Take complete control of restaurant kitchen with Kitchen Display System – GOFRUGAL ServJoy

Kitchen Display System : Do you still use handwritten tickets, kitchen printers to manage orders for your multi-kitchen restaurant? I am sure you agree this results in inaccuracies in order, delays, difficulty in handling multiple orders on the same table same time.. Yes a restaurant Kitchen Display System (KDS) and KOT mobile App can help improve your sales order accuracy and make order co-ordination easy for your kitchen staff

Kitchen Display System feature - ServJoy App

Kitchen Display System feature – ServJoy App

Empower your kitchen staff with restaurant mobile App Gofrugal ServJoy. The App’s designed simple UI(user interface) helps easy order taking, table based, order customization based on food preferences, merge/split orders, discounts on the bill etc and orders instantly sent to kitchen

Stewards can now monitor the status of every KOT(kitchen order taking) in the App, an extended feature of KDS. This provides more flexibility to stewards to monitor the orders on the go. With ServJoy app and KDS feature, Restauranters take complete control, itemized orders, order status – pending, closed, running etc.. Get real time communication between kitchen and staff.

Download Gofrugal restaurant pos software with 30 days free trial and experience the ServJoy mobile App, kitchen display system and expand your restaurant business. ServJoy app download available in Google Play Store and iTunes store.