Celebrating 50 outlets of CK’s Bakery

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Touted to be one of the fast-growing Bakery chains in South India, the growth of CKs bakery and their loyal customer base has been always created a buzz among their competitors. Their 50th outlet opening soon within a span of exactly 2 years.

During their journey, they had barged into some unexpected challenges. They needed a powerful POS which would aid them with accurate and easily exportable data. The search began for that perfect POS, which finally ended when they found GOFRUGAL.

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To tell us more about the journey and prompt growth within such a short span, we got in touch with CKs Bakery’s IT Manager, Mr. Prabhakaran.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you reached this huge customer base!

CK’S Bakery began its journey in June 2015 with a small outlet at Thiruvanmiyur Chennai – India. Founded by Manu Ranganathan, son of CK Ranganathan of CavinKare, CK’s bakery has now expanded to more than 50 outlets spread across Chennai. Their primary goal is to serve fresh and quality food to common people at an affordable price. Quality food and exceptional customer service have enabled them to build a loyal customer base.

What software were you using before you came to GOFRUGAL?

We were using a very basic point of sale software initially. It had no centralized inventory control, no real time reports, no recipe management and a very poor support service.’

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What were the challenges you faced with your previous software provider?

As we started to grow, these data errors and inconsistency were becoming acute. At this point it was getting tougher for the top management to take critical decisions, the data quality was not consistent. The support team took considerable time to respond which was affecting our sales operations and customer service. The troubleshooting process was so time-consuming to an extent that we had to halt our expansion momentarily to streamline our billing process.

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How did you know about GOFRUGAL Solutions? How did GOFRUGAL address these challenges?

We came to know about GOFRUGAL software through a reference. The team scheduled a presentation with us. To our surprise, their solution solved most of our problems with respect to billing and inventory control with comprehensive detailing. We felt as if the software was tailor made to our requirements.

Thoroughly impressed, we went ahead with a demo at two of our very busy outlets to see how effective it could be at solving our problems. Beyond the initial apprehensions by our sales team, the GOFRUGAL Bakery management software proved to be a clear winner. We were able to have a centralized inventory and recipe control, view real-time sales reports, track wastage and simplified billing. Now, our sales team had more time to focus on customer service rather than worry about billing and inventory records.

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A few words on GOFRUGAL Support and their add-on services…

Our IT team were able to troubleshoot any issues within an hour with ease in most cases thanks to their 24×7 support service. Moreover, our top management was able to track sales real-time WhatsNow and Bakery Chain Manager centralized reports.

What has been your biggest success with GOFRUGAL Solutions?

The biggest win, I would say will be the clarity in data and comprehensive business reports. Our finance team are now able to keep a track of the transactions and deposits with the reports, supply chain and production team were able to keep a track of product movement with centralized inventory control and sales reports.

We implemented RPOS software in all of our 16 outlets within a span of 1 week. Their implementation team hand held us in every step with a clear roadmap making sure all our requirements were met on time. We now serve our customers in the best way with their constant support.

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Now, after a year and 50 outlets, we have to admit that GOFRUGAL was an integral part of our growth story. We look forward to a long-term relationship, signs off Prabakaran.

CK team was able to experience how easy it was to expand their operations and get the new store live within 1 hour with centralized master management. They started with 14 outlets when they started using GOFRUGAL and now they have 50+ outlets & growing within a short span of just 12 months

GOFRUGAL is proud & excited for being the technology partner for CKs Bakery and wish Manu Ranganathan & entire CKs team for all their future endeavors

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