

Instantly know the exact stock position before taking order, process customer receipts & outstanding, view the order status through reports, track collections for different customers, identify fast & slow moving products, realize profits...all of this in real-time.
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Improve service levels with online ordering

GoFrugal's WebOrder is multi-purpose online tool to increase productivity, saving time & costs for retailers & distributors. It has complete security, configurable access levels( both role based and user based) and flexible hosting / pricing options.
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Sales rep were always unsure about availability of stocks
By using EarnSmart, Sales Reps save 40% time & get real-time stock updates.

Mr. Gnanam

-Founder & MD, Muthu Group