Complete Solution For Effective Expiry Management (Prevention, Identification and Return)

Tamil Nadu Drug Control Directorate have implemented strong amendments to all pharmacy stores especially regarding expiry management. Unsold medicines should be disposed with 15 days of their date of expiry and drug inspector will empowered to cancel trade licenses of erring pharmacies.

To ensure tracking of medicines from pharmacies, chemists have been asked to issue bills to customers that will include the name of the drug, quantity purchased, cost, batch numbers and the date of expiry. This being followed strictly in some of the cities across India

Are the pharmacist notified by the software about the expired item?
The software they use isn’t well equipped in feature to help them or lack of awareness among the chemist on effective Expiry Management.

Expiry Management

Pharmacy Software

” Prevention is better than cure”
GOFRUGAL believes it applies the same when it comes to GOFRUGAL pharmacy software. We came forth with a comprehensive expiry cycle module that addresses prevention, identify easily, remind to return, earn respect and credibility from your customers [by providing quality products those are not short expiry], getting credit note

Why GOFRUGAL’s expiry management is unique?
Our reorder feature helps replacement and replenishment will happen at the same time, so it will not have any  negative impact in capital investment, no prescription bounce, & no opportunity lost. Retailer can reorder the products that are going to expire in next 60 days, once the products are received he can return and replenish the inventory

With GOFRUGAL’s Short expiry notification feature in purchase you can prevent short expiry item from being purchased from the distributor. How it works? If a distributor supplies short expiry product, the software notifies a warning message on screen saying the entered items is going to expire within N days. This gives an edge for the chemist over purchase so they can decide whether to allow it or not

GOFRUGAL is shortly launching the exclusive short expiry purchase alert. Even when the owner is out of the shop he/she can have control over purchase. [ Lets take a real time scenario ” When the distributor supplies 100 items when the owner is not in the shop, there are instances were their might be few short expiry items being supplied. Meanwhile the employee working in shop also makes purchase entry and saves the bill. Once the bill is saved an alert will be sent to the owner via (SMS and mail). So the owner has complete control over purchase even when he is not present in the shop.

Also with GOFRUGAL’s short expiry feature in sales identify items that is going to expire shortly, that helps pharmacy owners to take decision (sell out if its is a fast moving item or return non moving items to distributor before expiry date that helps getting considerable % of money back from distributor).

Being a Pharma retailer there are instances you might get into a chaos state, when your not able to identify which item purchased from which distributor got expired. In GOFRUGAL’s expiry return screen, with distributor wise item list feature easily identify the items that got or going to expire along with respective distributor name also you can return it based on MRP, purchase rate or landing cost as per your need

Keep all your challenges away that you faced all these days in managing your expiry drugs. Start using GOFRUGAL’s effective expiry management that helps you manage a risk free business operation and have peace of mind.

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