Effective Cash and Shift Management

Cash management is a broad term that covers a number of functions that help individuals and businesses process in an organized and efficient manner. Managing the channels of collections, payments and accounting information efficiently becomes imperative with growth in business transaction volumes.

Though there are thousands of advantages of using a POS software, the most significant of all is Billing and Cash management. The major and common problem faced by the customers in billing counters are a long queue. At peak hours or festival times it will be very difficult for a cashier who sits at the billing counter. If cashier is going to manage both the billing and cash, it will take more than 5 minutes for a customer. More than 5 minutes is only for cash bill and if it is credit bill it will take more time.

Thinking this in mind, we have come up with a solution to make the cashier do his own job and the billing person can do quick and fast bills. Only thing the retailer has to do is split 2 counters into 3 I.e Billing and delivery counter can be splited into Billing, Cash and Delivery.

GoFrugal RayMedi RPOS 7 has released the Cash and Shift management in the latest release of RC 71 which is basically a cashier dashboard tool which delivers 100% cash life cycle in the system.

Purpose :

A dedicated counter managed by the cashier for Cash Collection. All the billing staffs give the cash to the Cashier and get the balance amount. Cashier monitors the turn around time for each transaction and questions the billing staff if there is any excess delay.

Key features

  1. Multiple cashier counters can run simultaneously. Billing counters are configured and routed to any one of the cashier counters.

  2. Cashier can discount bill with single function key press.

  3. Cashier can tender and revert with single key press.

  4. Home delivery bills can be monitored in the same tool.

  5. User can’t modify/cancel any of the sales transaction once shift is closed.

  6. Lost sales opportunity/void bills/sales returns/bill cancel details displayed on screen

  7. Screen refreshes automatically based on the configurable time intervals.

  8. Due payment collection of previous shifts can be collected easily.

  9. Cashier can browse billed items of a selected invoice with single key press.

  10. Color coding for each tender type.

  11. Complete cash receipts and payments summary (it includes Trac5 cash voucher entries) displayed on screen while shift closing and it helps cashier to tally cash balance with system shown cash balance.

  12. Separate screen provided in POS to deposit shift wise cash in bank.


  • Avoids long queues
  • Saves customer time
  • Faster checkout
  • More organized and systematic delivery process