Retail Employee’s Day – A big thanks to Retail Workforce

For most Indians, Retail is recreation and shopping is stress buster. Retail employees play(December 12th) a big role in making it a pleasurable and memorable occasion. It is GOFRUGAL pleasure to thank all retail employees for the smile they have on their face and the courtesy they extend to every shopper. Your friendliness and warmth is infectious and they help improve our quality of life. GOFRUGAL’s sincere thanks and best wishes to every retail employee. This Retail Employee’s Day(12th December), recognize your employees and they will reward you back, because, ‘Happy people = Happy profits

Did you all know that ?

Retail is one of the fastest growing industries in India
More than 3.3 crore people employed in Retail
Retail Industry has 30% – 70% Attrition rate
More than 60% Retail employees feel they are dis-engaged
More than 70% consider leaving because of lack of recognition
Cost of Replacement is 50% more than cost of retaining
Technology enables employee engagement and retention

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