ServJoy Mobile KOT App

Every Guest is an Order

ServJoy, a restaurant mobile app for order taking in Food & Beverage business, is the ultimate tool to process orders. It also improves Steward turnaround time. They can take orders, modify them as we as send KOTs to respective kitchens with restaurant mobile app.

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Our innovative new retail information app for retailers and restaurateurs

WhatsNow empowers shop owners with access to shop information from their smartphones. It gives simple and crisp answers to pre-defined questions, helping retailers have meaningful conversation and negotiations with suppliers and customers to take right decision all the time with right information anywhere. Know more and earn more

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Whatsnow POS reports app
Whatsnow POS reports app

On-time delivery = real time data

To take orders or not, means Now or Never!

When your entire business resolves around taking & delivering orders, anain and again, you can't leave it to human errors. Because if you have a system to bill your customers, you Must have one to help them generate bills! Our Mobile Apps help you take orders, process them & generate bills at real-time

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Customer Speaks...

GoFrugal Mobile App Customer
Muthu Pharma GoFrugal Mobile App Customer
GoFrugal Mobile App customer
Our staff are handling ServJoy Restaurant Mobile App at ease.
It has increased our table turn around time by reducing the order processing & delivery time, also eliminating the to and fro walks to kitchen.
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