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8 tips to drive more sales this Pongal

1. Groom your staff, Wishing customers and greeting them with a smile . Create a festive mood at the store
2. Ensure you stock up Jaggery, Rice, Milk basic festive needs not to run into stock-outs
3. Consider pre-packaging the products i.e create Kits with different quantities Eg: 500gm Jaggery+1Kg rice + 10gm cardamom. This helps the customer choose his need faster & ensures there is faster billing, delivery
4. Add additional counters for less than 5-10 items for faster service. Queue buster Apps can help in this regard
5. Festivals are all about sweets & savouries. Create additional point-of-purchase to drive more sales
6. Start sending your promotional & offers well ahead
7. For loyal regular customers, a Free takeaway is good experience
8. Finally a good Point of Sale system can help manage your stock, customers & also monitor your sales real-time