Make Your Customers Order More With OrderEasy’s Top 2021 Releases

Covid is easing. How about your business? Have you made it easy for your customers to shop from you? Have you made it easy for your customers to order from you?

To cut a long story short, have you bought OrderEasy from Gofrugal? Tens of them sign up daily; hundreds use it happily; thousands have benefited more than they had planned for. The question is about you!

Here are ten reasons why you need OrderEasy to help your customers order easily, and importantly, order more!

Offer Management – Manage Customer Offers Better

Your customer offers impact your overall sales volume, be it online or offline. By applying offers and discounts, even slow-moving items can be moved easily. Offers in online stores have become a trend that encourages customers to buy more than they have planned for- Resulting in extra sales for you!

With OrderEasy, promo codes and offers from POS can be applied to the entire bill or to selected items with a limited or unlimited time limit. If you display products in an application, a customer will usually buy the products on the list, but when you showcase the offers in the application, the customer may buy products beyond their list to save money.

Recommendation Engine – Serves as Business Assistant

It is an AI feature that analyses your customers’ purchase history and interests and provides them with personalized suggestions based on the preferences they have expressed through their purchases. Customers will be able to explore all the items available in your store, which will lead to up-selling and cross-selling.

Customers will spend less time searching for products each time because more suggestions will make it easier for them to purchase. Customers explore many products while shopping offline. Through the recommendation engine, your customers will be able to conduct the same exploration, boosting sales by stimulating their wishes and needs.

Express delivery – Deliver as Quickly as Possible

We live in a fast-paced environment and businesses need to serve faster. Q commerce will be the future in this highly competitive environment. Build your customers’ trust by offering express delivery options to avail their emergency needs. Giving your customers a delightful and fast shopping experience with instant delivery allows them to stay loyal to your store.

Dashboard – Act as an Analytic Consultant

Having reports in an easily understandable manner will be one of the key steps to growing your business and monitoring your sales. Get all kinds of reports about your sales, customers, and products in your e-commerce store as a standard feature. You can spot weaknesses and strengths and adapt to boost your online sales.

You can also measure your performance without spending time on generating reports individually. If we run a business without monitoring the sales activity, our business will remain stagnant without any further growth. However, if we analyse and improve the activities, the results are sure to be encouraging and exciting.

Chatbot – A simple Way to Interact

It is mandatory to set up an avenue for your customers to reach the person working in the store whenever they have questions or issues. It’s a simple feature and easy for your customers to use, allowing them to send text messages, voice messages, and pictures. Keeping the calls down and coming directly to the shop to resolve issues saves you time as well as your customers.

It helps you obtain customer trust by providing an immediate solution. The customer will call you if some products have been incorrectly delivered or they are having issues getting their orders – thus saving time for both you and the customer.

Payment Integration – Transact Without Contact

Cash is passed, soon to be a relic of the past. Cards and UPI are increasingly becoming preferred payment methods. Even COD also became outdated in this covid situation. Razorpay and Paypal integration are readily available to you. To pay their bills instead of giving cash to delivery boys, customers can use UPI, such as Gpay, Paytm, Phonepe and Net banking with payment integration. As soon as your customers pay, you can close the bill during the checkout process, reducing the amount that is due on your delivery boys.

Multi-location – Efficient Inventory Management

Managing stocks exclusively for your online stores eliminates the risk of stock shortage between your offline and online customers. You can ship your online customers via the stock in your warehouse without having to go to your sales location, saving you time and increasing delivery speed. Online and offline customers can be satisfied by maintaining adequate and efficient inventory management. Imagine if 10 biscuits are available in your store and a customer who ordered all 10 online, and at the precise moment another customer picks the 10 from the shelf. It’s moments like these that can be avoided resulting in less conflicts and tension.

Delivery slot – Offer a Range of Options

You will be able to reach your customers on time if they give them the option of choosing flexible delivery timing. By choosing a slot for their delivery, customers will also be able to avoid being absent during the delivery of their order. To handle the orders efficiently and deliver them depending on the availability of delivery boys, you can limit the number of orders per slot. Delivering products on time will build trust with your customers so that they will continue to purchase from you.

App Builder and App Request – Do Without Dependencies

Data can be provided directly from the portal. No need to contact our team for assistance anymore. It can all be done by yourself now. You can choose your preferred colours, backgrounds and logos and upload them in the columns on the portal to get your app as you wish. With one click in the app request section, you can request a new version of the application without contacting the team members. This option saves you time and strain by doing without dependency with a full set of records.

Normally, if you want to build an application or request an application, you have to reach out to a person to get it done, which takes a lot of time and is also a 2-step process, but this option lets you directly do whatever needs to be done with the application yourself.

Bulk Image upload – Upload Many at Once

The time you spend uploading the images individually for your items in your online store will be reduced by this feature. Upload 1,000 items images with one click without having to recheck afterwards by optimizing the human resource. Improve the accuracy and efficiency of the image uploading process with its automation.

Uploading images one by one is prone to errors and plagued with problems. This feature will automatically upload all the images present in your online store in a single click by reading the item code.

There you are. Ten booster shots to vaccinate your business and inoculate your success!

Gofrugal’s OrderEasy will have even more exciting features in 2022. Take advantage of all these features to simplify your complicated online ordering management process and to become a market leader.