Top Benefits of Switching to a Cloud POS System

Ever since cloud technology started captivating different business sectors, whether or not to switch over to a Cloud POS system from the traditional POS was the thought lingering in the minds of every retailer, restaurateur, and distributor. It may be the fear of losing ownership and control or habituation that is the barrier to arriving at the right decision. With pain points diminishing and management becoming easy, simple, and secure, switching to Cloud POS system would be a wise decision.

When you ask children to draw a natural scene, most of them will come up with a picture portraying a few plants, birds, and, not to miss, the spongy and fluffy cumulus clouds scattered in the blue sky. A few of them also show rain-bearing clouds with lightning streaks here and there. The concept of cloud is so modest that even a small child can depict it so well. So is the concept of Cloud POS, which demands only the presence of the Internet as a prerequisite.

If you are into the Retail, Restaurant, or Distribution business then knowing the power of POS is not going to be something new. Gone are the days when bill books were used for recording sales transactions and stock auditing was done manually. Automating data-driven tasks is what even a brick-and-mortar store has implemented with OnPremise POS. With the growing quality and speed of the internet connecting the global population under a single roof, switching to a Cloud POS system is the need of the hour.

Cloud – 9 advantages of Cloud POS, over OnPremise POS

Advantages of Cloud POS system
  1. Easy deployment: The infrastructure costs are far less for Cloud POS systems when compared to OnPremise POS, as the data storage and processing are hosted by remote cloud servers. No complicated programming or qualified IT staff are needed, onboarding and becoming operational, can be done with minimal staff and the least skills. Feature-based monthly or yearly subscription charges offering flexibility are possible, and this will help you decide on switching to Cloud POS confidently.
  2. Scalability: Expanding your business or opening new branches across different locations can be seamlessly done with Cloud POS system, as it offers the freedom to scale as you grow. In normal POS, every time you expand or start a new branch, you need to invest in installation charges anew.
  3. Data security: When there are instances of ransomware attacks or hardware crashes, OnPremise POS demands heavy service charges to recover the lost data. This does not occur with Cloud POS as data is hosted on remote servers and is end-to-end encrypted. Also, in OnPremise POS you need to upgrade the system every now and then to eliminate data pilferage.
  4. Omnichannel presence: As the whole business process is connected through the internet, your business data can be monitored from anywhere, on any device, online and offline, round the clock. You can make your brand visible across various channels like brick-and-mortar, e-commerce stores, marketplaces, and social media. Scheduling and tracking to achieve hassle-free deliveries is another major advantage of Cloud POS systems.
  5. Integrated business management: Cloud POS solutions are a business suite, that paves way to centrally manage the entire business operations, from purchase, sales, and inventory, to customer retention and accounting. Every piece of data that impacts other business processes is immediately updated, ensuring accuracy at every step of the business.
  6. Payment integrations: With numerous payment modes emerging in recent days, Cloud POS aligns your system to be on par with the live demands in the market. You can offer flexibility in payment modes and achieve a fast and pleasant checkout.
  7. CRM and Loyalty: Creating an updated customer database with demographics and purchase patterns to run tailor-made and personalized offers is the uniqueness of Cloud POS that makes it indispensable. Compared to OnPremise POS you can target an increased customer count and ultimately attain better profits.
  8. Reports: With Reports, you can get visibility into instant data pertaining to all business processes, and prevailing selling prices at every moment. You can compete effectively by making quick business decisions with the insights obtained.
  9. Offline data sync: As the Cloud POS system operates on the Internet, a major concern would be the hardships that may occur when network connectivity is down. No worries! With Cloud POS you can continue to operate offline, and once connectivity resumes, all your data will be synced.

Just as Clouds are born to shower rain, Cloud POS systems are a boon to shower profits. Here are a few key benefits a Cloud POS could offer to your business:

Benefits of a Cloud POS system
  • Manage peacefully with enhanced security: With role-based access, you can delegate responsibilities and set restrictions. Critical data can be accessed by staff based on their roles, for agile tracking and accountability. Session management helps record payments received by billing and delivery staff, and thus a foolproof system is set to eradicate fraudulent activities.  
  • Ensure quality with systematic audits: With real-time stock data visibility, you can record damages and breakages and replace them with healthy stock on-time. Also, you can keep track of the expiry limits of products and periodically dispose them on time. A stock mismatch if any, can be easily identified and is what drives you to take remedial actions and keep stock levels updated.
  • Win trust through automated campaigns and on-time support: You can run automated campaigns to bring back lost customers and convert walk-ins into customers. By setting customized loyalty rules based on customers’ purchase history, you can inculcate and enhance loyalty. Providing all-time support to customers for their queries will be the best way to build brand affinity, and with Cloud POS system, you can assure 24×7 support.
  • Be on track with the supply-chain and make the right purchases: Monitor the movement of stock from suppliers to warehouses, and between warehouses and branches/franchise locations, till it reaches the customer’s doorstep in real time. You can make wise purchase decisions with accurate forecasting based on previous sales statistics to maintain the optimum inventory.

No partiality in pouring”, say philosophers. So does a Cloud POS system pour prosperity into all industries, say retail, restaurant, and wholesale distribution.

  • In a Restaurant: With access to data in real-time, table orders can be transferred to the kitchen in a matter of seconds. Also, with constant updates from the market, you can get precise data on seasonal ingredients and frame customized menus. Ordering can be made more pleasurable and interesting. From Reports, you can get information about frequently ordered items, which helps you work on trending combos that allows orders to be placed quickly.  
  • In a Retail outlet:   With instant visibility of stock movement, you can work on the swift replenishment of fast-moving items. Also, you can plan strategies to expedite the disposal of slow-moving items by running offers and discounts. When new items are introduced, you can initiate campaigns. Managing festival time and peak-hour crowds is challenging, and with Cloud POS system you can operate multiple counters and achieve a pleasant checkout
  • In a wholesale outlet: Cloud-based POS systems also play a major role in distribution businesses where the transfer of stock from super stockists to retailers or end customers, successful payments, and on-time delivery are given due focus.

We hear you saying, ‘Will a Cloud POS really make an impact on me?’ A customer testimonial will be genuine evidence for the impact of a product or service on the business.

Our customer, Mr.Selvam, Proprietor, FreshMarket, a leading Fruits and Vegetables shop in Vellore, shifted to Cloud POS from OnPremise POS three years ago. Here’s what he shares about the product.

I am able to manage my business efficiently with seamless billing using Gofrugal Cloud POS solutions (RetailEasy OnCloud). Real-time reports help me access the store data from anywhere, and I am able to take timely decisions on the go. I decided on shifting to Cloud POS from an OnPremise POS keeping future expansion in mind. Gofrugal’s Cloud POS is a great ally for every aspirational business owner who wants to grow!”

Managing a fruit and vegetable shop is challenging; handling low shelf life, uncertainty in quality, price fluctuations, seasonality, restocking issues, and offering quick billing. Gofrugal offers the best Cloud POS solutions for Fruits and vegetables business that would overcome these.

We don’t know why a cloud is called a cloud. Maybe Spell-Bee champions would have unraveled it. And why the Internet is represented as a cloud, is another million-dollar question for many. But cloud is beautiful, spreads warmth, and adds grace to the blue sky. It makes the earth fertile to fill the environment with serenity, and for you to flourish, have it in your POS too. 

With less deployment time, easy and economical subscriptions, and anytime, anywhere access to business data, Cloud POS would be the best-suited solution for any business, for better forecasting and staying ahead of the competition. A small step towards switching to Cloud POS from OnPremise POS would be a giant leap toward business growth. Switching to a Cloud POS system is not a choice but a necessity, and there can never be a second thought about it. With Gofrugal’s Cloud POS solutions, you would surely harvest hefty profits from your Retail, Restaurant, or Distribution business.

Cloud POS- Wise choice for your business