GOFRUGAL POS: My Business Manager | Retail Success Story

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Mr. Sivakumaran who completed his BE back in 1998, had always dreamt of starting up his own business ever since he graduated. His dream came true when his dad agreed to invest on his business with an initial investment of 1,200,000 INR for his Home and Kitchen Retail Store. It was a rough path to start with for Sivakumaran. He faced the usual struggles as an entrepreneur starting up his business, but soon things started falling in place.

Suryah Firm is a multi-purpose home and kitchenware store, a two-storied outlet with more than 20000 SKUs. They consist of a wide array of products ranging from home appliances, kitchenware, plasticware, furniture, electricals and electronics, interior decor etc.,

Business slowly started picking up and was well on their way to move to the next step. While he expanded his business, he was still using a manual billing process which proved to be error prone. He switched to a local software but found it difficult to manage his inventory where the number of products kept increasing every passing day.

GOFRUGAL Retail POS was recommended to him by his peers who were managing their inventory with ease with its solutions. Sivakumaran was given a demo and he immediately got on board after looking at various attributes of the software viz: product-wise stock management, real-time business reports, Purchase Margin Control, Intuitive Billing, Integrated Accounts and much more.

‘Accounts and Stock Management have always been the two backbones when it boiled down to quantifying the amount of growth of the business. Many businesses make profits but fail to grow and the main reason for this would be no proper management of stocks and accounts.’ claims Sivakumaran.

‘Today using GOFRUGAL RetailEasy, I am confident to say that our account management, tax filing are taken care with ease. The inventory management in this software has been a huge relief to me since I don’t have to be dependent on anyone to find the product-wise stocks’, he adds.


Managing a huge inventory with more than 2000 SKUs and billing them had been one of my huge worries when I expanded my business. With WhatsNow I can now stay updated with daily sales, product stocks. I compare daily sales with relevant business reports, all this on my mobile anywhere, anytime with GOFRUGAL WhatsNow application.

I am also expanding my store in the next couple of months to bring in more products to give a fulfilling experience to the customers. It would never be a problem for me with the software in any case of scaling up my business or inventory when I’m using GOFRUGAL. He carries his business on his sleek iPhone 6 wherever he is. ‘I can now get updated with daily sales, product stocks and access my business even while I am out on a vacation with WhatsNow app‘ claims a happy Sivakumaran.

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