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Why are home deliveries talked about much in today’s scenario? How is location tracking of delivery partners important to execute home deliveries successfully?

It all started in the early 2020; the pandemic made the whole world turn topsy-turvy. Even before, the human race had fallen prey to malignant viruses, but they were all localized. The worst ever experience the present generation faced which impacted every human being on earth! We harnessed technology to bring in cashless transactions; nature challenged us with contact-less businesses. Steep surges in COVID fatalities made social distancing mandatory. We started speculating on managing our basic needs.

E-commerce platforms became the immediate alternative available but hefty delivery charges and unavailability of desired slots were major challenges. Local kiranaas, supermarkets and departmental stores realized their demand and started going mobile. It is all about “survival of the fittest” as described in Darwin’s theory of evolution. The concept started spreading faster than the virus and for a consolidated monthly purchase consumers opting for homedeliveries became a trend. Even as the criticality of the pandemic subsided, for consumers home deliveries became a comfortable option.

It was definitely not a cakewalk and what were the potential challenges in executing home deliveries?

For Delivery partners

  • Delivery partners who are naive found difficulties in tracing addresses and shorter routes, and could not complete their deliveries on committed time (delay of at least 15 minutes every delivery).
  • Receiving/recording payments and updating sessions when done manually resulted in erroneous data causing discrepancies in cash flow calculations.

For Retailers  

  • Generating bills and assigning delivery partners manually results in a delay in initiating the day’s delivery processes, which ultimately hinders performing deliveries efficiently.
  • Retailers always keep contemplating the delivery partners’ whereabouts with no precise system for tracking while they are in transit.
  • Managing and reconciling based on rescheduling and cancelling of deliveries involved complicated processes.

For Consumers

  • Delivery partners often get stranded due to lack of a proper address tracking system and call up consumers for assistance to reach them (around 3 calls every delivery).
  • Due to lack of reliable updates on deliveries, consumers also become restless and decide to move on to other retailers who would give them a commendable experience.

Why should we automate the delivery management process?

Scheduling deliveries, recording payments and canceling or rescheduling if done manually becomes cumbersome, inaccurate and time-consuming. Also, it poses the necessity to employ delivery partner from nearby areas, who can spot delivery locations with ease and hence you need to set boundaries for your business. Proper address tracking system can be taken as the most important parameter which when addressed properly will take your business forward by increasing customer radius and ultimately higher profit margins. Hence-forth the need for a structured and to be more specific an automated system for delivery management was on the cards. With Gofrugal’s GoDeliver, the delivery management software, home deliveries were executed without hassles. 

How does GoDeliver app helps perform swift home deliveries?

  • Scheduling deliveries based on consumer’s availability.
  • Assigning deliveries to available delivery partners.
  • Suggesting precise and optimized routes by Google Navigation maps.
  • Session management for accountability of the day’s delivery process.
  • Rescheduling and canceling deliveries with clarity.
  • Following up payments received and measuring cash flow precisely.

Why do we need to track the delivery partner’s location?

Though the delivery process was automated still there existed a vacuum in GoDeliver for incorporating a system to work on enhancing delivery partner’s performance, optimizing fuel costs and updating consumer with more reliable delivery statuses. To achieve this, tracking the live location of the delivery partner was a significant yardstick. In no time GoDeliver was empowered with location tracking feature.

How does the location tracking feature helps Delivery partners perform agile home deliveries?

This feature helps in accessing live locations of delivery partners on the map from wherever you are. So how is this feature going to impact your business?

  • Employees on the premises are under constant observation, which drives them to be committed to work. When there is no proper monitoring system for field staff, delivery partners may become sluggish and lose focus, resulting in delayed and wrong deliveries. Location tracking feature makes your delivery partners practice work ethics.
  • Delivery partners may deviate from the suggested route inadvertently. In such cases the manager can guide them to follow the shortest routes recommended by Google Navigation map. Thus you can expedite the delivery process.
  • Relevant updates on delivery statuses are shared with consumers promptly. You can alleviate the consumers from making frequent follow up calls.
  • Distance Reports give accurate data on the distance covered for every session with the time taken by the delivery partners. This will help your managers work on boosting their performance and minimize fuel costs. Ultimately the customer radius and profit margins are augmented.
  • Delivery partners with less geographical knowledge and minimum skills can be employed and still you can achieve smart and swift deliveries.

Consumers are now relieved of answering endless calls from delivery partners to share landmarks en-route. In case of delayed deliveries, consumers are updated in real time, eliminating anxieties, thus getting a breezy experience. Thanks to the location tracking feature of GoDeliver that made the delivery management process a holistic package.

Now it is all set. With GoDeliver and its location tracking feature home deliveries are done in a seamless manner. Gofrugal’s all time customers proudly share that the number of home deliveries they make have considerably increased after they got their POS integrated with GoDeliver.

With masks removed and sanitizers disappeared we are almost out of the awful clutches of the pandemic. GoDeliver is though an outcome of necessity, it has now brought a significant advancement in the comfortability of lifestyle.

Delivery partner performing agile home deliveries with Godeliver-Location Tracking