GOFRUGAL Pharmacy Software solved 20 years of hardship at Dr.Vijayakumar’s pharmacy

Dr.VijayaKumar & his wife Dr.Lakshmi vijayakumar started this psychiatric clinic attached with pharmacy 25 years back. For nearly 2 decades they used an old DOS based pharmacy software created by their own IT technicians. Over a period of time they found it difficult to manage their day to day process, as the DOS software had no feature to handle schedule drug  and was functioning very slow. As they have to handle schedule drugs in most cases, they need to keep track of it accurately as in to which customer they sold out too along with doctor details

They searched via internet and through other sources. Mean time, one of their friend who was into Pharma business referred them GOFRUGAL. They enquired about the pharmacy software and requested for a demo. They got timely response from the sales person and demo was arranged on their convenient time. This quick response gave them the initial comfort and confidence. They saw the demo and was impressed by the quality of the software. The support they received from the sales person during the demo and support from company during  trial period gave them a good pre-sales experience. Out of all the softwares they evaluated, they found GOFRUGAL pharmacy software easy to use and fast.  Since all the problems they faced for decades were addressed by the software, they made a quick decision in purchasing it

We had a very good pre-sales experience and got timely response for our queries. We wanted to experience the same in our business. The implementation just took a day and we started billing from the next day. All the embarrassment we faced for decades to give our customers the bill and serve them quickly came to an end. Now we are able to bill 4 times faster and both our pharmacists learned the software with ease. Able to function 50% more effective with GOFRUGAL’s pharmacy billing software now & find it easy to maintain our stocks accuratelysays Dr.Vijayakumar