Is your Data heavier?

As tablets and smartphones become the new data consumption devices, the onus is on Technology Solution providers to make data ‘consumption-ready’ for these devices.

The challenge here is to provide a seamless data-viewing experience across these multiple devices. For example, in a Point of Sale, a Re-order module requires heavier analytical capability than a Reporting module working on secondary data. Thus a rendering of Re-ordering module should be markedly different from that of Reporting module; more so across different consumption devices.

Why is this important to Me?

Because as a Retailer, you might view Reports from your smartphone, but the re-order would generally happen from your store’s server.

It’s time you move from a ‘save-data-and-view’ model to ‘open-data-and-view’ model. Don’t burden your smartphones and tablets (reducing their speed) with storing or downloading data. Just open data online, do the necessary Retail calculations and move hassle free.

Welcome to Online POS!

That’s what data with a lighter footprint provides you with solutions to access data without storing it.

This is real retail freedom.