What is Contactless Dining & How to set up contactless dining in your restaurant?

Guide to set up Contactless Dining for your Restaurant

Until a few years ago, contactless dine-in was a term that was not common for many of us. However, with the unprecedented arrival of COVID 19, most of us have become aware of it, especially the options for contactless dine-in. It has been best advised to avoid direct contact as much as possible to stop the spread of the deadly virus. In order to serve customers and at the same time reduce the risk of Coronavirus spread through direct contact, restaurants across the globe have now adopted a new way of dining which is now popularly known as ‘ Contactless Dining‘.

It can be simply described as the new era of dining. Contactless Dining facilitates a safe and hygienic dine-in experience by eliminating certain touchpoints that could lead to direct or indirect human contact. This improves the dining experience for both diners and restaurant staff.

Why do you need to set up Contactless Dining in your restaurant?

In restaurants, contactless dine-in is becoming more important as customers prefer to avoid contact with restaurant staff. Contactless dine-in software makes it much easier and more effective for restaurants to achieve this. As a result, your customers will feel safe, increasing foot traffic.

How to set up Contactless dining in your restaurant?

Setting up contactless dining

The hygiene standards that need to be maintained for Contactless Dining:

Contactless Delivery

Here are a few tips below that will ensure hygiene is maintained at the highest level for dine-in

  • Monitor the restaurant staff’s temperature and allow serving only if the temperature is normal.
  • Ensure restaurant staff regularly wash their hands and sanitize themselves before serving.
  • Make sure kitchen staff, stewards and waiters wear preventive masks to ensure utmost precaution and safety.
  • Ensure that the kitchen is cleaned and sanitized periodically.
  • Practice social distancing inside the kitchen by operating by a skeleton staff structure, thereby avoiding direct contact as much as possible.

Advantages of Contactless Dining Restaurants

It’s the new way to dine out. It promotes a safer, more hygienic dining experience for diners as well as restaurant staff by eliminating certain contact points that can cause direct or indirect human contact.

Benefits of Contactless Dining

Reduces human contact

The greatest benefit of contactless dining is that it minimizes in-person interactions between guests and staff. In restaurants, contactless dining significantly reduces the time of staff members to attend the guest’s tables. The restaurant staff only have to attend to the tables when they bring out the food order, which takes only a few seconds.

Enhances order accuracy

Using a digital platform for ordering and paying reduces errors, saving time and money. Due to customer handling, inaccurate or incomplete orders almost never reach the kitchen. Since everything is tracked digitally, tracking orders and analyzing performance becomes easier and more effective.

Increases the table turnaround time

Restaurants can increase the table turnaround time with contactless dine-in because the guest is in control and free from a lot of downtimes associated with traditional dine-in experiences. As a result of the ability to control almost everything from a mobile device, guests do not have to wait for menus, have their orders taken or even pay their bills.

Increases staff productivity

A contactless dine-in system simplifies operations by reducing staff responsibilities. With guests handling their ordering and payment, staff can concentrate on more tasks.

How does Gofrugal help Contactless Dining Restaurants?

Gofrugal’s Servquick offers a highly intuitive, scalable and easiest-to-use contactless dining service that was created with the end user in mind. Restaurants of all types and sizes can easily adapt to Contactless dining without any difficulty in order to remain competitive and profitable in the future.

The Restaurant industry keeps evolving from time to time. Especially when it comes to dining, the precautions taken keep changing to make it safer and more secure. Moreover, by processing contactless dining you’re not only doing business amidst tough times but also serving customers with utmost care thereby building a valuable relationship with your customers.

By offering contactless dining, the only thing your brand would be touching is your customer’s heart!