Smarter connected solutions provide you the Best Experience, transforming the way you do business

As a business, we have a grown by helping other business grow and evolve over the last 13 years. It time we accelerate this for you. We are excited to announce the launch of our new company logo as a part of the ongoing digital transformation. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our dynamic future. Our new logo retains the core element “G” that is represented in a way “going forward into the digital era”, helping Retailer to become a Digital


Our new colors provide an aesthetic visual link to our brand identity across wide ranging solutions. The consistent representation of these colors reinforces the distinctiveness of GoFrugal. The new tagline “Connecting business digitally” is extended to our existing one with more emphasis on company’s vision of Digitizing business



Why should business be Connected?

Typically all business management systems automate their business within their four walls of the business. But today’s retail environment has seen a sea-change fuelled by technologies like E-commerce, Mobile & Tablet Apps, EDI between Suppliers & Distributors, GSTN Portal for tax e-filing, Web & Cloud services, Integrated Payments, Loyalty etc and the same business management systems can now connect their systems. This results in a huge Productive gain, Efficient with Instant gratification


Just like booking a cab, which a few decades back will typically be a phone call, where the booking has to be made in advance and we are at the mercy of the travels to send the car on time. But today it is instant on the finger tips. You can choose the car and ride at your convenience. You will be notified immediately on your travel: car, driver details and even monitor where he is… How cool is this?


Similarly, GoFrugal has started its journey with a lot of preparation over the last 4 years to be relevant in the digital era. We also want to collaborate with customers and co-create such digital solution for our customers. An owner is able to monitor his store remotely. He can assign tasks immediately so that decision making is instant. Suppliers & Vendors are connected with EDI with Retailers so that orders are pushed digitally. With omnichannel experience from customers, it is relevant for Retailers to provide a self-checkout, faster and a Mobile Point of sale system with Integrated payments and much more.Smarter connected solutions provide you the Best Experience, transforming the way you do business


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It’s time your business also offers a similar experience to your customers. Why should you take any less experience, Get the best from GoFrugal.